Robin Hood Case Headed Back to NH Supreme Court

After the city’s latest failure at the superior court, once again the city has given us an early Christmas present by deciding to appeal the most recent decision to the NH Supreme court.tumblr_inline_ngqf7uCZsU1t12dsj

The city’s expensive attorneys from Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell waited until the LAST possible day they could file to legally file the appeal (PDF). The city has already spent countless dollars on this case and this latest appeal is a further waste of taxpayer funds.

The appeal is for the Supreme court to look ONLY at the lower court’s ruling regarding the request for the “buffer zone” injunction. The NH Supreme court has already decided the allegations of “tortious interference”, “civil conspiracy”, “negligence”, and the demand for financial compensation were unfounded and the activities engaged in by the Robin Hooders are protected by the first amendment.

Once again the robin hooders will be represented by the NH Civil Liberties Union’s  Jon Meyer who expects the case to be heard sometime in the summer of 2016, three years after the case was first filed in 2013. We will keep you up-to-date on any further developments.

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  1. The first article i saw on this said the city s lawyers were doing this appeal pro bono

  2. It still appears the robin hooders are not out of the woods yet.

  3. After producing nothing at all but wasting stolen tax money, they are probably afraid the City will seek other legal counsel.
    Their motives are suspect, they are after all, lawyers.

  4. Maybe the town should install a meter for paying the incompetent lawyers and people like you can stuff $100 bills in it, when the time runs low? Sort of a statist version of Robin Hooding ?

    Where is the end or “buffer zone” that ought to be placed on a government when it can decide BOTH the amount it will spend and then subsequently raise taxes to cover their shitty choices ?

    Those town government douches sure like to get their asses whipped in court by the liberty crowd. Why don’t they get jobs that produce something of value, rather than increasing the burden of their tax serfs by using government to advance their personal vendettas?

  5. I would like to see parking kiosks installed. There isn’t anything the freekeeners could do about that.

  6. Parking kiosks would shut them the fuck up, but they would find something else to piss off the quaint wonderful city of Keene.
    Pathetic and sad, really.

  7. Hey bob, why don’t the keeniacs get a fucking job and be productive? Rich Paul, Ian Bernard, Christopher Cantwell, JP, all don’t have “real” honest jobs.
    Pretty pathetic bunch, huh?

  8. Bsizzle,

    I can’t speak for any of the people you mentioned, they are big boys and can speak for themselves. I CAN address your erroneous implications though.

    Productivity or “productive jobs” means producing something that other people value enough to pay you for it on a mutually consenting basis.

    Parasitic jobs, like the ones government employees have, don’t seek mutual agreement, they don’t need to, they can use threats of violence on their “customers” for not paying them.

    Of the two kinds of “jobs” I described above, one is honest and one is not. Any more questions sir?

  9. Bsizzel – I agree with you. Parking kiosks would close the freekeeners down rather quickly. What do you think they would turn to next?

  10. Bob Constantine – Your statement about what a “job” is is very wrong and you’re words. The city stands behind it’s employees. They do a valuable service. There are a number of cities in the USA that have meter readers. That sounds like it’s a productive job and necessary. Freekeeners like to try and scam people out of money. That sounds dishonest.

  11. @Jumping Jacks: You need to look up the definition of “productive.” Meter readers are certainly not productive. You might still argue that there are some reasons to have them, but being productive is not one of them.

  12. With the kiosks in place, the keeniacs may resort to childish chalkings again.

  13. Mr. Jumping Jacks, you are incorrect about what a “productive job” is. The routine occurrence of something on a regular basis does not automatically provide evidence of efficacy, morality or productivity. In other words the regular practice of something inherently wrong, cannot change something inherently wrong to “good” simply by the regular practice of it, no matter how much you repeat the error.

    If you grow a garden using your resources and labor, the PRODUCT, is something that YOU produced, thus your “job” of gardening was productive. The product of your labor is YOURS, not mine.

    If you grow a garden and I forcibly take your cucumbers and squash, rather than trading with you on a consensual basis, my “job” of forcible redistributor isn’t productive, as I DIDN’T produce anything, I simply stole from you.

    If you don’t believe me, please leave your key under your door mat so that I can go “shopping” thru your refrigerator later today. Using your flawed “logic” if I do this enough times, I’ll be able to use forcible means to create productivity, not by creating anything, but simply by forcible redistribution….which is absurd.

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