State Rep Kyle Tasker Arrested for Victimless Crimes, Facing 60 Years in Prison

State Representative Kyle Tasker Faces 60 Years for Victimless Crimes

State Representative Kyle Tasker Faces 60 Years for Victimless Crimes

Liberty-friendly state representative Kyle Tasker of Nottingham is currently sitting in Rockingham county jail on $150,000 bail. He’s facing (so far) four felony charges that could result in 60 years of prison. However, he never harmed another human being. You may not want him dating your daughter, but he’s not actually created any actual victims with his “crimes”.

He’s facing three class A felony drug distribution charges for cannabis, psilocybin (mushrooms), and suboxone which were uncovered during a search of Kyle’s home after he was arrested for a class A felony count of “Certain Uses of Computer Services Prohibited”. The computer charge alleges that Kyle had intended to meet for sex with a 14-year-old female, who turned out to be an undercover cop pretending to be the girl.

According to an unsigned five page affidavit allegedly from Nottingham police, Tasker did initially meet S.J., a real 14-year-old female at a breakfast with his parents. After friending her on facebook, the police allege that he offered to acquire for her alcohol and cannabis and further requested a threesome with him and a “lady friend”. The affidavit says SJ unfriended Kyle and deleted the messages. At some point, SJ’s mother, identified as “KJ” in the affidavit, became aware of the communications and she called the police.

While the daughter, SJ, had already solved the problem by unfriending Kyle, the mother, KJ, decided to punish Kyle and the rest of society, by siccing the police against him. Now instead of producing for society by drilling wells (his day job when not serving at the state house), Kyle may be sitting in prison for up to 60 years, which we’ll all be forced to pay for. How does this benefit anyone?

Dylan Gingues and Kyle Tasker

Dylan Gingues and state rep Kyle Tasker with a big jar of primo cannabis outside the State House.

After KJ’s call to the police, they took control of SJ’s facebook account. Detective Chris Gilroy began to masquerade as though he were SJ and conversations allegedly about drugs and sex began. The unsigned police affidavit does not include any full conversation logs, and only the police’s side of the story. They excerpt certain alleged statements made by Kyle, but do not reveal any context around what detective Gilroy might have said to elicit those statements from Kyle.

Despite the conversations between the cop and Kyle, the actual teenager was never in any danger. Her mother could have congratulated her daughter for removing Kyle as a friend and if the mom wanted to go further, spread the word about Kyle’s interactions with her daughter. However, now countless police hours, court hours, and jurors’ hours will be wasted, and potentially dozens of years could be spent in jail, all because of an insane war on drugs and a system that punishes thought crime.

You may not like Kyle Tasker, but he didn’t create any victims. The police are the only ones who have victimized anyone here. They’ve victimized Kyle and all New Hampshire taxpayers by forcing us to pay for his trial and incarceration, while actual violent criminals face a mere fraction of the time Kyle is facing in prison. Selling drugs should not be illegal and neither should talking on the internet. Fraud however should be punished, but the only people engaging in fraud in this case were Nottingham police.

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  1. On the brighter side, if anything at all has been proven here, it’s that it isn’t the teacher conducting the lesson that is your problem, it’s the lesson itself. You’re a rare find, Shylock.

  2. im not shocked that “bwizzlle”(not his real name obviously) supports child molesters^.. Kind of puts his behavior into question… Maybe thats why he doesnt use his real name…;-)

  3. another thing he does thats contradictory.hypocritical is condemn people for using fake names (though he is part of that creepy club) hes got a fake name and lies constantly… so who knows what his deal is or what hes hiding…suffice to say …dont believe a thing falling from his mouth lol ick 🙂

  4. Hey flinty, when did I say anything about this Chambers fellow? Your putting words into my mouth again! You’re the one saying give Tasker a chance, you sick fuck! YOU support these deviants on this page, so in turn you have the same ideologies as they do. You should be ashamed of yourself. Keep spinning it to suit your needs, flinty. Prove where I accept what this Chambers guy did. You will find it no where you liar. You are the epitome of what’s truly pathetic in life.

  5. As for you David Crawford, your nickname is creepy and that’s for a reason.
    Remember you got kicked out of the KAC for creeping on girls, one girls name in particular by the name Renee, yah know Ian Bernards underage girlfriend.
    Where are the hammer tapes Crawford? Weren’t you supposed to turn those over so that you could stay in the KAC? How’s that for lying? Get back in your child molesting Astro van and go back to West Roxbury Massachusetts. Am i right on the money? You bet your ass I am! You f****** creep!

  6. @Bsizzle: You have not condemned Chambers. According to you, anything less than calling for his head on a platter means that you support someone. So, you support Chambers. You’re a rather sick individual for doing so, ain’t ya?

  7. I condemn the actions of this guy Chambers. Anyone who thinks it’s OK to diddle little kids, is fucked in the head, flinty. I really don’t know about this Chambers case so that’s that. You said I support this Chambers and I DONT!
    You on the other hand support Tasker in giving him a chance! Your definitely fucked in the head. Tasker had a gun when going to meet this girl, and his apartment was riddled with drugs, ready to sell to god knows who! And you think this is all fine and dandy! Get your head out of your ass, “your a rather sick individual ain’t ya!” They are going to string your boy Tasker up real good!
    They should do the same to your deviant ass!

  8. Where are yah now, Crawford! Got nothing to say?

  9. @Bsizzle: Actually, I’ve repeatedly said that I think Tasker is probably a predator. Since that qualifies as “support” in your world, you definitely support Chambers. Trying to pretend, now, that you don’t is just ridiculous. You support that child-raping scumbag. Someone who isn’t even innocent until proven guilty, but someone who has actually been convicted in a court of law… and you support him. Sick scumbag, you are…

  10. bwizzle supports chambers.. thats hidious

  11. i guess you cant expect better from someone who lies with a fake name (like “bwizzle does) 🙂 Have you no morals “bwizzle” !?

  12. please dont think thats a question, for “bwizzle” because i dont talk to lying fake named pedophile supporters like “bwizzle” have you no shame (fake name) “bwizzle”! But i guess ya can support all the perverts ya want when you got fake name like “bwizzle” does

  13. but seriously “BWIZZLE” (fake name;liar) why DO you SUPPORT Chambers?

  14. im serious why do you SUPPORT Chambers,”BWIZZLE”!?

  15. you can say why you support pedophiles “bwizzle” with your fake name no one will know who you are can say why you supports Chambers???

  16. I’m a scumbag flinty? No I do not support a bunch of lowlife deviants that think it is okay to have sexual relations with underage children. What I see is damage control from you and Crawford here. I am going around this fair city of Keene telling people about this sham of a cult. You people make me sick.

  17. As for you Crawford your too easy. You must admit I’m right on the money as to who you are. You can stop putting words in my mouth I never said anything about Chambers. Just look up my last post and you’ll realize that is true, yah lazy eyed psycho!

  18. I know Bsizzle …and it doesn’t surprise me … Don’t we know each other B 🙂

  19. no wonder “bwizzle” uses a fake name and lies everytime he types…Keene local FIRE?…can you say his real name? I guess hes ashamed to use it on here which is understandable (FOR HIM)

  20. MAYBE IF YOU SAID “bwizzles” REAL NAME hed have to behave better …lol!

  21. Hey Crawford why did you sell your creepy brown pos motorcycle that you used to creep around town in? It was fitting for your persona. Also I was working in Roxbury Crossing the other day and they said that they want their village Idiot back
    Why do you keep responding to me, if you really were not David Crawford you wouldn’t bother here.

  22. do you know why “bwizzle” supports Chambers Keenelocal fire?

  23. Hey Crawford you nitwit, prove where I say that I support Chambers in my posts? You obviously support Tasker, never mind trying to diddle a little girl, he had drugs to sell to the public, maybe to kids. And you support that, shame on you.

  24. I don’t know why he’d support that creep.

  25. Who is this?

  26. @Bsizzle: You already said that you support Chambers fully and completely in everything that he’s ever done in his whole life. From what I hear, you actually told him where to find that girl he assaulted, and drove him there for the event, didn’t you? Sicko. Is your vehemence against Tasker because you actually arranged things for him, just like you did for Chambers, and you’re scared that you’ll be caught as well?

    (BTW, this ain’t Taxachusetts – saying that someone “had a gun” in NH is as meaningless as saying that someone had shoes)

  27. @Bsizzle: You constantly go on about how much you support Chambers. Sicko.

  28. Bye bye Free Keene the FSP doesn’t want you around anymore!

  29. i wonder why so many people know that “bwizzle” (fake name) so many people know he supports Chambers

  30. David Crawford is here. Hi David Crawford !

  31. @davidinkeene: He goes on and on about how he and Chambers are such great friends, and how they love chasing after children together. It’s non-stop.

    Of course, since Bsizzle is in junior high school, he’s not actually breaking any laws when he has sex with children. But he is when he helps Chambers chase them…

  32. Hey flinty, what hell are you talking about? Your spinning your thoughts here to make yourself sleep better at night. Never once did I say anything about Chambers. So you think I’m a junior high school kid, eh flinty? That’s right around the same age that your buddy Tasker likes them. Wow you really are a sicko. I wouldn’t associate yourself with David Crawford here, after all he was the one that was kicked out of the KAC for trying to go after little girls. It’s just not working for you is it flinty. You should see the reaction that I get from the crew of guys that I work with when I show these comments to them. You would want to be a fly on the wall to see it because you would not want to be standing there when I show your sick comments to other people. Keep supporting your deviant friends here, looks like the FSP has had enough of them. Your pathetic flinty.

  33. To add to my last comment, I’m calling YOU out flinty! You think I’m a junior high school kid? I’ll prove it to you, come over to the Hannafords that is being remodeled in Bedford NH, it’s right in the same parking lot as Home Goods. There you can tell me how you really think about me. Ask for the tall guy with a Patriots hard hat on. I’ll be working and waiting, you spineless piece of shit.

  34. @Bsizzle: Yeah, you sound like you’re really amused and not at all bothered that your association with Chambers was revealed for all to see. It’s painfully obvious that the only reason you’re trying to make all these false claims about others supporting Tasker is in order to deflect suspicion from yourself and your own actual support for molesters like Chambers.

    And then your notion is to pretend that you’re a construction worker, rather than some punk kid. Saw some tall construction worker with a Patriots hardhat when you rode past the jobsite in the back of your mom’s minivan, did ya?

  35. First off, prove were I said anything about supporting Chambers?
    Secondly, the address where I’m working is 7 Kilton rd, Bedford NH to be exact.
    Hope yah find it, it’s right off of rt 293.

  36. @Bsizzle: You’ve said over and over again how much you like helping Chambers chase after and molest young girls. It’s non-stop with you. You have “Chambers is great and I love him so much” written on a t-shirt.

    We already covered your nonsensical attempt to pretend that you are a construction worker. They don’t let children work on jobsites. Looking up the address of the place that you’re pretending is your job does not lend any credence to your story – anyone with access to a computer can look up addresses.

  37. Bast and Hatfield construction runs the job here. Chip is the name of the head GC of the job. It’s simple, come on down and say hi. He will point me right out to you because he has seen all the posts from you and draccc, and knows EXACTLY what you guys think of diddling little kids. Prove in MY POSTS that I approve of Chambers actions you fucktard. It’s not made up, I’m on that job, and I’m a concerned parent that is trying to keep my kid AWAY FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

  38. @Bsizzle: Again, looking up information on the Internet is not impressive.

    Your attempt to pretend that you don’t support Chambers is ridiculous, given that you’ve already said that you support absolutely everything he ever did, and personally helped him do it. Sicko.

  39. Flinty, again show my posts where I support Chambers?
    Until you do that your just putting words in my mouth, and spinning it.
    Getting under your skin, eh? You truly are reaching here, yet your the one that said to “give Tasker a chance”! A chance to do what diddle little girls and sell drugs to minors? You a real sick fuck, flinty! Keep spinning it, you pathetic
    form of a man.

  40. @Bsizzle: Why don’t you show my posts where I support Tasker?

    Since I’ve never done so, and you state that my total lack of support qualifies as support, your posts also qualify as support of Chambers, you sick scumbag.

  41. Sick scumbag flinty? Nah that is a good title for your name. Flinty the sick scumbag, yah that has a good ring to it. So how young do you like them? Right around my supposed age in that sick little pea brain of yours? Ian Bernard thinks a six year old is of a appropriate age to have consensual sex with, seeing that you support this blog and free keene you have a similar mind set that this deviant group has. Shame on you.

  42. @Bsizzle: Even at your young age, “I know you are, but what am I?” is not appropriate.

    And someone like you who supports Chambers is not in a position to accuse anyone else of anything.

  43. Wow, you truly are absolutely and unequivocally delusional, flinty.

  44. People calling this man a predator are no different than the homophobes of the mid 1900s or the anti-mixed couple folk of the early 1900s. This man asked for a consensual relationship, the girl gave him the response by unfriending him. The end, he did not harass her, rape her, or molest her, and he did not want to. The only issue I have is with the drugs. Sex is fine, drugs are not something you should be so willy nilly about giving to young people. Not that they don’t do them.

    The modern hate movement against child/teen sexuality and children/teens enjoying sexuality is based on moral panic and flies in the face of any and all research out there. Before you start spouting child abuse stats please remember that those stats represent children who were forced into sexual interactions.

    I will support the freedom of this man.

  45. @Bsizzle: Hint: when you support rapists like Chambers, as you clearly do, calling others names just makes you look even more pathetic.

  46. @Truth: It depends upon what happened in the conversations which took place after “she” (the cop pretending to be her) re-initiated contact with Tasker. It’s possible that “she” was pushing for a relationship. It’s also possible that he was, indeed, harassing and pressuring “her.” If the latter, then he definitely was trying to victimize someone.

  47. The truth and flinty should get a room together. A rubber room, but first the castration!

  48. Ian, Tasker, and Jared, sitting I a tree, I mean jail cell!
    Bunch of sicko’s, eh flinty! The FBI is going to have a field day with Ian, then the IRS will be up next! I can’t wait, it’s going to be great!

  49. The issue here is the core issue: the mistaken belief that opposing something automatically means supporting something else.

    In this case one can be opposed to government and deviant behavior.

    I don’t understand why opponents to government over reach believe that in order to do so they must support otherwise indefensible positions to present their opposition.

    Liberty is not only about restrained government, but about self governance and self restraint upon principle rather than due to force.

    If the allegations are true, that he solicited a minor…the caveman ‘sexual nature’ of a 14 year old that I’ve seen used is silly.

    14 year olds may bear a physical maturity…but that is far from being mature. And when mature individuals, especially those in positions of influence and power, use their power and maturity to influence a 14 year old in this manner, I think it should be apparent that you can no longer argue this on liberty terms.

    But his bad behavior does not provide license for government bad behavior or over reach.

    IN ADDITION: The drug issue is usually argued completely on irrelevant points.

    The drug question that should be primarily asked is, “Under what authority does the federal government prohibit cannabis or other drugs?”

    Remember that it was a Constitutional Amendment that provided authority for Alcohol Prohibition, and the subsequent repeal to overturn it.

    But obviously there is no Constitutional Prohibition on drugs or cannabis. So how did it end up illegal?

    The fact is that the federal government has used the Commerce Clause and power of interstate commerce as it’s means to do so.

    They claim that your use, purchase, growth, non-use, non-growth all AFFECT the interstate commerce and price of these drugs, including cannabis.

    And since it affect the interstate price and commerce, they assert the right to regulate it…including in the form of complete prohibition.

    It was under this same alleged power that the government originally argued the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), that anyone who consumed or failed to consume health care services affected the overall interstate price and commerce of it…and therefore the federal government could regulate it, but this time to MANDATE rather than prohibit, that all must participate.

    So…the issue at hand is that the government states that all things are within its power should it choose to act, regardless of what and where it takes place because if you participate…it affects (even if indirectly) the interstate price and commerce; AND that if you do NOT participate…it affects in some manner the interstate price and commerce and therefore they can regulate…and the federal position is that once the power to regulate exists there is no limits in how it may do so, including to completely prohibit or universally mandate.

    LONG STORY SHORT: Government should be limited by force; people should be self limited by choice; and we should NEVER excuse one on the account of the other.

    Soliciting a 14 year old, successful or not, is wrong. Excessive government and punishment is wrong. Thus one need not support Task to oppose the government, nor support the government to oppose Task.

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