War on Chalk Escalates at Cheshire County Fair

Today I chalked a hopscotch on the sidewalk in front of the bitcoin booth. The first person to enjoy it was a man in his 60’s who asked, “May I?” before hopping along with the pattern. Children and adults alike opted to jump through the chalk squares. For about twenty minutes.

Laurie, the woman who appears to be in charge of the vendors at Cheshire County Fair, came over to me and told me that it had to go. She said that we can’t have children slowing down the foot traffic. She also informed me that we were “already on probation” because of our previous violations (stepping out of our booth to meet people who were walking over to talk to us, wearing a gun, and not wearing a shirt). She later returned and poured water on the chalk.

We got this idea from the Republican tent, who drew a hopscotch with chalk on Wednesday. On Thursday it rained, and the chalk was erased. Ian has chalk in his backpack, so when I heard about this idea, I used his chalk to make my own hopscotch.

Apparently, when we do it, it’s a problem. But just to show they weren’t discriminating, they also shut down the Republicans today.








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  1. So you are trying to peddle bitcoin but you instead play with chalk in the sidewalk. Yes, when you do it it’s a problem. 

    You said, “(stepping out of our booth to approach people, wearing a gun, and not wearing a shirt). Are you sure there isn’t more? You were breaking the rules. Again, you are trying to do something with bitcoin and this is how you act. I seriously doubt you didn’t have as many visitors to your booth as you may claim later on. Your PR is a nightmare.

  2. Grumpy people seem to hate chalk drawings. I think this was a fine idea. Well done. JJ needs to pull the stick out his a$$. (SFK troll?)

  3. “” Apparently, when we do it, it’s a problem. But just to show they weren’t discriminating, they also shut down the Republicans today. “”

    If they weren’t discriminating then it’s not “when we do it it’s a problem.”

  4. Jumping Jacks But what about he “RUUUUUULLLES”?!

  5. AaronTheAbolishonist
    I don’t think even a farm tractor could pull that stick out, ATA.

  6. Ms Burt of the Cheshire County court should be made aware soap is slippery and not necessary to remove sidewalk chalk . The sad childrens faces were hard to watch when this went down 🙁

  7. Topher Freeman Jumping Jacks What about them?

  8. Drac Vermell  And you would know all about something like that, douchebag.

  9. Jumping Jacks Topher Freeman Yeah, what about them?  I know you losers think that you don’t have to follow the rules, but bad news for all of you: you do.

    What the FK Douchebag Squad excels at is ruining events like this for everyone with their juvenile nonsense.

  10. The problem is in fact it does impede foot traffic.    
    Now we all know that inconveniencing other people is something that none of you losers give a shit about, so your lame video with it’s faux outrage is to be expected.

  11. MikeAB Jumping Jacks Topher Freeman It does appear the freekeeners seem to pick and choose what laws or rules they will follow each day. There arrest records prove that.

  12. Jumping Jacks This paragraph especially caught my eye:

    “When [Mark] Edgington was 18 and living in Florida, he was convicted of second-degree murder for his involvement as a 17-year-old in the strangling of a hotel manager,https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1755&dat=19890901&id=tzUeAAAAIBAJ&sjid=Mb0EAAAAIBAJ&pg=6887,537909&hl=en. In the Jan. 29, 2007, edition of his radio show, Free Talk Live, he said he was a different person then – when he burglarized a dead woman’s house, broke into a car, and “did a whole lot of drugs,” he said – than he is today.”

  13. MikeAB Drac Vermell
    Hmm. A compliment recognizing my expertise on farm equipment followed by name-calling in hopes of insulting me? What a delightful way to turn my previous off-color remark around on me. There’s only one person with such a quick wit! Sammy! Is that you? If it is you, I guess you forgot that if you really wish to hurt my feelings then you’ll have better luck in calling me something more clever. Might I suggest your favorite portmanteau: “freetard”?

  14. MikeAB Jumping Jacks Yes, I saw that. A lot of people in Keene know about his conviction. It would appear the freekeeners have significant criminal records.

    I do worry about Ian and what he feels it is appropriate for adults to have sex with children.


  15. Too much e and not enough i in there, somewhere.

  16. Jumping Jacks MikeAB Topher Freeman 
    Its funny Jumping Quacks was way wrong about JP and falsifying his criminal back ground , now he trolls onward to Mark Edge who made his own post of the facts way before STOP FreeKeene was heard of . Now claims that Free Keeners all have criminal records . Well they first need to look at the Indictment Andrea Parkhurst Whitcobms husband got in Cheshire Superior Court Fraudulently steeling over 30,000 dollars  . Shes the founder of SFK . A hate group built on Fraud . 
    Then you have Mary Kate Sheridan who was fired by Rite Aid Winchester for leaking private info to her SFK buddy Ms. Deimond who  was also fired from law offices Bragdon and Dowd for illegally looking up unauthorized credit checks on Free Keeners . 
    Then you have Josh Erickson cant make it as a computer programmer settles for being a dish washer at Keene State College , along with the obese Andrea who needs a reality check on health needs for herself .. Nice group representing Keene .

  17. Mountain AGORA Jumping Jacks MikeAB Topher Freeman Matt Phillips. You can’t even post under your real name. The only hate group built on fraud is freekeene. The proof I posted only goes to show you, you live in a pure fantasy world. You even posted begging for money to do your little “lawsuit”. I am not a member of SFK but I believe them over you. You really need help.

  18. Jumping Jacks Mountain AGORA MikeAB Topher Freeman
    Has Mountain AGORA touched a nerve, Jacks? And since you’ve brought up the subject of pseudonymity, don’t you think you’re being hypocritical in criticizing others for not posting their real names when you won’t do the same?

  19. Mountain AGORA MikeAB Topher Freeman Another pack of lies by Matt Phillips.

  20. What a grinch the woman is! What does she have against hopscotch?

  21. MikeAB – Having a county fair at all “impedes foot traffic”! Gets people to slow down and stop and look at stuff, hang out, have a good time. That’s, uh, kind of the *point*. Got a clue?

  22. Jumping Jacks – Someone not wearing a shirt? Oh, the horror! Someone call Homeland Security, pronto!

  23. Mountain AGORA Jumping Jacks MikeAB Topher Freeman I see “Seal Team 6” Phillips is at it again.  Do you always write about yourself in the 3rd person, douchebag?

  24. StarchildSF MikeAB Sure do – it’s dipshits like you that do not.

  25. Drac Vermell LoL … I truly enjoy your attempts at portraying yourself as an intelligent, sophisticated individual  –  but you and I both know that’s all just for show, right?   You’re just another “freedom-loving” knucklehead that rails against the system whilst at the same time has their hand out to take from the system.

    Run along now, little man.

  26. MikeAB Mountain AGORA Jumping Jacks Topher Freeman You noticed that too?

  27. MikeAB Drac Vermell
    Your snarky compliments aside Mike, I’m glad to learn that you can at least recognize two of my defining characteristics. Sadly, I haven’t observed the same qualities in you. Quite frankly, if yours and Jack’s tomfoolery in these threads have been any indication, it’s that anti-liberty advocates such as yourselves are rapidly breeding out their innate ability for independent critical thinking.
    For instance, do you really believe that trolling Free Keene’s blog will have any effect on liberty activism in New Hampshire? All the evidence says no, yet you and others stubbornly keep trying anyway. As for your criticism against “freedom-loving” individuals, how is the idea of individual liberty somehow worse than the abysmal failure that the idea of the state has proven to be? Is your platform against liberty activism so weak that you only have non sequiturs and ad hominem attacks to support it? Or are the opinions of intelligent people so traumatizing to you that the only way you can find peace is to demand from them either unanimity or silence when those opinions disagree with yours?

  28. Mountain AGORA
    Free Keeners do have criminal records. Some of them have even served jail time. You also have a criminal record for not only stolen valor but impersonating an OSHA official and being a welfare cheat. The only certified fraud in this situation is you, Phillips or whatever fucking name you’re calling yourself this hour.
    Kim Diemond quit the law office of her own volition to work (something you seem to be allergic to) in a different field. Your ranting phone call to her former employer didn’t cause anything aside a room full of people to laugh at your unhinged belligerence. That you continue to hold a grudge against a woman who didn’t even know you existed until you shouted incomprehensible and paranoid threats down a phone line is even more laughable.

    I’m actually part of the culinary team at KSC, Matt. Computers are a hobby of mine but I never pursued it as a career. I’m also larger than Andrea. Why no cracks about my weight? Are you scared that I might do something about it or are you just another misogynistic piece of shit like the rest of the mouthbreathers who hang out with Ian?

    Consider this a final warning, you nutty, fun-sized, and balding fuck. If you continue to spread misinformation and untruths about me and make jack-off posts about federal lawsuits in an attempt to threaten and harass us into silence: I will take your half-pint ass to court and I will bleed you for everything you are fucking worth (which knowing you is probably enough to buy a pack of gum).

    Keep my fucking name (and everybody elses, FTM) out of your mouth and your ranting bullshit. Is that clear, GI Schmoe?


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