Why are we wearing masks at secession demonstrations?

Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy. And ideas are bulletproof.” -V

Secession Masked

Masked Supporters of Secession Have Gathered Multiple Times in Keene in the Last Month

For the last month, activists in Keene have been appearing at Central Square for NHExit demonstrations featuring masked participants. Many of them attend wearing V masks, from the movie, “V For Vendetta”.

Why perform masked demonstrations in favor of secession? First, ’tis the Halloween season, so masks are certainly appropriate, but more importantly, masks are just more fun. Many people love to see the V masks and some will even stop their cars to take photos or park and get out to come compliment us.

At our mid-month event, a gentleman from Chicago with a fancy camera came over to say hello and express how pleased he was to see people out demonstrating for secession. He snapped some photos and kindly sent me copies. You can see them attached to this article. Thanks, Raymond.

Masked Secession

Linux Geeks Love Secession

It’s impossible to know if the masked events are more popular than the unmasked ones, but it feels like it.

As V says, you can’t kill an idea, and these events are about the idea of New Hampshire declaring independence. People need to be taking that idea seriously and talking about it with friends, family, and neighbors. Especially now that politics is so obviously failed in Washington DC with the political establishment parties choosing the worst possible candidates this year. It’s more obvious to people than ever that something needs to change.

Coming up on Wednesday November 9th one group of people will REALLY want to secede, depending on who wins, Trump or Clinton.

Masks means more photos are likely to be taken, which means more photos of the event will end up being shared on social media, thereby expanding our reach far beyond just the people who happened to drive by during the hour of the demonstration.

Secession Masked

It was cold and rainy, but these hardcores stayed out and stood for NH independence!

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  1. ūüôā Glad to see we’re getting media publicity.

  2. Maybe the masks are to hide the self loathing, the shame, and possibility of bad dental choices. Just saying.

  3. Milwaukee You¬†neglected ¬†to point out that every one of them¬†is a white male, Milwaukee dear.¬†Now how¬†do you expect to win this contest when you’re too meek to¬†risk using¬†the most¬†scathing affront imaginable? Sheesh. I thought you said you had a backbone?

  4. what does ideas are bulletprooff…. ¬†IM NOT SAYIN ITSS DUMB IDEAS BUT….. if dumb ideas are bullet prooff then……lol

  5. Oh yes, look at that they are white males. In the original picture there are also a few white females as well. It also looks like that when you were hastily typing you neglected to keep, (neglected and to) appropriately spaced in the sentence. That’s alright we all make mistakes from time to time just like my second sentence from a former post of mine “got away from me”. Good observation on them all being white though.

  6. It appears it is the same 6 people doing these demonstrations. Wearing masks turn the zoo into a circus. At least your antics make people laugh.

  7. Most of these FK asshats slithered up from the southern states. why don’t they slither back and do us a favor and get that shithole called Florida out of the Union.

  8. Because you’re homos!? ūüôā

  9. Milwaukee I’m sorry Milwaukee dear, but the “original picture” you’re eagerly describing is from an entirely separate¬†NHExit event. Since your observations were directed towards the masked event exclusively (which was comprised entirely of white males), your argument is meaningless.
    You know Milwaukee, you’re quickly becoming uncharacteristically impulsive.¬†This isn’t the result of¬†the excitement that comes with adopting a new alias, now is it?

  10. “Why are we wearing masks at secession demonstrations?” Who cares!

  11. I’m sorry but the women in this picture are clearly from the same NHexit event. I guess my coment is not as meaningless as you thought. I’m just stating the obvious and you have said I’ve been rude before, I think that is not the case.

  12. Milwaukee Oh you’re right, Milwaukee dear! So there she¬†is!
    But I’m afraid I still¬†must stand firm¬†concerning your previous rudeness to me, Milwaukee.¬†Still, you really shouldn’t fuss too much about that!¬†The past is the past I always say! I can¬†assure you that your past transgressions won’t in any way affect our burgeoning friendship!¬†After all, dear, I can fully sympathize with how difficult it must be for you to adjust to such a thrilling¬†new alias!

  13. I’m sorry I think your misinformed. I don’t get the push back, and the using of the word dear. And by the way there are two females in that picture, one with the bandana, and one is wearing a skirt to the right amongst the white males. Again, I’m just stating the obvious. I hope you understand, you seem to be an intelligent individual.

  14. Milwaukee The¬†person on the far right might be a woman. I’m unable to tell. My eyes unfortunately are not what they used to be.
    And as to why I call you “dear?” Come now, Milwaukee, it’s merely¬†a term of affection. We are friends here, aren’t we dear?
    Oh, and by the way Milwaukee dear, most intelligent people would interpret the statements you made in your original message to be jibes, not observations. That’s why you added that short interjection at the end, now isn’t it? You know, to¬†emphasize your¬†cheeky remarks?

  15. There are two women in that picture. I appreciate your being candid.

  16. Bbsizzle I know that you care a great deal, Matthew sweetie. That’s why you read almost every single article on this site, now isn’t it?

  17. Milwaukee You’re very welcome, Milwaukee. I don’t suppose that you could continue to be the bigger man here and admit that you were being rude before, now could you?

  18. My bad. If you could stop calling me dear that would be nice, your coming of as quite cynical here. It’s almost as if your talking to me like you were my grandparents. So I’d appreciate that. Thanks.

  19. Milwaukee I’m sorry Milwaukee dear, but until you give me reason to show you the proper respect you think you deserve, I’m afraid that my tone will have to remain the way¬†that¬†it is. By the way, Milwaukee, you spelled “your” incorrectly.

  20. Thanks for the corrections in my misspellings. I have been nothing but cordial to you. You can stop with the pleasantries, and fluffing up of one’s name calling here, as if it were terms of endearment. Let’s get back to the subject here and understand that were men and women wearing masks at said NHexit rally/event, OK?

  21. Milwaukee I’m sorry Milwaukee dear, but you’ve made it quite plain that your¬†good-naturedness is¬†at best¬†superficial.¬†Your mordaciousness towards¬†these NHExit¬†activists is proof enough¬†of that, don’t you think?¬†Let’s be fair here Milwaukee, if you’d¬†like my sardonic reactions towards you¬†to change then¬†you’re going to¬†have to make some modifications to your own behavior in order to persuade me.

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