Ridley Report: Can’t move to NH? You can still help from outside.

In Dave Ridley‘s recent two-part video, he explains that people outside of NH can still focus their activism efforts here, and reap greater benefit for liberty in general. If you can’t move to New Hampshire, spending your activism time doing things for NH’s freedom from afar, like reviewing bills for the NH Liberty Alliance – would be a more efficient way for you to spend your time.

He also critiques the perceived ratio of activism to social events in NH, though admits he can only observe activism that’s publicized. It’s an important two videos, and as usual, Ridley’s commentary is right on:

Video 1/2:

Video 2/2:

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  1. Interesting. It would appear Ian knows they won’t get 20,000 people to move to NH so something else is being offered. This would appear to be more propaganda by Ian Bernard more than likely without the FSP permission.

  2. Then why worry?

    You seem to be wasting your life away on FK.com

  3. T Jefferey – “How am I wasting my life away on FK.com”? You must be wasting your life on FK.com as well.

  4. A most clever riposte, Jacks. But it reminds me of something… I wonder what it could be?

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