Cop Who Investigated Kyle Tasker Arrested for DUI

Chris Gilroy Drunk Mugshot

Officer Chris Gilroy, Mugshot

Nottingham police officer Chris Gilroy, who made news when he fraudulently posed as a teenage girl and attempted to lure then-state-representative Kyle Tasker for sex, has himself been arrested. Looks like Gilroy may have his own vices – he crashed his truck yesterday and was busted by state police for Driving While Intoxicated, according to the Union Leader:

Gilroy was traveling northbound on I-95 in a silver 2006 Toyota Tacoma pickup when it appears he attempted to take the Exit 2 off-ramp and lost control. His vehicle drove over the cement median and struck the Exit 2 off-ramp sign, state police said. After crossing the cement median, Gilroy drove across the off-ramp and struck the guardrail on the east side of the ramp, state police said.


His vehicle then continued northbound on the ramp for a short distance before driving onto the curb and striking the guardrail a second time head-on, according to police.

Drug Harm Chart

Drug Harm to Society and the User

Gilroy played a major role in the investigation that led to Tasker being charged with multiple victimless crimes after police raided his home and allegedly found cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms, and MDMA. Of course, Gilroy’s vice in this case is legal, although according to a study published in the Lancet by the former chief drug adviser to the British government, Professor David Nutt, alcohol is the most dangerous drug available.

It’s not uncommon for the very same men and women who enforce the insane war on drugs to be users and addicts of the legal, hardest drug, alcohol. Of course the hypocritical Gilroy will likely be facing a slap on the hand over this while Tasker is facing 13 felony charges that could result in anywhere from 60-120 years in prison and up to 1.5 million in fines.

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  1. Yawn…

  2. I’m ashamed to still be living in a place where victimless crimes even exist.

  3. BB SIZZLE You seem tired.  You should go back to sleep in the land of double standards.

  4. I don’t approve of the officer’s behavior of DUI. But Tasker solicited an under aged teenager for sex. That is why he was kicked out of politics. That is not a victimless crime. I’m sure he has done that before just not caught. HE must have had a long history of this to bring the police in on an investigation. Ian Bernard is currently under investigation for child porn.   I’m sure he calls that a victimless crime.

  5. I am interested in the methodology used to gain the information in the accompanying chart “harm caused by drugs”. 

    It is interesting that the state of NH sells via a forcible monopoly, the drug declared to be the most harmful, alcohol.

    It’s almost like government can lie and somehow when they do it, it’s magically not a lie.  I wonder if alcohol is on the NH Controlled Drug Schedule which was never formed or published according to the hypocritical state of NH’s own law?  How would we even know since they obviously couldn’t publish something they never constructed.

    Odd too, that Kyle Tasker, will likely be coerced into taking a plea and his alleged sales of cannabis (to state reps) will be used as a lever to get him to plea to other charges.  Note – I am not supportive of Tasker’s “other behavior”, but am still unclear how he can be sent away for years for a thought crime.  

    Doesn’t the state of NH sell cannabis, which is illegal according to the federal drug schedule which NH says it uses (when they convict people who aren’t the state)  ?    That’s kind of like the state talking out of all three sides of its proverbial mouth at once.

  6. Jumping Jacks

    Didn’t the Police solicit Tasker to engage in something ?     Why isn’t their fraudulent behavior a crime ?

    The drunken cop caused actual damage to property which can be quantified, therefore restitution can be derived.

    Could you expound on how Kyle Tasker is to restitute a cop who impersonated another person when that other person  was never physically engaged and they suffered no damage to their property ?  

    Should people be held responsible for a “thought crime”  and is taking years of their life by caging them a proportional response ?

  7. Double yawn…

  8. Bbsizzle Matthew is endeavoring to maintain a low profile for the time being, Integrals. He hopes that by doing so he’ll avoid eliciting more carping remarks about his dear wife’s past indiscretions as well as his own.

  9. WEEDA CLAUS Jumping Jacks I see another Ian Bernard supporter backing solicitation of a minor. There is nothing to “expound”.  Why don’t you look at   

    It should even be clear to a degenerate like you what people like Tasker are doing to children. That includes your hero Ian Bernard.

  10. Jumping Jacks WEEDA CLAUS

    That’s not a very good argument, since it is filled with false innuendo.  I’m not backing Kyle Tasker’s behavior either.  I don’t like what he did, but you only tell the part of the story you find convenient.

    I support the idea of restituting people who have been victimized.  proportionate to the harm they suffered.   Your attempt to put a different spin on that is dishonest, fraudulent even.  

      So, regarding Tasker,  who should he restitute and to what amount is the pertinent question you might attempt to answer.    I’m not a degenerate, nor incapable of presenting a point of view without resorting to conflation.  You seem lacking in that regard.

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