Open Debate Demonstrations at NH1

photo1251496523539261357On Wednesday & Thursday nights NH1 held a pair of debates for the Gubernatorial & Senatorial candidates from the Republican & Democratic Parties. The Libertarian Party nominees for those offices as well as independent US Senate candidate Aaron Day were not invited to the debates. The Ballot Access Fairness Coalition in conjunction with the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire held a pair of protests outside the NH1 studios to protest these closed debates.

Despite ballot retention requiring 4% in the general election (i.e. the vote threshold needed for a party to retain ballot access without needing to collect a burdensome number of petitions), Libertarian Gubernatorial nominee Max Abramson polling between 4-6% 14695463_10154592488493419_5179680641474970355_nand Libertarian US Senate nominee Brian Chabot polling at 4%, NH1 only invited candidates polling over 10%. In short, NH1 set the threshold at a level that only the Republican & Democratic Party nominees could meet.

The protests – including one on a cold rainy Thursday night – served to bring awareness, not only to the candidates excluded from these debates, but also to the media bias that often serves to protect the ruling duopoly.

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  1. Only three protested. How ridiculous.  You people weren’t invited because you are totally off the wall and have absolutely nothing to say.

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  3. That comment seems a little harsh don’t you think? It seems Jumping Jacks is stating the obvious here.

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  5. LibertarianLibertyEagle Jumping Jacks How am I bitching? I state what I feel and the only thing you do is whine and cry that I stated something you don’t like without any back up info to state your case about the article. So sad…..

  6. Jumping Jacks LibertarianLibertyEagle You must admit, Jacks, that LLE has a point. You make use of an unusually consistent negative style that most sane people would probably associate with bitching. You could take LLE’s criticism to heart and work on that; but let’s face it Jacks, I know you won’t. In fact, I’ll wager that as soon as you read this message, you’ll point out to me that your bitching is not the subject of the article and therefore neither I nor LLE should be bitching about your incessant bitching. You’re funny that way, aren’t you Jacks?

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