Hilarious Colbert Report Lampoons Free Keene

It took months for the Colbert Report to air the footage they shot back in June, but it was worth the wait. As expected, they skewered us pretty well! Here’s the hilarious report on Robin Hood of Keene & Free Keene that aired last night on Colbert:

Thanks to Jesse and the rest of the Colbert crew for the coverage. For the record, Chris Cantwell is not a blogger at Free Keene.

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  1. You must not like liberty if you bash the “liberty movement.”

  2. Hate much?

  3. Ha I don’t think so

  4. Having no state means none of that at all. I encourage you to get informed.

  5. No wonder you don’t like it if you believe that! No one would…

  6. Statism is why Denmark and Sweden are passing us up?

  7. Looking it up. Don’t see anything like that. How far down do I have to go?

  8. Did you notice the gunfire sound in the vid just then? hehe

  9. Do you really believe that people couldn’t build these things without a government to provide them? The services you listed were provided long before governments usurped them. And they were also provided voluntarily. No one was compelled to purchase these services if they didn’t want them.

    Voluntary services are a good thing, in part because the customer has the option to only pay for those services that are rendered. When the government provides services, everyone must pay, whether the services are used or not.

    Tell me fdog9, where do you think the money for wars and everything else the government has funded comes from? They come from taxes meant to pay for Social Security, highway, parks, etc. Funds for such things go into a budget, and then the thieves are the ones who decide how much money goes where. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Social Security checks stop during government shutdowns, but paychecks to politicians and bureaucrats do not?

  10. Colbert didn’t “make they look like idiots” by “cherry picking footage”. These people make themselves look like idiots, mostly because they are in fact idiots. If this is their biggest claim to fame, running around putting nickels in meters while harassing meter maids, then this is a pretty sad lot of idiots indeed.

  11. I predicted he would last 4 to 6 months in Keene before he was broke and had to move back in with his mommy. He’s been there 5 months and about to move back in with mommy. I don’t think he’ll go to jail. More likely he’ll shove that .38 in his own mouth and pop.

  12. What I got out of it………
    Small female meter maids are tougher than an Iraqi veteran.

  13. They have saved many people from receiving threatening demands for money on their windshield. That alone makes their efforts worthwhile and admirable.

  14. From what I can tell, the general consensus in Keene is that the efforts of these people is not desired. You people often claim to be proponents of the “free” market, yet you don’t seem to comprehend when the market has spoken. Why is that?

  15. The market has spoken. Robin Hooding is a free market response to parking tickets.

  16. Obviously you don’t understand what “markets” are.

  17. Then why don’t you tell me.

  18. No one is buying the service that the Robin Hood morons are
    peddling. In fact, there has been a huge public backlash against them. They are
    being scoffed at, ridiculed, and publically humiliated. They have been deemed
    assholes, shitstains, and huge douchebags on national television. All of this
    is an obvious rejection of the anarchist principles that you clowns espouse.
    But you’re too dense to get it. Keep trying though; it’s highly entertaining
    watching you loons implode.

  19. Nice rant, but either someone is buying it or it’s all volunteer work. Either way, Robin Hooding is a free market response to parking tickets.

  20. Summarily rejected by the public. Try selling buggy whips.

  21. It seems Robin Hooders are happy doin’ what they are doin’, so kudos to them.

  22. Douchebags happy being huge douchebags. Whodda thunk it.

  23. Voting is not freedom. Voting is oppression by the majority on the minority. People could vote for slavery. I think your definition of freedom might be off by a bit.

  24. I bought their service in June. I guess I’m nobody though.

  25. Was there a cameraman? I’ll rewatch, but tripods are a thing.

  26. Not like this, Agent Dipshit. This was a complete and thorough dismantling of the FK Douchebag Squad.

  27. Cantwell is all talk. If he really was ever in a situation where he needed a firearm, he would go all Barney Fife with it.

  28. You don’t think anarchy will ever come to Keene, or that if anarchy came to Keene FK would not get stomped out of existence first?

  29. Voting can be freedom. People voluntarily participate in voting, and implicitly agree on the outcome what/whoever wins. The injustice of democracy happens when the results are then imposed on all who couldn’t/didn’t participate in the vote. They were either excluded based on age/gender/race/birthplace/etc. or refused to give their consent to the system.

    I don’t care what method other people employ to come to conclusions as long as they don’t force those conclusions on others.

  30. 🙂 At first I wanted to argue with you because this is the internet. But you are precisely correct. Thank you for sharpening the discussion. fdog9 said that “freedom for all involves voting…” I still disagree with that. Yay internet!

  31. Personally, I live liberty every day – I am a U.S. citizen, after all. The “Liberty movement”, on the other hand, is a bunch of disaffected douchebags who exist on the fringes of our society and are social outcasts.

  32. If you had your way …..we just be trading one type of government for another…..don’t kid yourself……you share this world with others and everyone has to compromise.

  33. I watched the vid. Thanks for the link. Did that business owner ever get his stuff back?

  34. There’s only so much one can write in a comment section…..voting is one way to participate…..as for it being oppressive—we have a bill of rights, principles of majority rules, minority rights—you’ve been in civics class…..my point really is screaming at meter maids just makes you a d bag. The meter maids were waking up every day loathing their jobs, some quit. These guy thought they were advancing freedom but they were causing others to be in great pain…the meter maids were less free. Freedom is tricky business……it doesn’t mean you and your buds get to do anything…..you have to consider others. None are free unless all are free. Bullying those you think oppose you makes you a fascist.

  35. I tend to think of them as being hyperaware.

  36. I don’t think “FK had better pray full-blown anarchy never comes to Keene.”

  37. I am totally aware of were my tax dollars go and I don’t like spending money on defense ……I like the way they run things in northern Europe…..particularly with health care. I’m for a different government not less government…..as bad as government can sometimes be—corporations are much worse…..I was in the hospital last year—-the bill was 100000 for surgery and three days in the hospital. In Canada it would have cost 1000 dollars. I have health insurance and thus I’m not broke. No government means capitalism would fill the void..toll roads, working until death, and Walt Disney running all the parks sound like a nightmare for me…..there are good people in government…..Bernie sanders, Elizabeth warren, Al Franken, and I do admire the President. Smash the corporations.

  38. The two countries I named have a stronger middle class than us, better health care, and stronger economies. They do this with more government not less. I don’t want less government just a different government. I want a government less concerned with defense and more concerned with schools, and health care. Smash the corporations!

  39. They aren’t harassing and intimidating people…..they leave a paper ticket on a car……these guys were screaming at them. Some nice lady trying to make a living….and she has to put up with 3 jerks yelling at them. Getting a $15 fine might piss me off a bit…..but I don’t feel bullied. One of these so called “freedom” guys had a gun. Just a bunch of right wing d bags. None are free unless all are free…..freedom isn’t just for you.

  40. Sure, I’d trade the government for the one we had two decades ago, before its spending grew by two-thirds.

  41. But Governments are in bed with corporations. They don’t oppose them at all that I’ve seen…

  42. Corporations are also a Government-created concept.

  43. If I don’t like what Burger King does…..the solution isn’t yelling at the guy wiping down the tables. If you don’t like what the government does…..campaign against it. Of course really organizing, running candidates, writing letters, networking—-that’s all hard work…it is much easier to run around like an idiot and scream at meter maids.

  44. Thanks for the link. It looks like he is pointing out the irresponsibility of adoptive parents who don’t make arrangements for the care of their dependents in case they are no longer able.

    Is that what you’re saying is childish?

  45. So people will just volunteer to provide all these services for free? We had no social safety net in the 1800s….life was brutal….people snapped and abandoned elderly relatives….you need nurses and real professionals to take care of the elderly. If there is no state large corporations will fill the void……and if you think government is bad wait until the corporate world run everything. This is just some twisted right wing philosophy—-smash the corporations!

  46. …they leave a paper ticket on a car…. okay, and what does that paper say?

  47. lol

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