Rich Paul Arrested for Cannabis Possession in Salem, NH

Rich Paul Now Facing New Cannabis Charge

Rich Paul Now Facing New Cannabis Charge

On Monday’s episode of Free Talk Live we went into detail about Rich Paul’s recent arrest in Salem, NH for possession of cannabis. We spent most of the last hour of the show discussing it. In short, a few weeks ago, Rich and a friend were heading back from dropping an activist at Boston airport and stopped off at a rest area once back in New Hampshire. While there, they smoked a joint before heading back out on the road. They were immediately pulled over before even leaving the rest area, as it turns out they had smoked up in the middle of an undercover police operation that was monitoring the rest area that day for heroin deals.

According to Rich, the police seemed disappointed they didn’t bust any heroin and would have been willing to issue them summonses and release them on the scene, but Rich’s passenger did not have ID on him, so they were taken back to the police station for booking. Ultimately they were released on PR bail and issued court dates. Both have been charged with Class A misdemeanors for possession, which means they could take this to a jury trial, unless the state reduces the charges to Class B.

If it does go in front of a jury, it will be the first time an NH liberty activist has gone to jury trial for simple possession. Rich is looking forward to his chance at a jury trial, especially since he is a minister of the Church of the Invisible Hand and considers cannabis to be a sacrament.

One big, and as-yet-unanswered question is whether the state will motion the court to impose Rich’s suspended sentence from his previous conviction for selling cannabis. Stay tuned here for the latest.

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  1. FreeTalkLive #FreeState my ass

  2. I hope it works out. F those f’n f’ers.

  3. Odd that the State of NH declares they use the federal controlled drug schedule out of one side of their mouth (they had to say something when they were asked to produce the State of NH one  they never published and formed)  then out of the other side of their mouth the state sells “medical cannabis”  at one of its forcibly held monopoly stores. 

    It seems like the state should ‘fess up that they performed a coverup. Former Gov.  Johnny Lynch I see why you buried the change to RSA 21:32 in your budget bill a few years ago….did you think Weeda Claus doesn’t know when you’re being naughty or nice ?

  4. What a shocker (sarcasm) Rich Paul in jail again for possession.  HE claims to be some sort of minister yet he chooses to break the law doing drugs.

  5. Jumping Jacks

    Yes, BUT, if the State of NH uses the federal controlled drug schedule, they are “breaking the law too”.

    The state even told me, they use the federal drug schedule…when I asked to see the nonexistent NH drug schedule which they forgot to form and publish according to their laws on publication rsa 21:32.    That deafening silence you hear from the state is their mouth trying to figure out which side to lie from first.   This could be an interesting trial. 

    Maybe I’ll point Rich to the Merrimack County Superior Court ruling where a judge there said “no local (NH) schedule exists…Yes, this could be an interesting trial.  Of course there are other things the state fucked up which I could go much deeper into…but they can wait.

  6. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks Spare me the rhetoric. Marijuana is illegal. Gov Hassan says she will keep it that way.

  7. “While there, they smoked a joint before heading back out on the road. They were immediately pulled over before even leaving the rest area, as it turns out they had smoked up in the middle of an undercover police operation that was monitoring the rest area that day for heroin deals” And the award for being the stupidest motherfucking loser in the state of NH goes to…….Rich “the shaved ape” Paul. 🙂

  8. Right, because everybody knew they were doing a stake-out there and then.  Dumbass.

  9. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS That is because Hassan is a corrupt bitch under the pay of Big Pharma, Big Brewing, the Pigs Unions, and organized crime … all of whom make lots and lots of money of prohibition.

  10. WEEDA CLAUS Drop me a message, dude!  I want to use your motion!

  11. Sometimes, in a police state, the police win. They have all the cards and all the money.

  12. Hey Richard, here is a good piece of advice. Smoke weed at your S.L.A.P house, not at a fucking rest stop yah dumbass! What’s the matter yah can’t wait? Got to get your fix?

  13. Here’s some advice Richard, wait until your safe in your messy, shity, cum encrusted bedroom to smoke pot, or do your drugs.
    Or can you not wait that long in between your fixes?

  14. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS

    If the state has said in the past, marijuana is illegal because the FEDS consider it a schedule one drug (its on the federal controlled drug schedule) …why is the State now selling it thru their puppet marijuana dispensaries? 

    The state can’t say we “use the federal schedule” and then out of the other side of its mouth go against the federal drug schedule without contradicting itself.   That would mean the law is unclear and void for vagueness, if prior precedent / case law is taken into account.

    You’re sort of a gullible sycophant, but even you must see the obvious contradiction.

  15. Hey Rich its Chris Anderson in Tampa, I miss you man so decided to look around online found out about this stuff. one of the commenters called you a dumbass. Guess they dont know you were authoring textbooks for programmers in your twenties. Rich Paul is a Prodigy and has more intelligence in the tip of his pinky than that commentor guaranteed. The biggest companies in town would bow to Richs methods and allow him to come into work dressed however he wanted.

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