Cop Block Panel at Keenevention: Teaser & Invite

Last November at the Third Annual Keenevention five Copblockers had a lively panel discussion. Video of that talk has been up for a while, but in case you didn’t yet catch it or you balked at its length, this video includes some excerpts.

Props to those involved: JP Freeman, Jessica Phillips, and Steve Daves, all of Keene Cop Block, and Rob Mathias and Ann Leverette, who are based in Manchester, where they create weekly the Rebel Love Show.

And of course, much love to Ian Freeman and other Keenevention organizers for spearheading the event and capturing and sharing the footage. You can find out more about the upcoming Fourth Annual Keenevention, which is happening November 4-6, at


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  1. The only people I see are multiple criminals sitting on chairs telling people to take their advice while not practicing their advice. Ademo has multiple felonies, He can’t take a ride in an RV without being arrested for something he did. JP aka Matt Phillips is a complete nut case. Pete Eyre also paid money for his arrests even though he says he never takes a plea agreement just like Ademo. It would appear copblock is full of liars and criminals.

  2. LoL … It’s apparent that all of these cop block losers suffer from various forms of mental illness. The sooner they are carted off to jail, the better for all of us.

  3. MikeAB – You could set your watch by their arrests.

  4. Where is MOUNTAIN AGORA aka jp Phillips the deadbeat copcaller to defend his buddy’s here. Where are yah you fucking knob!

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