Power-Hungry Judge Threatens Courtroom and Jury in Ross Ulbricht Trial Over Jury Outreach

Jury Nullification Outrach Outside Ross Ulbricht Trial

Jury Nullification Outrach Outside Ross Ulbricht Trial

Liberty activists are reluctantly backing down from their jury outreach projects outside the Manhattan federal courthouse, but not because an insane robed person threatened the entire courtroom and jury over the activists’ signs and pamphlets yesterday afternoon. As reported here yesterday, the federal gang is pulling out all the stops to prevent jurors from accessing information about jury nullification.

They dismissed jurors who admitted to seeing signs or looking at activists’ fliers. However, that wasn’t enough for the woman in the robe, Katherine Bolan Forrest. Philly liberty superactivist James Babb explains:

Evidently, despite the millions of dollars spent and incalculable power of the state, Judge Katherine Forrest feared that a few folks with pamphlets could upset their steamrolling operation. As predicted, a juror with a conscience and knowledge of their power terrifies these petty tyrants. The billboard campaign and the pamphleting op were referenced on multiple occasions. Selecting an uninformed jury became a top priority for the prosecution and their subservient judge…

Free Keene Bloggers James Cleaveland and Jay Freeville Outside the Ulbricht Trial

Free Keene Bloggers James Cleaveland and Jay Freeville Outside the Ulbricht Trial

Basically, she decreed that if the independent volunteers didn’t stop informing jurors of their right to nullify unjust and misapplied laws, she would “annonymize” the jury, bussing them in from a secret location, blocking their contact from the outside world. Of course, the jurors won’t be told that they are being “protected” from a 100% factual pamphlet about their indisputable rights. Instead, they will thank the judge for protecting them from a dangerous crime boss. Experts have confirmed that this is a credible threat…

After careful consideration, we have decided to postpone the pamphleting operation until the hostage is recovered safely. However, the offending judge will not be forgotten. She will become accustomed to dealing with informed jurors. We will not be intimidated. We will not abandon our mission. Forrest’s grumpiness confirms what we already knew. They are scared of the truth. They fear for their house of cards.

Pamphleting at this court will resume at a later date. The kiosk ad campaign will continue. If you want to help expand it, you can participate here.

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  1. Sammy you understood what I said so in your embarrassment for what you said you attack like an animal too bad for I feel you do have worth if only to yourself.
    Oh and you never answered the question posed to you. remember I understand the 12 rules of Saul Alinsky also, dont make me use them to show what your up to. OK?

  2. Oh by the way its good to visit a site which can allow you to understand the problems in this nations narrative, for the federal government hire people to take any to task who may have ideas which can grow within the minds of the masses . this first site explains the divisions going on in this nation and the world It took several years to compile so as to allow most of the people to understand our plight. http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/dialectic.htm In it you will see how Georg Hegel could take arguments and always put them into more perspectives thus defusing any debate.
    Saul Alinsky on the other hand made the rules for radicals so that governments could always make the people feel lessor in their abilities to comprehend the issues. The issues? you and my freedoms and the dissolving of a Republic and turning it into a fascist dictatorship.

  3. Please excuse Sammy’s boorish nature, Quisno. He’s unable to control himself. Women and the rest of the world ignore him, so he trolls here for the purposes of emotional validation.

    It’s important to remember that Sammy is also very sensitive about his intelligence. Even though it’s two standard deviations from the norm, it’s that it’s below the norm that makes him so angry. This is the reason why he hates spelling errors so much. Unlike most adult readers, he must sound out each word individually in order to comprehend them. Improper spelling just makes that task more difficult for him.

  4. Oh, and I forgot to compliment you in my last comment, Quisno. That was a great catch with your mention of Saul Alinsky. A lot of libertarians are either unfamiliar with or have outright disdain for Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, preferring to reap persuasion through reason rather than through deception.

  5. Drac Im just a mining engineer, and am like a squirrel trying to find a nut. I have dedicated my life to finding answers not more questions. debate is like a scalpel which slowly peals away each layer of BS to get to the real truth.

  6. Two thoughts on this Quisno: that land belongs to the American people, not Utah. This proposal has as much chance of success as Ian Freeman being elected President. Don’t get me wrong, the PDF is very pretty, well designed, written, etc. It will also never, in a million years, happen. And I am thankful for that.
    Second, libertarians should enjoy their brief moment in the sun as it’s about to disappear like a fart in the wind. (If it even registers to that degree.) Now that Republicans have control of congress, you’re going to see all this talk of tyrants and revolution and fascism disappear. This rhetoric was mainly driven by tea-party morons who couldn’t handle the idea of a black man in the Oval Office. So, again, enjoy it while you can.

  7. Ian first off let me say thankyou for your response . there isnt one penny difference between the 2 parties.
    Because of federal mandates created by the 14th amendment and the A1871
    organic act now the federal government can own land. The commerce
    Clause allows the federal government to set its policies.
    are still a Republic therefore we are, if we so want to be, State
    citizens. but our court systems are now set up for the 14th amendment.
    no rights only allowances. Barron VS baltimore shows you that we are
    citisens within our States not from within the federal Government. Thus
    land belongs in holding within the state structure for the peoples
    This part has went unnoticed. As a mining engineer my
    job is fighjing with EPA? (EPA is a UN agency not U.S…. That leaves
    DEQ State quality control. You say that the states should not have the
    land >?>> Well on this land that the Federal government
    are the debts they have made in our honor upon our
    shoulders as they sell our land to foreign countries. AKA Hage VS Forest
    service. As in that suit the foraging animals of that ranch strayed
    into an area that the Forest service had sold the lands to the Emerites
    of the Saudi as well as the water. the Judge found for the plaintiff
    becuase foraging animals need water and cant tell the difference.
    the state cant hold that land for the interests of their people then
    you have a socialist fascist dictatorship as only governments hold lands
    away from the people. and allow Corporations to buy and sell those

    this is just a start illl let you answer.


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