Free Keene Colbert Report Popping Up All Over the Web

As has become fairly common, people are talking about Keene activists across the web. In this case, thanks to the recent hilarious Colbert Report spoof. Here are a few of the many sites featuring the video:


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  1. Yeah, what a spoof. Enjoy, idiots.

  2. Yeah, Colbert buggered you boys up the arse pretty good. Funny as hell! Ha ha ha ha

  3. Good try, but there’s no way to spin this one gentlemen, you look like buffoons and hopefully whatever pathetic momentum you had will be reversed…

  4. You three are douche bags are doing more to turn people of a libertarian message than anyone else in the country right now. Get a fucking life. And to the big man who has to carry a gun, you are a fucking pussy.

  5. You can’t spin this one, Bernard. This wasn’t a spoof: Colbert ridiculed and embarrassed your group on national television, revealing what a bunch of retard douchbags you all really are. You’re the laughing stock of the country at the moment. People aren’t laughing with you – they are laughing at you, you pathetic loser.

  6. Colbert only was mad at Cantwell.(since James Cleveland and Garret Ean are incredibly nice people) .Thats the reality within your fantasy.

  7. Haha, the attack poodle created a new fake name just for Colbert.

  8. Yes, I signed up just to comment after I saw the video. How a group of adults thinks that behavior is usefull or productive is beyond me. If you are one of the three you are a douche bag, your friends are douche bags, you have zero idea what your talking about, and I sincerly hope one day someone snaps and fucks you up.

  9. Yeah? What was Colbert mad at Cantwell about?

  10. There is no way to spin this he totally exposed you people for who you are! Nobody in Cheshire County wants you here you have 100 supporters if you’re lucky and 99 of them are losers! More people every day are seeing and being made aware of the type of group you truly are! Gather up all your guns and drugs and beat it cause you aren’t wanted here and the people here are very diligent! We will see it through to the end remember we are all rooted here so this isn’t about a message or an agenda for us it’s about life and family! When we feel the need to change what we have here we will all speak up we wont be needing you to do it for us! The people here feel police, fire dept’s, schools and taxes are important for the community so move where these services and obligations are felt to be of no value! I got a real kick out of Cantwell saying people are afraid to approach him because he has a gun! That’s a good one does he not realize we all pay taxes so we can take some ownership to our local and State police as well as our national guard and all our military branches one of them will get it done for us if not there is always a last resort! BEARCAT

  11. Don’t be so quick to dismiss what Alex is telling you. He’s a proven expert in turning people off to a message.

  12. … and Roger is an expert in turning people off to a message himself, so he knows what he is blathering on about.

  13. We’re sure about that. Now run along, little douche … the adults are having a conversation here.

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