Announcing the Official Hotel and Discount Code for Keenevention 2016!

Best Western Sovereign Hotel

Keene’s Best Western “Sovereign Hotel”

Even though Keenevention is moving downtown this year, our official event hotel is still the Best Western’s “Sovereign Hotel”, which was the location of the first three Keeneventions. Though there are hotels in downtown Keene more conveniently located to this year’s venue, they are more expensive than the Sovereign Hotel.

At the Best Western, free hot breakfast, fridges and microwaves in your room, and pets allowed. The Sovereign Hotel is a great place to stay. Get more details over on the Hotel page at

To reserve your room at the best possible price, you have to call the hotel directly via the local number, 603-357-3038 and use code “Keenevention”. You’ll then be able to reserve a room for just $99 a night between the nights of Thu 11/3 and Sun 11/6, which means if you want to stay a night early and/or later, you can get the discount!

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  1. Now you rename the hotel “sovereign”. There will more than likely be the same few people there that were there last year.

  2. Isn’t this the place we’re all the “sex, drugs and anarchy”are going to be taken place?
    Either way your new place downtown has been well informed about your devious behavior and warped ideologies. The owners of these establishments and the police have been informed. You guys wouldn’t want to be caged now would you?

  3. Why didn’t you just make a phone call to your chum the Mayor, Shylock? Now you haven’t gotten tired playing that game already, have you dear? Could you tell me what you’re pretending to be now? Making anonymous crank phone calls doesn’t seem very secret-agent-like to me.

  4. Here is draccc again protecting the free Keene deviants, and not staying on topic on this blog. Don’t worry Sergeant Short, and Moore have been made aware of the goings-on with your pitiful little cult, not to mention the Elks Club has been made well aware of what’s going on.
    So hasn’t the Best Western, all bases have been covered, draccc.

  5. So, when you set up your toy soldiers in your room, Shylock, do you pretend you’re Jason Short or Fintan Moore? Do you have toys set up to represent all of Keene’s local government officials? Did you fortify any of them behind a fort made of lincoln logs or are you instead setting them up on your dresser for reconnaissance missions? It sounds like you’re going to have a fun playing all day, Shylock. I hope your mommy will make you Spaghettio’s and chocolate milk for lunch as well.

  6. Draccc you are reaching here in your comments to try and make yourself feel better the horrible choice you made supporting this deviant group. If I was a child why do you waste your time talking with me? Is this how your children talk to you as a father and a grandfather? I think not. Now that we got that out of the way, you think it’s all fantasy but alas, phone calls that have been called in aren’t just being sent in by me, they’re being called in by business owners downtown set a sick of free keene and people like you. The free state project is even backing away from them. If I remember correctly your grandchildren are part of the free state project. What do they think about you supporting them, eh draccc? Do they know that you support a sexual predator, Ian Bernard? Would you let your grandchildren hang around with such people? Or are you just a lone keyboard Warrior living in a basement? You think this is all one big joke but phone calls and messages have been sent to the appropriate people informing them about this group’s abhorrent behavior.

  7. Sorry Shylock. I don’t have any interest in responding to your childish prattle over which side I support. I’ve made my views abundantly clear to you before, you’re simply too stupid to process the information properly.

    As for your childish threats, do you really think anyone will ever take seriously a moron like yourself who throws frequent temper tantrums and threatens to tattle on others when he doesn’t get his way? Please, Shylock. You’re not frightening anyone. There’s nothing dangerous about you. You’re completely harmless. Nothing more than a source of daily comedy relief. I read your comments like I read “Andy Capp”. And since you’d prefer to obsess over the imaginary lines you’ve drawn in the sand rather then make any effort to engage others in intelligent discourse, I’ve continued to mock you for it. It’s fitting don’t you think?

    Now, let’s get back to your busy day today. Did you have fun playing with your toys, dear? I’m sure you did. You know, Easter is coming up soon as well. Are you all excited about all the Easter candy you’ll be getting?

  8. Draccc didn’t answer my simple questioning. I’m not surprised. You pretend of the things that I say about making phone calls are untrue. That’s okay it probably makes you feel better. It’s funny in other posts with other people in the conversation you speak of being Romanian, 89 years old and having grandchildren in the free state project. But not a peep comes out of your mouth when I ask them, I find that curious. Looks like all that you say is not the case.
    I like getting under your skin. What is your next comment going to be about?Probably something about being gay or being retarded or having autism. Shame on you.

  9. You didn’t make any phone calls, Shylock. You made that whole thing up hoping to give the impression to others that you’re strong, frightening, and have powerful connections. For some reason you thought this might elicit respect, probably because you’ve finally realized that you’re unable to stand upon the strengths of your own intellectual merits. Evidently, you believed that dropping some important names would change others’ perceptions of you. You’ve tried this before, Shylock. It didn’t work then, either. It’s baffling to me as to why you thought this would impress anyone this time around.

  10. You still won’t answer my questions draccc. Yes I and other people in the community have made phone calls in the past. It’s not like we’re expecting your friends be arrested on the spot, you and I both know that doesn’t happen. These calls are made to warn the public about your friends deviant behaviors. If you notice in the past two years your friends have been frowned upon in this community. That’s called keeping your thumb down, and not letting up. It seems to be working, especially with the media Outlets like CNN and The Colbert Report, making your friends out to look like idiots, which they are. I’m not hoping to try to impress anyone here, and I’m not trying to look for respect from anyone, especially from you asshats. Thinking that this is a my fantasy, I guess makes you sleep better at night. Keep thinking that then. Lol your pathetic draccc.

  11. Of course you didn’t expect anything to happen, Shylock. How could you when you never made any phone calls in the first place? You obviously made that story up, dear, just like you made up that story about your chummy relationship with the mayor. My goodness, why does the fact that I don’t believe a word you say so surprising? You can’t tell the truth, Shylock, because you’re a pathological liar. And such a base characteristic doesn’t generate respect, dear, it only inspires ridicule. Now you’ve brought even more ridicule upon yourself by divulging that you believe “The Colbert Report” is actually a legitimate news program. Didn’t you notice that that show aired on a network called “Comedy Central”? You don’t think that Colbert is really a Republican as well, do you Shylock?

  12. Blah, blah, blah, draccc. Spin it any wait you want. Again yah dumbass, I’m not here to gain respect of ANY KIND! And this ridicule that I’m getting? It’s going to be expected because all you entitled libertards, flinty, bobby, david, etc, don’t like the fact of getting push back from normal everyday families and citizens showing on a daily basis the delusional thinking of free Keene and cop block, the slap, the kac. You support sicko’s like Kyle Tasker, and murders like Mark Edge, I CAN FUCKING GO ON, AND ON. Ridicule? No you guys are ridiculous, that’s for sure.
    P.S CNN is a “legitimate news program” draccc. Next.
    Wow all this coming from a 12 year old playing army in his room?
    Hey draccc, do me a favor and choke on a Lincoln log…….

  13. Actually Shylock, I would argue that CNN isn’t a particularly good news source at all, but that wasn’t what I said in my last reply was it? You’re not a very careful reader are you dear? Perhaps you should start reading things out loud instead. I’ve heard that that helps inexperienced readers like yourself retain printed information much more easily.

    As for your insistence that you’re not here to elicit respect? I don’t believe a word of it, Shylock. The ire you display every time your opinions are challenged is a clear indicator that obtaining respect is an all-consuming pursuit for you. It makes you utterly devastated that respect is forever out of your reach, doesn’t it dear?

  14. LoL … I really enjoy seeing DracDouche putting on his “I’m smarter than you” act; it’s completely transparent and rather pathetic, but at the same time strangely amusing.

  15. Draccc, you can stop now.

  16. Are you asking politely, Shylock dear, or are you just entreating me for some much needed respite?

  17. It’s not an act, Eddie. Everyone here is smarter than you. Even Shylock. Please try and keep up. We may need you to interject with more of your ingenious pejoratives before the night is over.

  18. You can’t stop now, draccc.

  19. Shylock? You’ve figured out that you’re being trained for obedience? How unexpected! Good for you, boy! You know, it’s the repetition that makes the training effective. Now go and click that “Reply” button like a good boy!

  20. Wow your still at it. Pathetic runs deep in this one.

  21. Do you think you could perform this trick for me as well, Shylock?

  22. See how you can dumb down draccc, here.
    I don’t see what this has to do with the official hotel of keenevention?
    Now who’s tricking who? The “trick ” here is to whittle away draccc’s comments till they look so “ridiculous ” to someone who might be skimming by these blogs and say to themselves, what the hell is this mindless, and demented drivel spewing out of his mind onto his cum stained keyboard. Oh wait draccc is a 90 year old entitled Romanian libertard, so that ain’t happening. Keep it up yah pathetic old bag of bones!

  23. Bye bye Free Keene the FSP doesn’t want you anymore! Deviants!

  24. My, my… So you’ve decided to let me in on another one of your games of “let’s pretend”, Shylock? That’s so adorable! I see this time you’re playing the role of the unlikable, but cunning keyboard warrior. Did you invite one of your little friends over to play the mayor?

  25. Hey draccc, how does your grandchildren that are in the FSP think of your deviant friends free keene, that are about to be removed from the FSP?
    I hate to say I told you! Lol. Yah I’m just full of lies, eh draccc. This pill must be hard to swallow. Pathetic!

  26. Have you already finished playing “cunning keyboard warrior”, Shylock? Well that was fast! Was your tummy so full of Spaghettios that you decided to take a nap instead? Hopefully you’re well-rested now, dear. You can be so trying when you’re cranky.

  27. Draccc your friends here are crumbling right before your eyes.
    Still hanging on I see. So tell me, are your grandchildren who are part of the FSP on your side for still supporting your deviant sham of a cult?
    You cannot spin and deflect what is going on here. I have been warning about this day and all you say is I’m full of lies. Who is eating crow now? BTW I’m still 4 for 5. Have a great day, because I sure am!

  28. My, my Shylock. You’re so excited today. You didn’t eat too many chocolate chip cookies with your lunch, did you dear? I surely hope you don’t make yourself sick with all of this excitement!

  29. You are too funny, draccc. NOT. Your drowning yourself in your own delusion. It’s fun to watch, just like the FSP is disassociating themselves from free keene!

  30. My my, Shylock! What an adorable use of 90s slang you did there! I believe the proper response should be “gag me with a spoon”. Is that right, dear?

  31. Draccc you can stop now. Your friends here are also drowning, the free Keene ship is sinking and your one of the rats in the boiler room still clinging to the hope that the ship might right itself. Good luck, draccc.

  32. Did you eat too much sugary cereal this morning, dear? Is that the source of all this unusual excitement?

  33. Do you have anything meaningful to ask me, river rat?

  34. As a matter of fact, Shylock, I don’t. You’ve yet to demonstrate that you’re mature enough to engage in intelligent adult conversations. So since you’re still only comfortable behaving like a child, I’ve endeavored to play along and treat you as one. You can thank me in your next reply..

    Before I forget to ask, dear, how has your afternoon been thus far? Did you play outside today? I hope you haven’t grown bored with all the toys you’re mommy bought you for Christmas yet. The weatherman says it might be rainy and chilly for the the next two week, so you may have to stay inside.

  35. It’s funny how you and flinty think that I’m a junior high school kid.
    That’s about the same age group that your buddy Kyle Tasker would like to diddle around with. I’m not here for intelligent conversations you warped little man. I’m here to point out the devious and delusional behaviors that you and others endorse. I’m not going to have a normal discussion with abnormal thinking people such as yourself. Lately you, flinty, bobby, and david have been really pissed that I’m causing such a stir here. Looks like I’m getting under everyone’s skin. No problem, I’ll keep it coming!

  36. I’m not angry with you at all, dear. Why should I be? You’re completely transparent and perfectly harmless. In fact, aside from the smidgen of pity I feel for you, I have no other feelings about you whatsoever. I’m surprised you haven’t picked up on that.

  37. @Drac Vermell: Kids of his age tend to have a persecution complex about adults. Anything other than glowing praise is seen as “anger.”

  38. I can’t say they all do, Flint. My children certainly didn’t. But Shylock here is quite a find isn’t he? He’s almost completely charmless in disposition towards anyone who doesn’t identify with the group he’s assigned himself to. Once a mind becomes trapped by that, only the stronger wills can prevail against it. I doubt that Shylock has that strength of will.

  39. You guys are a hoot! So dracc what do your grandchildren that you say are in the FSP think of you supporting Ian Bernard and company and his buddy Kyle Tasker? Since you say your children were such angels here, what do they and your grandchildren think of your support? Do you support this “sex, drugs, and anarchy” that goes on at keenevention?

  40. I’ve made my positions crystal clear concerning the personal choices of others, Shylock dear. Why don’t you set aside some time from playing with your toys and peruse Free Keene’s archives to refresh your memory? You have maybe three hours before your bed time, don’t you dear? While that probably won’t give you enough time to learn what you need to know today, I’m certain that if you spend a few nights at this, your questions will be answered. Let me know what you’ve found out, lamb!

  41. Lamb? Shylock? Hey draccc yah looney, I’m not a animal, and I’m not a Jewish person either. Nice try. You absolutely make no sense.

  42. But you are an unabashed man-child, dear. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that would change?

  43. Does anybody know what this draccc is yammering about?
    It’s udder nonsense, and has nothing to do with keenevention.

  44. “Udder nonsense”? You have an interesting way of expressing yourself, don’t you Shylock dear?

  45. What a waste of time.

  46. @Drac Vermell: Yeah, that’s why I said, “tend” to. Mine certainly do not. No child raised in a healthy environment is likely to, either. But the average child is not raised in a healthy manner. Bsizzle certainly was not.

  47. Bsizzle certainly does seem to bear the characteristics of some sort of trauma, doesn’t he? It’s a shame he won’t find a more deserving quarry to direct his pique towards.

  48. What a waste of time. Brought to you in part by the draccc and flinty show, supporting deviant behavior in your neighborhood. All I’m trying to do here is keep my child safe, and let other parents of children in the Keene community know of the stance that free keene have on children’s consent, and that keenevention thinks that “sex, drugs, and anarchy ” is the way to go. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves! The FSP has made that clear, when are you two going to wake up! You supposedly have kids and grandkids? Wow, do you support such deviant behavior?

  49. BTW flinty, do you want to come find me? I’m at 7 kilton Rd in Bedford NH a Hannafords remodel. It’s right next to home goods. Come by and chat with me, all your delusional thinking, I’m interested in why you think that way? Ask anyone there about your siding with this deviant cult, they will tell you where I’m at. I’ll be waiting.

  50. @Bsizzle: Your deranged fantasies are pointless – anyone with a functioning brain can see that you’re the “deviant” one, and only make these baseless accusations in a pathetic attempt to try and divert attention from your own sick mind.

    And no, I don’t have any desire to go and hassle workers, just because you want to pretend that you’re one of them from behind the screen of your parents’ computer.

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