Jared Goodell Chooses Peace – Not Filing Suit Against Pumpkin Fest Organizer Ruth Sterling


Ruth Sterling has already faced consequences for her aggression. Here’s one of her memes by Bill Walsh on Facebook. lol!

Local independent newsman and viral video sensation Jared Goodell sent a press release a few days ago announcing his decision to not file suit against Pumpkin Fest organizer Ruth Sterling, despite being approached by multiple attorneys with offers. Good on Jared for dropping the matter rather than continuing conflict with the poor, exasperated lady.

Rather than grandstanding with a lawsuit, Jared instead uses the opportunity to remind us of the value of freedom of speech and of the press:

From the moment that Ms. Sterling came onto the live TV set during the Pumpkin Festival, I cited the First Amendment of the Constitution of The United States and my right to report on the violence occurring at the Pumpkin Festival. Ms. Sterling’s threats to “pull the plug” on my report seriously undermined Freedom of the Press.


Since the founding of this country, town commons across the United States have served as the place where any person could share their opinions and views. From soapboxes to gazebos, TV cameras and reporters, all viewpoints were accepted without prejudice at this sacred community gathering point. I find it fitting that last Saturday, the First Amendment was tested in Keene’s downtown common.


If there is any lesson to be learned from this video, it is that no person, be it a reporter or citizen, should ever be oppressed by any other person, business or government. At such a time when the First Amendment becomes irrelevant, the foundation of our United States of America will crumble.

Jared – the United States is crumbling, and it’s about time its empire be gone from this planet, like the Soviet Union before it. However, journalists with your courage will ensure that speech remains free in an independent New Hampshire.

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  1. Gov. Maggie Hassan, cites outside party-planning group FinnaRage that attracted crowds of partiers to Keene …


    “After all, for at least a month and a half before the festival, FinnaRage did all it could to bring in the crowds and pump up the excitement.

    On September 10, FinnaRage tweeted, “#KSC Spring Weekend!! Pumpkin fest 2014 will be 10x crazier .. YOU READY KEENE #FinnaRage.” Included was a link to a video from a spring party hosted at Keene State bearing the caption “It doesn’t matter how big the school is, It matter’s how hard they can rage.”

    Generally speaking, the films and photos FinnaRage posts are awash in scantily clad girls—referred to as RageBabes—tricked-out beer bongs, couples making out, and more scantily clad girls, also making out. Drinking is ubiquitous, with plenty of footage of young men dumping semi-full bottles of hard liquor into their awaiting gobs and screaming fits amid beer showers, all while peers cheer them on. There’s also the requisite smattering of bleary-eyed kids taking rips off pipes and—in a picture posted on social media—a photo of a bag of cocaine with the caption, “this kids about to go off.”

    In short, FinnaRage launched a persuasive ad campaign courting Keene
    students looking for a place to throw down, and in return offered the
    promise of what any party-inclined kid wants in a college fête, only
    bigger, louder, crazier, and on film.

  2. Wow that’s revealing.

  3. Kudos to Jared for his moderation (no pun intended). Has Ms. Sterling apologized for calling Jared a “punk” in the media? Have there been any calls to have someone else coordinate the next Pumpkin Fest (if there is one)?

  4. holmes this is jut an ignorant townie who slurps up the war on terror hoax. it started with 9/11 false flag and it takes our liberties. a lot of the hoaxers make loads of money and the townies sell security as part of their event.

    and we’re stuck with perpetual warfare which orwell wrote back in 1984. it’s nothing new.

    if physics is hard maybe this would help https://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=eIJdpApINrY#t=1542

  5. This retard’s 15 minutes of fame is up. He has no case, so he’s trying to spin it and say he’s not going to sue.

    And btw: The U.S. isn’t going anywhere fucktard, as much as losers like yourself hope otherwise.

  6. He is a punk, plain and simple.

  7. I expect NH bureaucrats and cronies who don’t want to end up on the morning news will be a little more hesitant to try to force others to turn their cameras off. If the US isn’t going anywhere, then NH is moving beyond it. Love it.

  8. Take 3 drinks The Dude called someone a retard and a fucktard in the same post.

  9. You don’t even live in NH, dipshit.

  10. Jared Godell chooses peace; plus the fact he has a balance of 13.58 in bit coin for an attorney…

  11. The U.S. isn’t going anywhere

    That’s what people like you said about the U.S.S.R. Then the U.S.S.R. went away.

    That’s what they said about the Third Reich. Then it went away.

    And the British Empire; it went away. And the Roman Empire went away. And the Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, Napoleonic, Carolingian empires, all went away.

    All empires fall, it’s just a question of when. The U.S.A. will go away, much as historians such as yourself predict otherwise.

  12. Every Empire you mentioned Roger was without the ability to wage perpetual war on a world scale, The USA can and will. It along with China will eventually divvy up the globe and be eternal.

  13. Still love it.

  14. Well at least not everyone will bow down to their slave-drivers. Which side are you on?

  15. I am a house slave so I will be happy staying plugged in! We all have masters.

  16. Thank you for the candid response. You’ve suddenly become the most interesting commenter here.

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