Shire Dude’s Parking Ticket Pre-Trial

Earlier this morning at the Manchester City Courthouse, fellow Free Keene blogger Shire Dude had a pre-trial over three parking tickets that he received during the winter in Manchester NH. According to Shire Dude, the entire goal of taking these tickets to court is to “Not fund the City of Manchester”. He also hopes to at least at minimum have the funds be donated to a private charity instead. There is a court date of June 16th set and I will be there recording the trial of Shire Dude.

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  1. Wait wait…. your goal is to not fund them but you have already given them money???  Maybe your goals need to be updated…

  2. You take three tickets to court but the activists claim the government is wasting money. I believe it is you who is wasting taxpayer money.

  3. Look at all Those public parasites pushing paper. Producing nothing !

  4. SovereignDirt That’s how you get a trial in Manchester.  Definitely makes court activism a pain in the wallet.

  5. Jumping Jacks Just like the school bully’s time and resources are wasted if you defend your lunch money?

  6. ShireDude SovereignDirt Yea? What happens if you refuse to pay? Indefinite detention?

  7. SovereignDirt ShireDude I’d not get a trial, the fines demanded would increase, my car would get booted if I parked it on a public street and there’d eventually be a warrant out for my arrest.
    I think my plan of paying the money to a private charity, if it works, is the better option.

  8. ShireDude SovereignDirt I think your best option is, “I would like to plead guilty, I just have a
    few questions before I do…” Marc Stevens style. But the air must be
    too cold up there for ya’ll to get it or something… Only Ian has even
    attempted Marcs strategy and as soon as Marc was kicked from the court,
    Ian abandoned ship and started arguing laws…  tsk, tsk…like you are
    doing… Don’t you get it? It doesn’t matter what the law says… it
    only matters what the opinion with the gun thinks. Attack the opinion!
    “What facts or evidence does this court rely on to prove the judges
    opinion, the prosecutors opinion, the cops opinion, the public opinion,
    your mommas opinion….. that law applies to me?”

  9. ShireDude Jumping Jacks He has multiple tickets.  HE will be shelling out a lot of money in fines.

  10. SovereignDirt ShireDude I’m not arguing about any laws.  I’m very familiar with Marc Stevens, and I might even prepare some questions using his style.  It’ll all be recorded, too.

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