Portsmouth Police Target Grandmother UBER Driver AGAIN + City Council Meeting Footage

Illegal UBER Driver Stephanie Franz

Illegal UBER Driver Stephanie Franz, courtesy CBS Boston

In an article at Seacoast Online, Portsmouth acting police chief Frank Warchol uses his best, “I’m just doing my job” excuse for his department targeting 63-year old grandmother Stephanie Franz a SECOND time for what is now a total of $1,500 in two tickets. Franz is accused of driving people somewhere in Portsmouth without the city’s permission slip.

The protectionist racket will continue on unabated after Monday night’s city council meeting, where there were people who testified in favor and against driving freedom. Christopher David had a volunteer read his letter to the council, as he could not attend due to his wife having a baby. Here’s the feed from the council chambers, starting with the people addressing the council:

The second speaker is a taxi company owner who accuses UBER of “stealing” money from him, since he’s obediently jumped through the city’s hoops. However, he does suggest (perhaps sarcastically) to repeal all ordinances so his companies can lower their prices, which I think most libertarians would love to see. After him is a former fireman who suggests that UBER drivers could be a danger to passengers due to misdemeanor convictions which the city’s regulations prohibit within seven years of the background check. He also claims that the state background check is more thorough, but the Free Uber page on facebook says otherwise:

The background check Uber performs does the following: SSN trace, sex offender search, national criminal search, county criminal search, and even a terrorist watchlist search.
I looked at the release for Portsmouth, it is the state form for a CHRI. The state check doesn’t even check for convictions from OUTSIDE NH. Nor is a fingerprint required. So in actuality, Uber performs a BETTER check since Uber does a national check associated with your name and SSN.

The council did vote 7-2 to send the proposed changes to deregulate ride-sharing to the “transportation committee” for further review. Meanwhile, the current ordinances will continue to be enforced. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

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  1. She knows driving Uber is against the law. She already received one ticket. Now she got another. She knew the consequences of her actions yet she continued to break the law. The police aren’t targeting her. She was more than likely driving illegally for some time before she got her second ticket. Driving Uber is illegal. Period. If you want the law changed, lobby for it.

  2. To Jacks, the best way to show concern for the controversial issues of the day (besides complaining about them in the comments section) is to hold elections and elect others to deal with them, even if those issues were created by elected officials in the first place. Jacks champions the democratic process over more peaceful methods (e.g., voluntary association and cooperation) because such methods don’t prescribe the coercive elements that Jacks desires. Jacks is very uncomfortable with the principle that cooperation doesn’t necessarily have to be obtained with underlying threats of violence. This is because Jacks isn’t adult enough to consider that others should be able to say no to the majority’s decisions, especially when those decisions infringe upon other people’s rights. Not surprisingly, Jacks also subscribes to the tenet that rights are government-defined because any other definition would stand in sharp contrast against his own feelings that force is the necessary tool to compel others to give society what Jacks thinks it wants or should have. For this reason, Jacks is intolerant of any principle which contends that any law which infringes upon another person’s rights should be disobeyed.

  3. I’m not complaining about it. It’s freekeene who is doing the complaining. What you don’t seem to understand is it’s the law. If you don’t like it, go through the appropriate channels to change it.

  4. But you are complaining, Jacks. You’re complaining about activism. In this week’s series of complaints, you’ve been reemphasizing your “appropriate channels” Jacksism to support your opinion that activism is an unacceptable tactic to be used for the abrogation of unpopular laws. I’m still unclear with your reasoning Jacks, as you’ve correctly identified this Jacksism’s primary shortcoming before in previous posts – that being that politicians rely upon majority opinion to sway their decisions. Without activism and civil disobedience, how else is a minority supposed to inspire others to pressure politicians to repeal burdensome laws? While you did bother to include one method (lobbying), you’ve ignored the obvious impediment associated with it – money. The only other option available is correspondence, but I think even you are worldly-wise enough to know that writing letters to legislators is a waste of time, eh Jacks?

  5. Draccc seems to be quite the whiner, kind of like a baby, but yet is a 89 year old Romanian that I guess would be wearing diapers at that age, so I guess he is a grown up libertarian baby, crying about how the government is unfair. Hey Draccc why don’t you call up the Uber granny and you two can go pick up diapers together.

  6. There you are Bsizzle! It’s been a while! And here I thought you would still be “laughing, and laughing, and giggling, and chuckling, and crying with tears of joy that (libertarians) just don’t get it.”

  7. Hey draccc, I’ve been quite busy showing how delusional your fake navy seal butt buddy is. Before saying its been a while, you should check other posts on free keene. I’m here purely to waste your libertard time, and show everyone I come into contact with what a bunch of asshats you are. Do you want to know the reaction I get? They laugh, and giggle, and chuckle,and cry with tears, the folly of your entitled ideaological thinking. Pitiful really, says the majority of normal thinking people.

  8. I’m delighted to see that you’ve managed to reclaim a modicum of control over your temperamental emotional state to post yet another comment, Bsizzle. Now if you could only learn to communicate your thoughts effectively instead of simply lying about the fact that you don’t really care. That would at least be a measurable improvement. But I guess with your level of ambition it must always be baby steps, eh Bsizzle?

  9. Draccc can help himself posting to someone who doesn’t mind to waste his time with someone who is much less intellectual than him. Stfu. Thanks

  10. No Bsizzle. I won’t. However, I will make an offer to meet you half way. Once you choose to express yourself in a courteous manner instead of behaving as the troglodyte you portray yourself as, then maybe I’ll consider your demand. You’re welcome.

  11. See there’s draccc wasting his time again, and he called me a genus without even knowing it people. I’d rather have the genus of a small bird then being a delusional libertard. See how I did that, now get back in your cave. Draccc, I can’t stop laughing.

  12. Wait for it, wait for it..

  13. No, actually, he didn’t call you anything. He responded solely to “stfu,” and completely ignored the rest of your post.

    Also, the word is “genius,” not “genus.” A genus is a classification rank used in biology. It comes above “species” and below “family.” For example, if you had the genus of a small bird, then you might be a ruby-throated hummingbird. If so, then you would have the genus archilochus (ie, you would belong to the kingdom animalia, phylum chordata, class aves, order apodiformes, family trochilidae, genus archilochus, and species colubris).

  14. Genius, whoops my bad. So your just going to analyze my spelling, sorry I was doing that while working, yah know multitasking.

  15. While I’m sympathetic to your claim of outside distractions Bsizzle, they really don’t explain the dreadful personality defects that you regularly display here. But assuming that you’re telling the truth, I have to wonder if the quality of each of your concurrent duties is as poor as what you post here. If they are, Bsizzle, then wouldn’t it be easier to just reduce the number of simultaneous tasks to a manageable level to avoid overburdening yourself?

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    If you’re going to make ridiculous claims of exceptionalism, you should attempt to actually demonstrate such. Instead, you demonstrate that you are anything but.

    “Why’d you sumble into that wall?”

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    Sorry, but the rest of us don’t actually find that challenging, so the fact that you do is going to lead us to consider that you’ve self-reported yourself as having very low intelligence.

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    Sincerely, Mr. Grammar

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