Cop Block’s Chalk the Police 2015 – Keene

Liberty activists in Keene participated in Cop Block‘s Chalk the Police 2015 and hit multiple locations, including Central Square, State Police Troop C Barracks, and Keene Police Department. At KPD an interesting 30 minute conversation ensued with officer Kyle Macie where Chris Cantwell, Ian Freeman, and JP Freeman discussed various issues.

Here’s the video:

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  1. So, in other words, you were out being assholes last night.

  2. I find it very disturbing that freekeeners, who consider themselves “adults”,  feel it’s necessary to post graffiti in chalk like children who tag. I’m sure the chalking in the town square was cleaned up by Stop Freekeene. It is sad that you have Chris Cantwell in your bunch. His violence seems to say freekeeners are violent.

  3. Maybe you watch the video and come up with something intelligent to say, you cocksucking retard.

  4. Intelligent coming from you? In the same sentence as retard?

  5. I tried to watch the video, but can only take 3 minutes of watching Cuntwell

  6. Chris is a person of rare intelligence; it’s rare when he shows any.

  7. the video is the worst… and from people that do videos 24/7….cantwells hyper prattle … …it just sucks hard

  8. bailed a quarter through

  9. His insults aren’t even clever or funny either. It’s just, “how many slurs can I shove into one sentence?” If all you’re going to do in an argument is resort to ad homs you should, at the very least, be good at stringing insults together. 5th grade level, “my mom isn’t around so I can call you this” bullying.

  10. This video was 30+ minutes of three middle aged men with nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than go around scribbling in chalk trying to get reactions. So pathetic. Best part was at the 32 mark where Officer Macie makes fun of Philips right in his face for being a habitual cop calling snitch. “He used to call us all the time”……”All The Time” as he laughs and walks away. You three suck so hard it’s funny as hell. Thanks for the Laughs!!!!!!!!!

  11. 40 or so comments have magicaly vanished, whats up FK? oh yeah, control of information is the #1 rule for any cult. Cant let the little minions know there is another world out there and other people with different opinions besides mighty cult leader Ians. When’s the purple Kool Aid coming?

  12. d

  13. Why doesnt Chris drive? What is the story there?

  14. Chalk the police day was a failure and there is no surprise there. The only thing it inadvertently produced is this most excellent picture. Matt Schmidt won the internet. Free Keene has proved it’s extreme lameness again. Great Job!


  1. Chatting & Chalking with Keene Police - Christopher Cantwell - […]  Video courtesy of FreeKeene’s Ian Freeman. […]

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