Manchester TV Candidate Statement to Run Multiple Times Daily

Thanks to Manchester Public TV for offering me three minutes to speak on issues of importance. I discussed New Hampshire declaring independence from the United States, ending the war on drugs, and ballot access fairness. Here’s the video that will play every eight hours between now and the primary:

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  1. Ian freeman, D
    Candidate for governor. What’s the D stand for? Dumbass, dopehead, deviant, diddler?
    I’m not familiar with politics and whatnot?

  2. BB SIZZLE I’m going to reward you with a “D” as well, Michael dear. You know, for “Da Effort.”

  3. Actually, since NH claims to use the Federal Controlled Drug Schedule and Comrade Maggie has ignored that schedule by “letting” the serfs have medical marijuana, she’s already begun the secessionist movement.   She’s so cutting edge.

  4. Now that was amusing. Ian Bernard who is currently being investigated by the FBI for child porn and advocates sexual relationships between adults and children, believes NH will vote for him. Too funny. Maggie Hassan will be elected again. Her track record is clean and she keeps her campaign promises. 

    How much did you have to pay for the TV station to run your ridiculous ads?

  5. You do know that FSP and the FK nursery are corporate constructs. Because we all do and that’s why Ian Freeloader running on Dem ticket is a lie exposed. get your Koch on!

  6. And Manchester resident Mike Gill on the state of affairs in NH…

    which ties into my post on the debates from a few days ago.  Page 21 lol

  7. HI Jason Soron. I sure did enjoy your CATO study showing NH as the free-est state for a corporate overlord rule. Working two jobs now for the Kochs? How do you find the time!

  8. Jumping Jacks You know Jacks, I’ve always found it strange that you evince such strong admiration for someone like Maggie Hassan. Now that Maggie (or more likely her campaign managers) has expressed her praise of HIllary Clinton’s trustiworthiness, I have to wonder why you haven’t abandoned Maggie entirely, especially when you so eloquently expressed your belief that Hillary Clinton “… needs to be prosecuted and sit in jail for a while.”
    Do you remember when you posted that, Jacks? I certainly do. It was posted only a month ago by one of your alter egos: “runningwolfkenpo.” If you’d like to refresh your memory, you can review it in the comments section here:
    Now Jacks, don’t you think that after making a definitive statement like that, it’s a tad ignoble of you to be throwing support behind a candidate who clearly doesn’t even have the backbone to openly criticize a well-established fraud like Hillary Clinton?

  9. DoubleDuh Well someone’s got to pay for things around here.  Seeing as the Kochs are dems posing as republican/libertarians it would make sense Ian is running democrat

  10. Now now Jacks, your runningwolfkenpo because Drac Vermell said so. I mean it must be true, just like my real name is Micheal Novak. Lmao, get a clue your 90 year old Romanian troll. Your are 90 years old now right, because you said that?

  11. Jumping Jacks Well researched and informative.  You’ve really got me to rethink my position.

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