Alleged Free Staters Win At Least 15 Seats in State House

Free State ProjectAccording to a handy list compiled by “Free State Project Watch“, a project by pro-state group “Granite State Progress“, at least 15 people they alleged to be Free State Project participants have won the 2014 general election!!!

This is huge news. The previous counts of Free Staters in the state house were 12 in 2010, 11 in 2012, and now at least 15! It’s impressive that so many have won elected office already and the official move for the Free State Project has yet to even happen. (The FSP move doesn’t officially start until we reach 20,000 participants and we’re currently over 16,000.)

Not only that, but it’s extra impressive in that the FSP haters put in quite a bit of time, money, and effort to try to stop us. Untold thousands of dollars were spent on hitpiece flyers sent to countless households “outing” candidates as “Free Staters”.

Sure, some candidates lost, but others, like Free State Project participant and democrat Elizabeth Edwards in Manchester, got first place. Edwards even got more votes than did the incumbent!

I don’t know everyone on the list provided by GSP, so presuming it’s accurate – they claim to have done their homework – then it’s safe to say that at least 15 Free Staters are victorious this year, which is a new record high!

If that wasn’t enough good news, the majority of New Hampshire Liberty Allianceendorsed candidates won tonight as well!  (NHLA-endorsed candidates vote for liberty more often than not – they aren’t necessarily principled libertarians.)

Are you still living outside of New Hampshire? How did the libertarians do in your area? Likely they weren’t even on the ballot or did very poorly. Why not move to where liberty has a chance? Move to New Hampshire and join over 1,600 early movers with the Free State Project and help us achieve liberty in our lifetime!

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  1. Are those leglislative wins cumulative?
    Are those now 38 additional FSP House legislators?
    What percentage is that of the total? ~15%
    Inching towards majority, then NH will truly become the Live Free or Die state, and a shining example to the rest of the world.

  2. You quacks can fill the entire house and state senate, including the Governor and US Senate and it wont make a pea size dent. Ever heard of the superseding clause between states rights vs. Federal minimums. Basically it is this. The law between that of the State and that of the Federal government will be the law for all based on which is the greater benefit to the individual. So basically you can elect 100% of your cult of personalities and narcissistic crowd until you’re blue in the face. About 90% of the Free State manifest runs contrary to the afore mentioned clause. The laws you enact would be overturned by a Federal Circuit Court faster than you could say “Robin Hood”. A meaningless victory for meaningless people, with meaningless and morally indifferent agendas that serve self interests based on nothing but unfounded contempt for a group of 400 overlords 50 miles away in exchange for a group of overlords 500 miles away. Game set match Love!

  3. A quick example, you guys can abolish the minimum wage law, but because the federal minimum wage law is the bigger benefit (regardless of how you see it with you lib colored glasses) your law would be worth less that the paper it gets printed on.

  4. it’s fun to watch you guys attempt to belittle the clear influence the fsp is having in nh :).

  5. Please expand on said influence and specify who “you guys” are? You guys as in like 99% of mentally well adjusted people who live on the Temporal Plane of reality? Those “You guys” is that who you mean. Okay, ill play along.
    Now to the influence, yes you do influence “us guys” some in different ways than other, take myself, I love comedy, not so much the stand type or sitcom T.V. type but more that delusions of grandiose self importance. As I have referenced in prior posts, I used to lead a gang, we ran our neighborhood and got respect, then everyday at 5pm Mom would call me in for supper and the jig was up. I was a legend in my own mind til about 13 or 14, then I started concerning myself with life’s real issues. Dating girls, my education, career, moving out of the house my parents bought all that conformity shit. What I do here with my posts is fill parts of my day while at my job doing shit in the real world with humor. This site only two things for me, it gives me comic relief and makes the day go by a little smoother.
    Influence? Please, you folks couldn’t influence people in hell to buy stock in ice water.
    But as long as in get a laugh now and then, I will patronize your blog.

  6. No – elections are every 2 years in NH. That is 3.75% of the 400 state reps. It’s more than enough to be the difference between bills passing or not.

  7. Who was your hero for 2012




  8. Holmes if 50 pct is below avg IQ then how can 99 pct considered adjusted. The bias is somewhere in your head or masked by the loads of psychotropic drugs big pharmas are dumping on the pop thanks to obomber care.

    Not mentioning brainwashing by the media.

  9. Holmes I voted my home rp

  10. I voted Romney, but I see where you are going, nice try. My reference to 99% was not the 99% of the occupy movement, it was the real 99% of just the population in general.

  11. IQ and mental stability are not indicative of each other, there are tons of stupid people out there who make rash decisions about basic life. Nice analogy.

  12. Why Romney holmes. That cat got Romney care…poured money into governorship of new england errr…taxachusetts. Soft on 2nd amen. War hawk…war is a scam that empoverishes and allow elites to take our liberty

    Case in point. Ammon Bundy got on terror list. Funny how Arabs used to be the bad guys now…snowden manning…Bundy’s…list too long

    Live free or die holmes. I’m stupid enough to believe it and I’m here.

  13. Ian, maybe James Cleveland could help you with your math. 3.75% of 400 is 15. So “more than enough to be the difference?” Mmmm not so much, unless the difference of Yea V Nay is actually 15 votes. In a total count of 400? Not very likely, there are almost ZERO, ZILCH issues today that come close to that split, but in the event that happens once or twice, the 15 votes would have not one iota of effect on a veto override. Man, you could triple your numbers and still be that irrelevant.

  14. Hey Homles, are you aware that your screen name is HOMLES, yet you refer to everyone as HOLMES? Might want to make it uniform?

  15. Holmes if you’re loaded and have a good job then by and large you can buy liberty. Let me elaborate…regular joes get stopped and searched but you can plane a Cessna and skip all that. And vote for the guy with a car elevator. A large number of Americans are not so fortunate. I watched a YouTube vid and was appalled at living conditions of PEeps in the Appalachia.

    I think you hang out in the wrong place holmes. There was a chat board to admire the mitt and I’m sure you can find it

  16. Holmes paretto princ is what Jason sorens cited in his secession paper. As the feds ratchet up control by giving local thugs Bearcats for free…its a very apt argument for secession. But Jason said economic is top of list. What if we can rid ourselves of the millstone around our necks and not have to work half year to pay taxes

    Anyway you don’t know activism…many don’t appreciate its value either.

    I’m thinking of copblocking with rifles and camera. What u say holmes. Just floating the idea for now. Nothing gained if bravery is not in pixa

  17. I am here for the humor. A Mitt blog wouldn’t be so entertaining for my satire needs. I appreciate your looking out Holmes but a Mitt Blog would be where I’d go when I want to talk about the real world.

  18. 3.75% is fairly considerable. Many bills will surely have a greater spread than 3.75% difference, but the primary thing to take away is that the trend is upwards during a time when the move isn’t even official. Here is some math (please verify) – if there are 1.323 million in New Hampshire, the representative share in the house for Free Staters is equal to a population of 49,612 people. I don’t have figures on libertarians in New Hampshire, and I doubt anyone does, but it is likely well less than 50k of principle libertarians. But if a group, primarily made of migrants gets over-represented in their state government after only ten years, before the great mass of participants has shown up, this gives weight to the idea that the FSP is a functioning Social Movement!

  19. What if the 10th amendment of the NH constitution was use for secession from the federal government? A Federal Circuit Court couldn’t overturn anything.

  20. A few things Richie, 1.3 million is the total population children under voting age and folks who do not vote so the representative share is drastically lower than 49, 612 per Rep.
    However, I have no beef with Libertarian principled people, my honest guess is that FreeKeene and the Free State Project represent true libertarians no more than Democrats represent Blacks.

  21. pot laws in other states are working unfettered…though they are contrary to federal

  22. You’re assuming an awful lot thinkliberty with this example. #1. An argument for secession from the Republic to which we currently belong to would have to be presented in a ballot referendum. Our elected representatives do not possess that authority. So in that case you would need to get a 50.1 vote for Yay to begin secession. #2. You would have such a mass exodus of corporate and personal holdings from the state, you would be left with nothing outside of your “natural economy” I.E. farmland, fresh water supply, etc. #3. As with the recent attempt by Scotland to be independent from the UK, you would drum up so much contempt from the people in power that they would blacklist this state from being able to business anywhere outside the borders of NH. The federal government would impose such a high tariff on states who would sell or buy from you it wouldn’t be worth it, that’s assuming they just do not impose an outright embargo.
    This is my whole point, it’s not feasible. You would starve to death economically.

  23. if the freestaters are irrelevant as you seem to say…. then the dems and repubs are more irrelevant… the percentage of freestaters in office is much higher in relation to the percentage of dems and repubs…..meaning though they are ….you make no sense….. your argument can be argued more winningly against dems and repubs

  24. David, the law does not have to be contrary or compliant it just has to be of better advantage to the individual. A state law can contradict a Federal law and be enacted without it being in compliance with a Federal Law.

  25. What?

  26. Just C&S Grocers alone would cut 20 billion dollars annually in sales revenue.

  27. im saying that as a group,though very small,the freestaters are very politically active…. and achieve wins so…and exercise influence greatly percentage wise… david to goliath sort of…imo……small numbers but very active…doers
    so how can you say that is irrelevant … particularly when its growing… there are more davids comming too…. David isnt irrelevant

  28. I joke a lot sometimes with you dude but seriously, you need to communicate better. I believe I am a fairly intelligent person but I cant make heads to tails reading your fragments. I think what you are trying to say is the FSP is relevant. Okay, that is a subjective opinion, no different than me saying 50 people tops showed for Keenevention last week out of the 15,000+ movers you guys claim to have on a commitment list. Here some things you can take to the bank,
    #1. in 10 20 and 100 years from now, FK, FSP and anything else pops up will still be nothing but a splinter in the ass of society.
    #2. NH will still be a state in the Union.
    #3. The overwhelming number of us “slaves” will never allow you relevant people to take our communal bond we have with each other, we will preserve it preferably through peace but a violent putting down of anyone who would try do the same would be met with the full force of again, us “slaves”.
    If you’re going to reply to this, please man I have to insist, take your time and use punctuation and spell out complete words, within each sentence provide a subject and predicate so I can read a complete thought. This is just courtesy on your part.

  29. Minimum wage is just vocal libertarians and mainstream neocons. I can’t stomach suffering so doing cruelty like cutting off ebt and abolish minimum wage not my thing

    Wealth accumulation had nothing to do with working hard and the proles would work hard if not for some CEO making 500x their rate. I’m for them doing nothing.

    I’d love to dismantle the empire and cronyism then there’ll be more than enough to go around.

  30. Be careful fighting with monsters, lest you become one.

  31. i will reply in my own words(as usual) …youll just have to make the effort to understand………….im glad you think all think……ps you messed up some sentences too…i pretty much got it though ….i generally just roll with grammar mistakes but seeing as you seem interested in that ill cut and paste it…seeing as you seem to be a stickler…i know youd wanna know about it quote:”we will preserve it preferably through peace but a violent putting down
    of anyone who would try do the same would be met with the full force of
    again, us “slaves”.” unquote….doesnt quite flow as it should :)…. can we avoid those digressions in the future plz… just try harder…lol…

  32. maybe you were saying “what!” to this(perhaps you hadnt heard).:pot laws in other states are working unfettered…though they are contrary to federal

  33. 1. Maybe but at least we try. 20k is sufficiently large reactor and the holmes will multate …new tactics will emerge. Example as control freaks want control of employment and loans…just look at huge forms to sign nowadays for those things. Ppl may opt for bitcoin

    2. Secession negotiation will be between the legal heads. If feds want to use force then my holmes sorens sed its a reason for secession

    3. I used to be one of those slaves. I see them piling up from nh border bumper to bumper to boston at 6am. I assure you they are irrelevant as I was. I’m not much better but at least happier

  34. How many of the 15 are FreeKeeners ?

  35. 18

  36. Are you trying to be funny? Your response is nonsensical.

  37. “better advantage” and “bigger benefit” … lol :)… maybe Ill use that on judge burke lol… the law isnt suppose to be subjective…the law is suppose to be the law otherwise why should Any law be respected?

  38. no keene folks got elected 🙂 THIS TIME lol

  39. and if the state can flout the laws……why cant I…. i am suppose to respect the state/laws… i dont see legislators being hauled away in cuffs…why do i get hauled away in cuffs…see…this is core fsp freestaters stuff and you just argued it

  40. Well holmes the Scottish slaves were stupid. The British empire had expired a long time ago and so is us empire. The “coalition” couldn’t go into Iran libya or Syria. Only thing they can do is terroristic campaigns against those countries. Had nothing with false flag 9.11 but I suppose xray chrystograpphy is too complex for professor Steven Jones

  41. ” the percentage of freestaters in office is much higher in relation to the percentage of dems and repubs”

    There is 3.75% of Freestaters in office – you think that’s higher than the percentage of dems and repubs? Another nonsensical statement .

  42. just because you dont understand…. doesn’t mean its nonsense….my point is that freestaters have a big voice in things compared to the amount there are of them….VERY BIG… that is because they get off their butts and DO STUFF

  43. So we would have to buy stuff from Quebec, if we didn’t want the tariff?

  44. It is my understanding politicians in this country believe that they represent all the people living in their jurisdiction, not just the adult ones who vote.

    Democrats are a political party – FreeKeene and the FSP are not. To grant the comparison would be strange considering only the people who ran and got elected – the individual candidates- are representing people, not FreeKeene or the Free State Project in the context at hand. But, I’ll go ahead and grant your comparison as it is your honest guess and take the opportunity to bask in it.

    My honest guess, if you’ll grant me such, is that libertarians who are willing to change their entire life to take direct action to bring about the change they want for the world via the Free State Project (a community of libertarians) probably share many values with other libertarians. ‘Blacks’ on the other hand, are an arbitrary categorization of a great many people with infinitesimally varied political beliefs and cultural backgrounds; ‘blacks’ ultimately could never be represented by one political party, nor should they.

    But I guess I get your point, Boss. You think the FSP and FreeKeene doesn’t represent true libertarians. So, how could the FSP and FreeKeene be more open-minded to mainstream libertarianism? I plan on moving to Keene in the spring as part of the FSP and would like to have an opportunity to better understand your sentiments.

  45. Thanks for the article. I hope that a move to bring ballot fairness to NH is in the works.
    Check out the world Libertarian movement and the SMILE platform at the Libertarian International Organization. The LIO encourages people to get involved in local/non-partisan office, and look into more citizen legislatures like NH.

  46. Boss, I have bad news for you. The FSP are explicitly libertarian-receptive, not Libertarians. Wait till the Libertarians come to town to better rights via voluntary options.
    Still, thanks for the comment. Check out the world Libertarian movement and the SMILE platform at the Libertarian International Organization

  47. Holmes I checkedvthe site peace love liberty freedom WO the gun

    I’ll pass


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