“Peace News Now” Covers on War on Chalk

Robin Hood of Keene‘s Garret Ean sat in on a recent Peace News Now with Derrick J to discuss the ongoing War on Chalk in Keene:

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  1. We don’t speak to you because we don’t like you and have no interest in what you say. It’s really that simple so stop hurting your little brains trying to figure it out. After all you’ve done to ruin this town and destroy the community, is it really a surprise? You are all disrespectful and obnoxious, why would anyone want to speak with you when they don’t like you?

    It’s great that Mr. Schmidt cleans up the square, it’s his right just as it’s your right to draw with chalk like children. Most people don’t view it is art but rather just another form of graffiti. If you don’t want it erased, use private property and a permanent medium. Simple solution

  2. You boys get off on irritating people, plain and simple. There is no statement being made, there is no ultimate goal. A silly bunch of marginal people joining together to accomplish nothing.

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