This month’s Keene Nanny Award goes to…

As many of you may already be aware, last month saw the passing of funnyman Robin Williams. He will be missed.  In response, his fans chose to honor his life by setting up a memorial at the Parrish Shoes wall in downtown Keene.  Parrish Shoes was a fictional store in the William’s movie, Jumanji, which was filmed in the area.  The shrine which includes portraits of the late actor, personal letters, and candles has stood for six weeks through rain and shine.

Now, as reported by the Sentinel, the regional coordinator for Monadnock Voices for Prevention and all-round local busybody, Polly Morris has petitioned the city to have it removed. Her reasoning? It may present potential health risks to the mentally unstable. Seriously? I have no doubt her intentions deep down are good, but her actions highlight exactly what is wrong in this world. People trying to control other people. Until the nannies of the world learn to live and let live we will never know peace.

So with that, this month’s Keene Nanny Award goes to Polly Morris. Thank you Polly for your hard work and dedication. Doubtless, without your motherly meddling society as we know it would plunge right back into the Dark Ages. And we can’t have that, so thank you.

Update: The great and wise city Nannies have spoken. Of course, they know best. And for some reason, what they say goes even though they are only a small few. The Robin Williams memorial will be removed 3 days before Pumkinfest (10/15/14). Perhaps the memorabilia will be saved for some library wall? Perhaps it will go straight in the trash? Who knows? Ultimately the cities bureaucratic elites have decided to piss on the free speech of the peasants of Keene. “Get back in line. Pay your taxes. And stop causing a ruckus. We know best.”

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  1. Polly Meddlesome…. er… Morris.

  2. Make a special certificate called the “Keene Nanny Award.” Anyone who says it your duty to pay taxes should get the “Tax Cattle Award for Mindless Compliance.”

  3. What about the war memorial? Does Polly give a rats behind about all the Vets who have to come home and look at that? If she’s really so worried about people killing themselves because of a memorial she should be petitioning the city council to take that ugly thing down. Sounds like just an egomaniac who wants to impose her view of what’s “appropriate” on everyone else. Maybe she should seek some mental help for her inability to mind her own damn business.

  4. Update: Polly’s concern carried the day at the committee meeting. Councilor Robert O’Connor raised the specter of possible vandalism. As a ( former? ) policeman, he has moral authority on the committee. Public safety trumped public free expression. The memorial will be removed three days before Pumpkin Fest.

  5. On a positive side . The city has only deemed its authority on the sidewalk. The wall is private property . Likely pumpkin fest visitors will bring and leave additional mementos

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