NH Jury Activists Bring Message to Potential Jurors for James Cleaveland’s Recording Cops Trial

NH Jury Activists Outside Cheshire Superior Court

NH Jury Activists Outside Cheshire Superior Court

NH Jury activists gathered this morning outside Cheshire superior court in Keene to perform jury outreach prior to jury selection for the trial of James Cleaveland which begins tomorrow morning (Tuesday 12/15) at 9am.

James is facing two “Class A” misdemeanor charges with a possibility of up to two years in prison for being arrested while recording video of police at the scene of a suicidal man in the summer of 2014. The charges are “disorderly conduct” (the state’s favorite catch-all charge) and “resisting arrest”.

James has already had a bench trial at Keene district court, the video of which can be seen here, and was found guilty. District court judge Edward J Burke sentenced him to 1.5 years in jail, suspended, plus a $625 fine. After sentencing, James opted for his right to a jury trial “de novo”, which means, “from the beginning”. So now, not quite a year later, he is being given that trial.

This morning was jury selection. Nearly all of the jury pool of about 58 people had received the NH Jury trifold last month. (In Cheshire county, petit juries are empaneled for two months.) Usually the jury outreach process involves handing out flyers and opening the door for folks, but in addition today it included activists holding signs featuring phrases like, “2 Years 4 Filming?”, and “Filming the police is not a crime!”

More activists are expected to be on-the-scene tomorrow morning at 8am for further sign-holding, with the trial starting at 9am and expected to last two days. If you can’t make it in person, live tweets will be available here at FreeKeene.com and later the full trial video will be posted.

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  1. The article seems like desperation. After the verdict is read, I sure hope you don’t harass the jurors.

  2. What do you mean by “harass. the jurors”

  3. Your posting of least one comment per FK article seems a tad desperate as well, Jacks. Perhaps even neurotic.

  4. No draccc, just stating the true facts of these dumbass libertards, it’s not desperate.

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  8. You always fall back to ad hominem tu quoques, eh Jacks? Is that all that your feeble brain is capable of contriving? And it’s not like it’s not easily disprovable. I don’t post comments on every single post, not even by a long shot. You however have left very few articles on Free Keene (and Ridley Report for that matter) vacant of your opinions.

  9. Attempts of desperation are tried when everything else has failed, Bsizzle. Such attempts rarely have any hope of success. Your perpetual cries of outrage here routinely attest to that fact. Your almost constant whimpering has also given me the impression that success is a condition that has eluded you repeatedly. Is my assessment accurate here, Bsizzle?

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    Haven’t you figured out yet, Bsizzle, that watching a game of chess and whining about the moves being made doesn’t make you more important than the people playing the game?

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  15. Virgina dropped all charges against Cleaveland, including the drug charge, Bsizzle. Yet you complain about Cleaveland’s good fortune anyway, and even try to pose this as proof that you’re not actually whining. In your chess analogy, which gambit would this peculiar move of yours be comparable to, Bsizzle?

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  20. I hope that Cleveland will visit this thread to thank Jacks. Since everything Jacks predicts ends up not happening, his prediction here that of a negative verdict is clearly responsible for Cleveland’s court victory.

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