Grafton Deliberative Session Goes Ten Hours, Moderator Allegedly Cries

GraftonLiberty activists in Grafton are making headlines again this year. They’ve submitted 20 warrant articles, which unlike Keene’s school board petitioned warrant articles, were not gutted at this year’s deliberative session. The deliberative session in Grafton was reported on by both the Union Leader and the Valley News.

The conflict-heavy meeting reportedly went to the ten hour mark and the moderator of the meeting was allegedly driven to the verge of tears, according to the Union Leader report. Activists in Grafton are definitely having an impact! Hopefully Grafton activists will weigh in at some point with a full report on the successes and failures of the brutally-long meeting.

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  1. present the ‘per student cost’ of the budget – usually gets everyone’s attention

  2. “Activists in Grafton are definitely having an impact!”

    They sure are, but not in a positive way. What is with you freetards going out of your way to alienate just about everyone in a given community? I’m glad to see that Keene doesn’t put up with your nonsense.

  3. Actually, more and more folks in the community are realizing that certain individuals in town are destructive, and fighting back against the corruption. They are realizing that we’ve been right all along: power corrupts, and only by limiting the power of the government can corruption be reduced or eliminated.

    Grafton is actually becoming both more polarized, and more united. Those who are sick of the corruption are joining the side of liberty as the best means to end it and restore harmony. The anti-liberty folks are uniting, as well, but in the way that criminals do when trying to avoid responsibility for their actions.

    Your beloved State has been agreeing, by the way, and more and more investigations are being started, and rulings of fraud being handed down.

    We’re cleaning up this town, and the people are quite grateful.

  4. MaineDouche you have no fucking clue what you are posting about – none whatsoever. The people of Grafton have had quite enough of the freetards and are working to do something about it. All your bluster means jack shit, loser.

  5. Yeah… What do I know… I just live there, and have for years. Lived in Danbury, years before that. But I clearly know nothing about my own home, right?

    Oh, wait, that makes no sense. Whereas liberty being welcomed in the most libertarian town in NH (remember, that’s why so many Freestaters found Grafton attractive), does.

    But do tell us where your extensive knowledge of the sociopolitical climate here in Grafton comes from.

  6. 10 hours is way too much..

  7. How does : ” Keene doesn’t put up with your nonsense” where did that happen? they “put up with” what ever people do;its called democracy.. Freekeene people do as much or as little as THEY want to…AGAIN:DEMOCRACY … YOUR SYSTEM

  8. That jeep in that picture is missing a roof-mounted .50 caliber keyboard.

  9. “We’re cleaning up this town, and the people are quite grateful.”
    Yeah, keep telling yourself that. I am going to write that quote down as it’s the most audacious bit of self-delusion I’ve encountered, maybe ever.

  10. So, you’re saying that you believe that the people are in favor of corruption? Well, someone’s delusional, but it sure ain’t me…


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