VIDEO: Free Staters vs Border Patrol in El Paso

Mark Edge is a host of nationally syndicated talk radio show, “Free Talk Live” and moved to New Hampshire in 2006 as an early mover for the Free State Project. This week, while traveling, he and his family stood up for their rights at a Border Patrol checkpoint East of El Paso on I-10. Mark is under no obligation to give the federal agents any information absent “reasonable articulable suspicion” that he’s committed a crime, and informs the agents that he knows his rights. Here’s the video:

He also correctly points out that no one is a citizen, which is proven by various Supreme Court decisions, such as Warren v District of Columbia, where it’s made clear that government has no obligation to protect you. With no obligation to protect, the citizenship “deal” is null.

It’s a nitpick, but something he could have tried, that he did not, was to clarify the first’s officer’s statement of, “do me a favor and (something unintelligible about pulling over here)”. Was the officer asking him for a favor? If so, Mark can politely refuse his request. Or, was the officer ordering him over there? Questions would have revealed more about whether the officer is willing to use force to achieve compliance, or was just asking for a favor.

Further, Mark could have asked the agents to identify themselves, for the record, though his wife’s capable camerawork under pressure was able to ID two of them.

Overall, Mark and family do an excellent job of asserting their rights, with multiple officers attempting (and failing) to intimidate them with their own cameras, and a dog sniff of the car.

Amusingly, the main officer claims that by Mark knowing and asserting his rights, he has proven to the officer’s satisfaction that he is a “US Citizen”, though Mark just explained to the agent how no such thing actually exists. At the end of the encounter, the agent even claims Mark is an “outstanding citizen” and thanks him for “helping law enforcement”.

Here are the citations to prove Mark’s claims about the falsity of citizenship:

Citizen: “A person who, by either birth or naturalization,
is a member of a political community, owing allegiance to the community and being entitled to enjoy all its civil rights and protections; a member of the civil state”
-Black’s Law Dictionary, Ninth Edition

Warren v District of Columbia:
“Judge Hannon based his decision in No. 79-6 on “the fundamental principle that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen.” See p. 4, infra. The duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual, no specific legal duty exists.”

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  1. LOL. Mark Edge really make an ass out of himself. He apparently doesn’t know the law. The boarder patrol could have removed him and his family from the vehicle to check who they are. I suggest he look up the laws before trying a stunt like that in the future. Everyone who goes through a boarder checkpoint are asked the same thing. Edge, detained himself longer then answering the question in the the first place.

  2. Jumping Jacks, please explain the law to us as it pertains to border checks and please reference your sources. We all want to know.

  3. @Jumping Jacks

    Once you’ve furnished your sources to Pedro, could you also please elaborate further as to how Mark “detained himself” by declining to answer questions? The way you seem to be interpreting the concept of detainment in this context is absolutely fascinating to me, Jacks.

  4. The people highlighted on this blog seem to fare pretty well legally, despite Jack’s opinions. On the outside looking in, it would appear that one could believe the exact opposite of he states and be correct most of the time. At least, as it pertain to matters of law. He’s what 0-25 by now?

    Might want to consider returning to law school for a refresher, Jacks.

  5. BTW, I’m one of those welcoming NH natives that Jacks would claim don’t exist. Jacks, the FSP is coming!

  6. JumpingJacks Learn to spell border.

  7. Mark Edge is a murderer. His attitude shows it here. What an entitled asshat, his wife showed that to be apparent.

  8. So, I’m not clear, was this stop at the real imaginary line border or inside the real imaginary line border? It appears the real imaginary line border is wherever “they” say it is. It’s also very hard to see, because it’s imaginary.

  9. Mark wasn’t pulled over by the Border Patrol on the suspicion that he was a murderer, Mike. They never even once asked him that question. In fact, they let Mark and his family go along on their merry way, despite the fact that Mark had refused to answer any of their questions. So much for your belief in a magical “cop sense”, eh Mike?

    But I have an idea, Mike!

    Working within the confines of your own unique brand of authoritarianism, why not have the drivers and passengers from each car that’s stopped fill out a form that divulges every crime they’ve ever committed and every law they’ve ever broken? There is a twist, here of course. The BP agents then have to guess all of the crimes and infractions. If the agents guess wrong they’re immediately fired. This way the BP can weed out all of their agents who have an underdeveloped “cop sense” and their customers will obtain better services in return. Isn’t that an excellent idea, Mike?

  10. @Jumping Jacks

    Suggesting that everyone take a government agency at their word is not a valid argument, Jacks, especially when there’s considerable debate concerning the legitimacy of the powers that the USCBP has unilaterally declared themselves as possessing.

    Debates such as this:

    You also forgot to explain to me how Mark detained himself. No matter. I’ll do that for you. You’re welcome.

    Mark didn’t detain himself. It was the USBP who was detaining him. Words mean things, Jacks. You need to learn to be more precise with them.

  11. So that’s what a “free country” looks like eh? Smells a little like tyranny to me.

  12. Drac – forget it. What I posted explains what the border patrol can do. You are wrong and you continue to make an ass out of yourself. He was detained. He did it to himself. The border patrol officers were able to run his plates, and a drug dog did it’s job. I suggest you climb out of that bubble of unreality and learn a few things.

  13. No Jacks. The link that you provided describes what powers the USCBP presumes it has. Presumption is a common characteristic of all bureaucracies, Jacks; at least until the legitimacy of their powers is challenged. The ACLU is one such organization that is challenging the USCBP’s presumptions.

    The video made it crystal clear that Mark was detained simply for driving through a checkpoint, not because he was under any suspicion of having committed a crime. The mundane act of driving does not constitute suspicious behavior to any reasonable human being, Jacks; but then, checkpoints aren’t about reason, they’re about securing obedience. That was my point, Jacks. Mark didn’t detain himself, the USCBP detained him. There’s a difference. My intent was to highlight your bizarre perspective on reality that maintains that the accuser is always in the right, while the accused is always in the wrong, regardless of any conflicting information that is presented to you.

  14. I love how this jagoff Mark “Edge” thinks he’s some sort of constitutional expert striking a blow against “The Man” for freedom and justice.

    I wonder how the family of Edge’s murder victim feels about him running around free, popping off about liberty and freedom? That has got to be some cruel irony for them.

    A big constitutional expert with blood on his hands. What a hero.

  15. Since the US Constitution was written in the language of the common man, Mike, then doesn’t that mean that anyone who’s capable of reading and comprehending that document should be considered an expert? It’s strange that you’re so enthusiastic about putting your faith into the politicians and bureaucrats who are employed to “interpret” that document rather than expending any effort to read what that document actually says.

  16. down in the west texas town of el paso Mark fell in love with a mexican girl

  17. Doesnt everyone get questioned by border control when they head down to Mexico?

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