Victimless Crime Spree Movie Audience Participation

A friend of mine threw a viewing party for Victimless Crime Spree last night in Manchester, NH. Everyone in attendance had already seen the film, some of them several times, and because of that something unique happened: Audience members began interacting with the various scenes in the movie. During “Give Peace a Chance,” they lit up. During the crossing guard scene, they took out their cameras and recorded. This inspired a bunch more suggestions. This list was sent to me today, and I had to share it. Throw your own viewing party for Victimless Crime Spree, and play along!

Here are the audience participation parts:

WHEN: Lady cop yells, “I give you an order and you gonna obey it!”
AP: Yell “Don’t tell me what to do!”

WHEN: Derrick J tries to light the bowl at the “Give Peace A Chance” rally.
AP: Spark up!

WHEN: Judge Burke says, “This man is threatening me about a decision I just made.”
AP: Yell, “You lie!”

WHEN: CopRoach Michael Kopcha pepper sprays Derrick J.
AP: Spray yourself with cologne/perfume

WHEN: Chronic Caroling in the State Liquor Store
AP: Sing along! (“I’ll miss prohibition, poor Anslinger sobbed. It may be a failure, but I need my job. It didn’t take long to come up with a plan, to stir up a frenzy for something to ban.”)

WHEN: “Silent protestor” Josh Cooley says, “It’s just early in the morning”

WHEN: Sheriff Deputy Caleb Dodson warns not to get in the way, and Ian says “If I were walking this way, you wouldn’t be in my way, right?”
AP: Say, “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!”

WHEN: Ian asks Santorum if he’s ever Googled himself.
AP: Make farting noises while Santorum responds.

WHEN: CopRoaches back the activists out of the Huntsman rally.
AP: Sing along with the Storm Trooper march.

WHEN: Derrick says hello to the crossing guard.
AP: Take out your camera and record her!

WHEN: Keene City Council Member whispers, “We’re gonna have our own tank!”

WHEN: Cheshire County Bailiff Fredrickson tells Carlos Miller to turn his camera off.

WHEN: Activists wait for Derrick to be released from jail.
AP: Clap and chant along.

Got a suggestion for another bit? Post it in the comments!

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  1. I see freekeene is still promoting this video that shows a criminal in action. Now you want to rip off “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. It’s pretty sad the only thing that defines you is a short video that shows you breaking the law and then getting arrested. Pretty sad indeed

  2. What a fucking narcissistic loser.

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