Felon, State Rep Removed from Criminal Justice Committee

State Representative Max Abramson

State Representative and FSP Participant Max Abramson

Free State Project early mover Max Abramson’s felony conviction was no secret during his campaign for State Representative in 2014 and he won anyway.

His felony conviction he has is total BS, but most mainstream reporting on his removal from the state house Criminal Justice committee ignores his side of the story and treats him like all felons are created equal. Max was convicted of a felony for firing a gun INTO THE GROUND to break up a fight at a party thrown by his roommates at the time. No one was harmed or in any danger whatsoever from his actions.

Now, because of political correctness, the new speaker of the house, Shawn Jasper (a former cop) has removed Max from his appointment to the Criminal Justice committee. Ironically, Max is one of the most qualified to be on that committee, having experienced the state’s idea of “justice” from the inside.

Here’s a Seacoast Online story about him being booted. Max will continue to be a state rep and will likely be one of the better, more liberty-friendly reps. I’m looking forward to seeing what changes he brings to the table.

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  1. Excuse me? You’re the one making the assertions about a corrupt system, not me

    “Yeah, why don’t I just purchase the $5000 transcripts for every case tried for a month in NH ”

    So you admit that you don’t have any evidence whatsoever for any of your assertions and that you are in effect talking out of your ass.

    If I were you, I’d get to work on fixing your house and playing with your kids because the only thing you’re doing here is making yourself look like an idiot.

  2. You assert that it’s just. I want you to produce evidence for that. I’m going to discount anything you come up with but please waste your life digging it up for me. Go on.

    Every time I read a news article, I catalog it just for morons like you. That’s probably the best use of my time. That’s what normal people do, after all. Not just talk about them at the office.

    I also think you ought to be making better use of your time. And if you’re at all like me, you probably don’t care what I think.

  3. Jeb, stop digging man. You’re only making it worse. I have not seen any of the evidence presented to the jury and will therefore make no statement about the guilt or innocence of Abramson. You, however, having seen none of the evidence other than a 911 call maybe, believe you can cast judgment on not only the prosecutor, judge and jury but also the ENTIRE US legal system.

    You offer zero evidence, none at all, yet feel free to make wild accusations and impugn the actions of people you’ve never met. And to top it off, after being called out on making shit up out of whole cloth, you double down with more accusations and innuendo.

    I can’t remember the technical term, but in layman’s terminology you are a fucking immature moron you doesn’t grasp the concept of logic.

  4. “plug the threat” …who’s all “Internet tough” now, freetard pussy ? You’re a fucking joke. The only thing you’ve probably ever plugged is your sister.

  5. Hey moron, I asserted no such thing.
    Our justice system is built on the premise innocent until proven guilty.

    Innocent is the default position and the burden of proof rests squarely on your shoulders.
    Now stop embarrassing yourself and go find me that evidence to back up your assertions.

  6. bingo.

  7. You’re free to leave and find a better country and justice system, then. No one is stopping you. Bye-bye.

  8. Holy shit – you really are a moron, aren’t you?

  9. Jeb: There is really something not right about you in the head. Seriously.

  10. Right … “wrongful conviction”. I’ve never met a convicted felon who admits they were guilty. I wonder if there is a way to recall your election?

  11. I want your evidence for that assertion. Did your public school teacher tell you that? Back it up, homie.

  12. Innocent till proven guilty, your assertions in the absence of evidence are nothing more than slander coming from someone that is willfully ignorant and more than likely a troll. Have fun playing with yourself, I’m done arguing with you

  13. Repeating a phrase over and over is not evidence of anything. And now you’re making baseless allegations of slander against me without any evidence.

    If the US system was still operating under the philosophy of “innocent until proven guilty,” as you assert, non violent offenders wouldn’t be held in jail cells prior to being convicted.

    The US has the largest prison population on the planet. More than human rights violating, communist China, who boasts a population of more than 4 times that of the US.

    You’re being willfully ignorant, not me.

  14. Since when are juries supposed to give defendants the benefit of the doubt?

    The burden of proof in criminal cases that the jury find guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt” gives defendants the benefit of that doubt.

  15. Now we’re playing semantics. the jury dismissed all but the one charge for which they DID find him guilty beyond a “reasonable” doubt.

  16. Take your non sequiturs and go troll someone else.

  17. You need to prove that I’m trolling you and using non sequiturs. Where’s your evidence? You’re slandering me.

  18. does firing a weapon where the potential to have it bounce off and wound an innocent person a viable alternative to actually drawing down on the ones who pose the risk?

  19. how does firing the gun and risk injury to innocent people instead of confronting those who pose the risk make more sense?

  20. the ignorance is defending the discharge of a firearm to where it risks the possibility of injury to an innocent instead of confronting the ones posing the risk.

  21. most uphill slops i know of used in ranges are soft dirt that is not compacted. the safest place to aim a weapon is down with the muzzle facing down range so if it does bounce off the ground, it is going down range. would you really like to get into a debate about gun safety because your ignorance is really showing.

  22. Chad you are lost in your own ignorance, you weren’t on the jury and you didn’t hear the evidence, so your clueless as to what the risks were.

  23. “Playing semantics,” as you term it, constitutes most of what lawyers are paid to do.

  24. People that reject jury decisions don’t belong on criminal justice committees.

    Really? I’ve been told many times, “if you don’t like the law then change it.” Seems to me that being on a criminal justice committee would be one of the more effective ways to change the law.

  25. I guess you missed your calling then?

  26. LoL … of course, that’s your story. The jury obviously thought otherwise, Mr. convicted felon. Do the NH voters have the ability to recall people like you from office?

  27. LoL … oh my. Someone posting anonymously as “jeb” states he is being “slandered”. This seems to be the go-to statement for freetards when they lose the intellectual high ground in an argument. And, oh btw: you lost big here.

    Here’s a tip, half-wit: “Slander” is spoken, “Libel” is written. Now go get a fucking clue.

  28. So the only time one should use a gun is at a range? Are you sure you’re from New Hampshire? Is there no safe direction to point a muzzle while hunting or any other setting? How would one safely carry a loaded firearm for protection? Are police officers walking safety hazards? After all, they don’t carry ranges with them, typically.

  29. did i say anything close to only firing a gun at a range? no, but nice attempt at a strawman.

  30. yes, according to you i am clueless to the risks of discharging a firearm. do you even read what you type?

  31. You are clueless.

  32. great comeback

  33. So far you’ve not explained to what the safe direction to point the muzzle of a gun that is not in use or why for any other scenario than at a range. Please explain then. No strawman. When pressed you’ve simply stated “down” and “down range,” Max didn’t have a range nor do most people, most of the time when handling or carrying a firearm. To imply that this cannot be done safely is ludicrous.

  34. “Carrying” is not “pointing” – if it was, then walking on the second floor of an occupied building would constitute threatening everyone on the first floor.

    “Pointing” is when you actually have the gun in your hand – since guns don’t shoot themselves, that’s the part which matters.

    Shooting into rocky soil can cause a ricochet, so a patch of rocky soil is not a safe direction. There are times when it is appropriate to point a gun in an “unsafe” direction – for example, if someone is trying to stab me, I’m likely to point a gun right at his torso, which is quite unsafe for him.

    None of which applies to this cop who decided to discharge a firearm recklessly, because someone was not respecting his authoritah…

  35. “Carrying is not pointing…” Not exclusively but it absolutely is at times. I’m a hunter and spend a good deal of my leisure time the woods carrying a rifle or shotgun and it absolutely is pointed at the ground while being carried.

    You’re all acting like you were there, knew the consistency of the soil in question, knew the threat level/perceived threat level, the direction of the muzzle and presumably what was “downrange” of the muzzle, so on and so forth. Honestly, none of you do know any of that. And I’m not wiling to take the court’s, state’s, or juries’ word because I think it extremely unlikely that anyone in America would get anything resembling a fair trial in any case involving a crime committed with a firearm.

    So, I’m willing to speak up because that in the unfortunate event that I believe I have to use my firearm in defense of myself or family, the last thing I need or want is to have a bunch of uninformed people arm-chair quarterbacking every decision I made over weeks/months/years when I only had a fraction of a second to make a decision.

    Also, I don’t think anyone is capable regardless of the airing of facts, what is feels like to have your life threatened in your own home. Whether it be a home invasion situation or one more similar to the one in question. The feeling in your gut, the adrenaline; You can’t just put yourself in his shoes for a moment whilst you listen from a mahogany chair over looking the audacious granite, surrounded by armed security in a court room. It’s impossible.

    I’m sorry that you don’t like Max. I don’t know the man but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because no one did get injured nor was there any property damage caused by his “recklessness.”

  36. do you really need it to be explained to you that pointing a gun away from people is a safe direction and that firing a gun towards the ground can cause the bullet to bounce and injure someone else?


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