Back to the Frontlines of Liberty


I took a break from my life of tireless activism in the Free State to visit my former home of Arizona. I was soon reminded of why I left, why I went Galt.

People the world over remain preoccupied with survival. With finances. With hobbies and fulfillment. And, most importantly, with the eternal quest for meaning. An unlucky few of us see the world as it is, in a state of slavery and oppression. Yet, we are powerless to change that unfortunate human condition. And so we are forced to live out our constant quest for fulfillment, only with the added weight of knowing the world to be fallen.

That was me most of my young professional life, only I lacked the realism to give up on the world. When all my aspirations for success in love and labor fell away, all I had left were dreams of a better tomorrow. Instead of attempting one last futile grasp at what I had lost, I made a desperate search for the frontlines of liberty, to spend what was left of my life in service to a mad dream.

How did that desperate stand pan out? The best way to judge that is to see what happened when I tried to step back into my old life.

The short version is that I couldn’t go back. Too much had changed, and it saddened me to see old friends and colleagues in the same jaded scramble for a better version of nothing special. Never before was the distinction between existing and living so clear, and I was grateful to be a member of the second category.

The truth is, some elements of New Hampshire are an idea boom town. People with radical ways of thinking and even more radical passion are moving from across the world to the one place humanity can make a stand for a bright future. While the rest of the world remains preoccupied with making its jail cells more comfortable, in the Free State people are clawing an escape tunnel out of the very granite. What I experienced by visiting my former home was hope withdrawal.

And as I write this I’m returning to my new home, and will barely have set foot on New Hampshire soil before I rejoin my activist brethren in the struggle against oppression.

Back to the frontlines.

JVqrminiJoël Valenzuela is the editor of The Desert Lynx.

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  1. What a pompous ass, you take yourself WAY too seriously.

  2. Shit, and the talk was that you decided to leave like most of the other victims that are drawn here under false pretenses.

  3. Learn from guys. should get rid of comments like Lew Rockwell and switch to comment by email system . Comment section gives the provocateur agents a platform to slur the FSP. forum once had such a bad troll/provocateur problem that Lew Rockwell has eliminated the Mises forum. Lew already bans comments on his blog.

    Switching to email system REALLY annoys the trolls. Lew Rockwell knows..

  4. Hey what the hell are you doing. Don’t you think I’m banned from enough places on the intarweb already

    Leave the shit alone

    Where else but here I can say that the matriarch morlock who is currently in the hospital and who claims superior intelligence over all white people

    But somehow that intelligence doesn’t translate into wealth and she has to constantly rob via taxation

    And to make it easier to rob she wants to grab guns.

    Save us matriarch morlock but leave our guns and money alone

  5. Say Lew Rockwell like 5 more times.

  6. Lew Rockwell knows how to handle the trolls.
    Go to and see how Lew does it.

  7. That was only twice, nah I am good here man. Throw another shrimp on the Barbie.

  8. LoL … what a douchebag.

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