Don’t Answer Police Questions!

On my way home from recording the “Free the Nipple” trials in Laconia this week, I was pulled over in Tilton for having a Shire Society license plate on the front of the cruiser I was driving and a Wisconsin plate on the back. Here’s the interaction I had with the officer. To his credit, he let me put the other Wisconsin plate on and did not ticket me.

This isn’t legal advice, but it’s generally a bad idea to speak to police. The more talking you do, the closer you get to being issued a ticket or arrested for something. When the officer asks the routine question about the address on the license, he’s fishing to see if you’ve moved recently, and if you have done so without notifying the state within some amount of days. He can write you a ticket for that. So, by answering that question innocently, many people will walk themselves right into another fine.

Better to not assist them with their investigation of you. I’m not perfect, and I do give him a little information in this video. Here’s the video of the encounter:

Credit to Kenny Suiter for this simple approach to police stops that gives the driver the ability to respond to police questions, which is one’s natural inclination the police are trained to exploit, by simply informing them that you are not answering questions. Over and over. Here’s Kenny’s inspirational video.

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  1. Ian Bernard, your advice wreaks of failure. You said you were an Uber driver. Yet you refuse to buy insurance. Maybe the home office would be interested in hearing that. If you choose to not talk to the police, then so be it. You will suffer the consequences. Advising others not to just shows how little respect you have for others. You are not above the law. Looking at the past your advice, people get hurt.

  2. Sad that you have to lie to try to discredit me, jacks. I have insurance and always have.

  3. ^ So I’m trying to figure out what it is that you are getting at. Ian is pretty effective in his means and methods in achieving what hes looking to do. – garner attention.

    Talking to the police and giving them any information more than is required by law is a BAD idea – ALWAYS. yes it might make things easier (for them)

    uber: Why don’t you call them and file a complaint or whatever it is that you would like to do instead of acting like you being a tattle-tale is the sword of Damocles.

    consequences: People keep canting of “suffering consequences” but hes not suffering any.

    talking to police: Advising others not talk to police: shows how little respect you have for others – How ? How does your statement make any sense? – the police officer was looking to cite Ian for something significant, he wasn’t asking about his registration and his address because he was concerned for Ian. The cop didn’t want to drive down to Keene and check that Ian’s electrical outlets were properly grounded, and give Ian a free estimate at their repairs.

    looking at past advice: people get hurt – be specific, I don’t know anyone that got hurt, save maybe their feelings. I think more people get hurt by police misconduct than by the advice of some guy driving a car with Wisconsin plates.

  4. Ian your POS vehicle is more than 10 years old, how are you able to use it as a “official” Uber vehicle? You obviously don’t get it inspected, so how safe is said vehicle for your customers. I think I’ll make a few phone calls. Epic fail Ian.

  5. Looks like a good cop to me. Let you go after putting the plate on…

  6. Uber provides driver’s insurance. What was your point again?

  7. Bsizzle. How does inspection have anything to do with whether his vehicle is safe. I live and drive in a state without inspections and somehow we all manage just fine and our roads somehow manage to not be littered with disabled vehicles.

  8. @Bsizzle: Did you happen to notice that a major point of the article was that the vehicle is registered in Wisconsin? Wisconsin does not require regular inspections. Oddly enough, they don’t have unsafe vehicles causing constant mayhem. Crazy!

    However, you claim that it is “obvious” that Ian does not have his vehicle inspected. How did you reach that conclusion? Even folks who do not get government-mandated inspections will frequently have their vehicles inspected for safety. For example, my mechanic inspects my car every time he changes the oil, so I get between three and give safety inspections per year, depending upon how many miles I drive in that year. That’s far in excess of the single yearly inspection that is required by the State. Most competent mechanics will offer similar service (often at no cost, since they hope to get the repair work). Presumably, Ian’s car also requires oil changes; is there something which makes it “obvious” that he does not do similar?

  9. Ian Bernard has been balking at getting insurance for his vehicle for a very long time. The vehicle he drives doesn’t have in state license plates and I doubt it has ever been inspected. Why don’t you prove you have insurance on your vehicle? This is all another scam by freekeene.

  10. Ian Bernard has been balking at getting insurance for his vehicle for a very long time > please provide citations

    The vehicle he drives doesn’t have in state license plates and I doubt it has ever been inspected > it is legally registered in the state of wisconsin, a state license plate is not required. you see in 1789 the state of New Hampshire entered into a “union” under the federal constitution. and by virtue of a reciprocity agreement between Wisconsin and New Hampshire his car is duly registered. – if you have any issues with this – please write your congressman, or move the state legislature toward cession.

    Why don’t you prove you have insurance on your vehicle? > i have a better idea, since you are the one making accusations why don’t we observe the time honored American tradition of proving someone’s guilt rather than proving someone’s innocence. you made the accusation, you go ahead and prove why you would say something like this.

    as of right now your statements are just unsubstantiated slander.

    This is all another scam by freekeene.> a scam would imply some someone is being defrauded…who is it ?

  11. Runningwolfkenpo you are a nutjob

  12. Speak up Ian, defend yourself instead of being a coward. I’m pretty sure that Ian’s vehicle is out dated to be an Uber driver vehicle, so to all thinking of using Ian’s vehicle as a safe vehicle, decline his services, please, for your safety!

  13. @Bsizzle: Yeah, because vehicles older than ten years are just completely unsafe! I know that the minute my car turned ten, three of the wheels fell off, and all of the windows simultaneously shattered!

    Oh, wait, none of those things happened. Because I actually have enough sense to maintain my vehicles. Responsible adults can easily drive a vehicle for multiple decades and get multiple hundreds of thousands of miles of life.

  14. Jacks, I have nothing to prove to you. UBER approved me, because I have insurance. Duh.

  15. But Ian has spoken up for himself, Bsizzle. Have you failed to notice that Ian authors many of the articles on his blog? Have you forgotten that he also produces a live talk radio show? What have you done, Bsizzle? Certainly you’re not going to make the claim that regularly trolling here is much of an accomplishment, are you Bsizzle? Of course you’re not! So do you mind if I make a suggestion, Bsizzle? If you have so much interest in learning what Ian has to say for himself, then why don’t you make a call in to his radio show? I’m sure he and his listeners would be very interested in listening to what you’d have to say. Please don’t neglect in practicing your delivery before calling in though, Bsizzle. Proper preparation is very important in a presentation, and is essential when on live radio. Oh! And don’t forget to use your nickname! That way I’ll know it’s you! I’ll be listening for you, Bsizzle! Good luck!

  16. the stop was a fishing expedition by the cop…..tons of people dont have front plates or some sort of personalized plate… sports teams etc….most of the time cops use there discretion and let those pass………its a oddball car and stands out….also its a car that …would show most that the driver isnt rich…… thats why he was stopped

  17. Jumping jacks are you saying uber isnt doing checks to make sure their drivers have the required insurance?

  18. It would appear you are easily manipulated to believe anything. It’s hard to believe Ian was ever an Uber driver. My guess is he just drove around claiming to be an Uber driver. I don’t believe he has insurance for his vehicle and I don’t believe it would pass an inspection.

  19. @Jumping Jacks: Uber drivers are obtained by using the Uber app, not by flagging down every car that passes on the street and hoping it might be one. So, what you suggest is literally impossible. The only way Ian could claim to be an Uber driver, is to actually be an Uber driver, unless you’re going to claim that he’s some sort of super-hacker who broke into Uber’s computer system to get listed as a driver? If so, you’ve been watching too much TV: that doesn’t actually happen in the real world.

  20. Now that 2016 has begun, who is the betting favorite on who goes to jail first this year – Bernard, or the other fucktard Rich Paul? Maybe we will all get lucky and both of them will go. It’s just a matter of time.

  21. in what way am i easily manipulated? Should i disbelieve everything people say?

  22. JumpingJacks new name is FibbingJacks. or BurgerJacks

    All he does is tell Fibs and make up Whoppers..

  23. Sorry Ian Bernard, I don’t believe you. You have been known to fib in the past. This time wouldn’t be any different.

  24. @Jumping Jacks: Given that you are pretty much completely incapable of telling the truth, your response to Ian is hilarious. Unless you’re going to claim that your own history as a pathological liar makes you an expert on “fibbing?”

  25. @Jumping Jacks

    You’ve been in rare form for the last few days, Jacks. This doesn’t have something to do with any New Year’s resolution you might have made does it? If it does, do you really think that it’s possible for you to be more querulous this year than you’ve been any other year?

  26. Interesting. Two freekeeners have to stand up for their lord and master Ian Bernard while Ian Bernard doesn’t prove he was a legal Uber driver.

  27. @Jumping Jacks: I’m not a “freekeener” – we’ve already covered that. And if anyone was going to be my “lord and master,” it certainly would not be Ian.

    But he already proved that he’s an Uber driver, by driving for Uber. It’s literally impossible to drive for them unless they accept your application. You can’t fake it, because the only way to get customers is for them to actually use Uber’s system to contact you.

  28. @jumping jacks – it’s not even that you are wrong, it’s that you are stupid too…

  29. Hey look, it’s the draccc and flinty show, supporting asshats in their quest for freedom, freedom from what, no one knows, or cares!

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