Remember, Remember the Fifth of November, 2016

As thousands are gathering in the streets in London around the world for the “Million Mask March“, donning Guy Fawkes masks (popularized by the excellent movie, “V for Vendetta”), it’s important to remember that Guy Fawkes was not a hero. Fawkes was willing to commit violence against people to forward his cause. While many libertarians may feel the government deserves violence in response to their violent, depraved acts, here at the Free Keene blog, we’re committed to peaceful evolution.

Violence may appear to work in the short-term, but ultimately all it does is justify the ever-increasing police state in the minds of the state actors and their supporters. Violence also brings you down to the level of the state – that’s the tool they use. We should not want to be like them. There are a myriad of peaceful solutions to moving liberty ahead in our lifetime – the most powerful of which is to concentrate liberty-minded activists in one geographic area – New Hampshire. Another major solution is to end New Hampshire’s involvement in the federal government.

To that end, for the fourth time in about a month, V-mask wearing activists gathered in Keene’s Central Square to demonstrate in favor of New Hampshire declaring peaceful independence from the United States. Normally our response from drivers and passers-by is very positive, but today people were even more excited and interested. We had at least a dozen people take photos of us from their cars or while walking around, plus one guy from Massachusetts even parked and came up to shoot video of us. People in New Hampshire love the idea of independence and setting NH free from the evil United States federal government!

Let’s keep the conversation going. If you’re new to secession, check out some of the info from the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence to learn more about why it’s the best idea for a bright, prosperous, and free future.

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Nov 5th NHExit

Keene Activists in Central Square November 5th for Secession

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  1. why does Jumping Jacks sign in as different names and then “like” those other names posts..

  2. Why don’t you all go back to Florida and Alabama and all points shithole South and work to get those backwards-ass states out of our Union. We will be glad to see them go at this point.

  3. DavidCrawford4 Maybe because he or she doesn’t have a life.

  4. I think one remember will do. Unless you use remember three times in a sentence for emphasis.

  5. DoubleDoh “Our” Union, DoubleDoh? I thought you communist types didn’t believe in property ownership?

  6. DavidJurist DavidCrawford4 Jacks knows that his crusade has few soldiers, so he has no choice but to create them out of thin air.

  7. The freekeeners who wear these masks look like fools.   If your movement was so great, there would be a lot more then 4 people.

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