Ridley Report’s Video of First NHexit Protest & Litter Pickup

Dave Ridley just published the first video from yesterday’s NHexit protest and litter pickup outside a federal building in Manchester. He got a couple interviews with attendees and plenty of footage of the event from various points. Here’s hoping we’ll see more events in public promoting NH independence.

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  1. I notice that Ian Bernard and company haven’t been helping “the cause” at any of the latest waves of protesting that’s been going on lately. What’s the matter Ian, did the FBI take the wind out of you sails, or maybe the drug overdose of your scumbag friend Mark might have changed your ambitions? It’s too bad that Ian and Richard weren’t around when Mark was consuming said drugs cause then there would be three utter lowlife’s that society doesn’t have to deal with anymore. Oh well, keep comsuming things that you think you have a right to put in your bodies, and maybe my wish will come true! Ta-ta!

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  3. As a side note a little birdy told me that the FBI took a good majority of drugs from just Ian’s side of the house on the day of the raid. We can only imagine what kind of debauchery is going on next door at the bald ape’s side of the house, I mean they are now selling food without a license over there, so it’s safe to say by the scumbags that are hanging out on the S.L.A.P porch that there is drug activity going on the at the “church”. Multiple calls have been made to the board of health and they are aware of what’s been going on. Good luck!

  4. GGGMAN  A little birdy, Michael dear? Is that what you call your favorite toy, lambikins? Oh, it’s so adorable that you’re inviting your imaginary friends at the H&HSD to have a peek into your active fantasy life, darling. I hope you intend to be polite and will set up a little tea party later in order to thank all of them for giving you so much attention. Wouldn’t that be nice, Michael?

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  7. So whatcha got guys?

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  13. I will give credit for picking up any garbage around the building. Not sure what you were really trying to accomplish.

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  30. Kochs called Central Casting

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