State Rep Amanda Bouldin Snitches on Fellow Libertarians, Kyle Tasker

State Rep Amanda Bouldin, UBER Customer

State Representative Amanda Bouldin, Founder of Shire Sharing and “Liberty” Snitch

Free State Project early mover and now State Representative Amanda Bouldin has done a lot of good in her activist career. She created Shire Sharing, which for years, has fed hundreds of families in New Hampshire over the Thanksgiving holiday. She also created the Narcan bill that has helped save lives of opiate addicts across New Hampshire.

However, like many politicians, it turns out she’s a coward… and worse, a snitch.

You never know who is going to break under the pressure of the state. It could be your lover, your brother, or your “friend”. However, one might expect more from a libertarian, who should know better. One would be wrong.

In this case, the NH Attorney General’s office released an audio recording of Bouldin being interviewed by their agents. She consented to the interview after being given a “proffer letter’, which presumably offered her immunity for some minor possession charge if she’d testify against State Representative Kyle Tasker, the state house cannabis dealer arrested for victimless crimes earlier this year.

State Representative Kyle Tasker Faces 60 Years for Victimless Crimes

State Representative Kyle Tasker Faces 60 Years for Victimless Crimes

In the over hour-long interview (click for redacted PDF transcript) she throws Kyle, whom she describes as her “friend” under the bus and reveals much of what she knows about his cannabis-dealing business. She also gossips about various state reps, claiming Libertarian candidate for Governor Max Abramson is the most hated in the state house.

She rolls on fellow liberty state rep Pam Tucker, claiming that Kyle named her as one of the state reps he’d sold cannabis to, in addition to an unnamed elderly rep in the state house parking garage.

After talking about how she was his “friend” and wanted to help him she says this about Kyle:

“He seemed like he was trying to be more legitimate than it deserved to be. Is what I remember thinking about it. That he. Um. He seems to derive some. Um. For sense of self-worth from doing it. You know what I mean? Like, he felt important. And. He also felt, um, invincible. Like, um, when he was using his vape in the State House, they said – you can’t do that in here; you’re going to get in trouble. And, he showed me, like, on-line, um, like, on his IPad, or something, ah, the law. It apparently says that the State House is, like, this bubble of immunity. I don’t know. So. I was, like, okay. It’s not? So, Seth thinks that Kyle is really stupid. “

During the lengthy and revealing interview, the full audio of which is available on the NH1 site, she goes on in a moment of lucidity to tell the interrogators:

Dylan Gingues and Kyle Tasker

Dylan Gingues and state rep Kyle Tasker with a big jar of primo cannabis outside the State House.

Now, I have a question. Does this mean that I’m going to have to go to be a witness? Because, I, I really don’t want to be part of the public record on this. And, I don’t want. I know that it’s important to be helpful, and that I’m compelled by law to be helpful. I just don’t want to be part of this. And, it feels. [Sighs.] It really sucks that people just talk to you

She’s not done. Later, the AG investigators ask her about the no-longer-a-secret activist club the Quill in Manchester. She not only talks about the club where she’s spent plenty of time, but further insults the members:

AV: What about, did he ever talk to you about a place called the Quill in Manchester?
AB: Um. I think he said he’d been there.
AV: Do you know what it is?
AB: Um, hmm.
AV: Anything about it?
AB: It’s a, just a gross place.
AV: What’s gross about it? Like, what is it?
AB: I don’t know. People’s personal, um, habits are gross.
AV: Is it a business, like, is it a business? Or, a flea market type place?
AB: I don’t know what its, um, official, like, legal entity is. I don’t know.
AV: Is it a Free State group where you, it’s like a membership?
AB: Um, Yeah. I guess. People have memberships that allow them to go there. Yeah…And, it’s supposed to be really family friendly. And, a lot of people bring their kids. The kids just run around and play. And, they have a lot of seating. And, people just talk. And, then, people go home. And, I go to that if I have, like, a reason to be there. Like. I don’t know. It was a. I mean, that’s not the only times I ever go there, for sure, ever. That’s just the only thing that ever makes me want to go there, sometimes lately. Like, in, within the past couple years. And, I still hardly even attend that. “

Cop Block Logo

Bouldin Should Have Spent More Time Here

After volunteering to send screenshots of her phone text conversations with Kyle to the investigators, she says out loud what she should have done from the very beginning:

So, I’ll just shut up. I’m not making words right.

There’s a lesson to take away from this. Just because someone’s a libertarian doesn’t mean they won’t snitch you out to save their own skin. I’ve seen brothers ratting on brothers, and lovers telling on lovers.

Bouldin should have known better. She was surrounded by Cop Blockers in Manchester, but apparently never picked up any of their habits of, you know, not talking to the police.

Obviously, she was threatened, but that’s no excuse. Free Keene blogger Rich Paul was facing the rest of his life in prison for selling cannabis, but when asked by the FBI to wear a wire into the Keene Activist Center, he refused. He faced down the charges, ultimately being found guilty and sentenced to a year in the Keene Spiritual Retreat.

Stop Snitchin'

If there’s no victim, don’t talk to police.

What was Bouldin so afraid of? She mentions in the interview multiple times, that she doesn’t want to get “in trouble”. The AG’s office at worst had circumstantial evidence that she’d bought cannabis at least once from Kyle. Okay, that’s a simple possession charge. People face that every day across the district courts of New Hampshire.

At worst, she’d face no jail time on a first offense, but she was so scared by the state gang that she “blabbered” to them, presumably on the advice of her attorney, Seth Hipple, who was there the whole time.

Many will make excuses for her, (and already are) as they can imagine that they too would crumble in similar, not-so-threatening circumstances. Bouldin deserves credit for the good things she’s done, and this blog has given it to her over the years. However, she’s not to be trusted and will sacrifice the freedom of her “friends” to save her own skin.

What would you do if you were in her position? Would you roll on your friends?

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  1. Milwaukee It’s because they are criminals to start with. They are self entitled whiny children

  2. Jumping Jacks Looks like the drunk driving did result in property damage so that’s definitely a crime.
     When did he engage in sex with a child?

  3. TimothyHorrigan It doesn’t matter if he was an “obnoxious little creep who’s not worth going to jail over”. She might push any of us under the bus to protect herself.

  4. The undercover sting on Kyle Tasker didn’t let him rape a 14 year old girl. He tried meeting her at a restaurant and she got spooked. It’s bad enough they caught him with drugs packaged with an intent to distribute. Those drugs could of got into the hands of innocent children. Thank god they didn’t, and thank god Kyle Tasker’s little pedophile hands didn’t harm a innocent child’s life. I hope you don’t have any children of your own because if you support such behavior, you should be locked up with him.

  5. Thanks for posting this, Ian…

  6. One more thing (i sayin alot  on this post ;lol)….Ian’s’ moral high ground  is not so high but he condemns  people’s  morality

  7. Milwaukee How do you know that he was going to engage in the horrific crime of raping a 14-year-old girl? Do you have psychic powers or something? Is it illegal to eat with a 14-year-old girl at a restaurant? Who did he harm or what property damage did he cause with the drugs? Where are the girl’s parents? Should they be protecting her instead of tyrannical government? I don’t support children using drugs or engaging in sexual activity. Who said I did?

  8. DavidJurist Milwaukee I’m afraid that our dear friend Milwaukee has always had difficulty presenting an honest discussion without playing fast and loose with the truth, David. I do however agree that you should be very careful with your children as Milwaukee suggests, especially around his dear wife Jennifer. She likes to threaten her neighbor’s children with knives, if you hadn’t heard.

  9. anonnh Nice try bro – Larken personally thanked me for doing that.

  10. Able Freeman TimothyHorrigan i  agree……. i dont think amanda should have been as scared as she was….seth should have  made her less scared….  WHY WAS SHE SO SCARED SHITLESS..

  11. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks You obviously didn’t read my comments. He solicited a child for sex. He showed up and was promptly arrested.  Again, He solicited a minor for sex.

    Ian Bernard is being investigated for child porn.

  12. TimothyHorrigan yes people shouldnt go to jail over pot; get on that horrigan…

  13. So Kyle Tasker is a great guy? It seems trouble follows your kind. How do you sleep at night? Again I hope you do not have any children with such warped thinking.

  14. shanj i think the only harm done was to herself  by taken on a icky mantle of dem

  15. listening  to pam tuckers now..  it could be instructive listening for Amanda..

  16. Mountain agora. JP youre a maggot hiding beneath your own excrement.

  17. Terry Thompson i dont think maggots hide very much they just  eat stuff… like dead stuff…i dont think they pick excrement….maybe a rotting corpse tho

  18. heres another tidbit that isnt very well outlined but  should be imo: Rep. Pam  Tucker  also  rated out   Rep. Kyle and she admitted in the video that she  voted FOR the very laws  that she herself got a immunity deal from . 

    So she voted for the laws and testified against  Rep. Tasker who voted AGAINST those laws;shes doing THAT to avoid the laws she voted for.  <that shits messed up!

  19. what DID  he do ;besides get paid

  20. but thats the way it goes;other people pay for other peoples fear…like TSA etc,etc,etc

  21. Milwaukee I certainly hope that you’ll take this little litany of yours to heart by avoiding adding remarks of such finality like “case closed” from your future opinion pieces, Milwaukee darling. Such remarks tend to convey the implication to your readers that only your opinions should be considered, while others should be ignored.

  22. Milwaukee My goodness, that first sentence of yours certainly managed to get away from you quite quickly, now didn’t it Milwaukee darling?

  23. Milwaukee My goodness Milwaukee darling, how delightfully Bolshevist of you! I don’t suppose that next you’ll be posting a direct passage from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, now will you? If you do, may I suggest Rule #2 under “Tactics?”

  24. DavidJurist Milwaukee Don’t be stupid. A grown man who solicited sex from a 14 year old girl. The police nail him. Your statements are the same as Ian Bernard’s. He is being looked at for child porn charges as well.

  25. Oh I’m in absolute agreement with you that Kyle Tasker and Ian Bernard are one in the same. Not only have they preyed on innocent children, they have both had in their possession drugs packaged with the intent to distribute. Seeing that these individuals think that whatever people put in their own bodies is their choice, what’s to say these drugs could possibly get into the hands of innocent children. I shutter to think.

  26. Milwaukee Knives and socket wrenches, Milwaukee dear. Knives and socket wrenches. I shudder at how ridiculous you are.

  27. Zhaliberty DavidJurist shanj they wouldnt take the kid for one pot bust

  28. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks Drunken drive is a crime.

  29. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist No Jacks. The way you murder the English language with your Jacksisms is the real crime.

  30. DavidCrawford4 How did Pam Tucker rate out anyone?

  31. DavidCrawford4  Are you still harassing underaged girls?

  32. DavidJurist Milwaukee It’s interesting that you don’t think Kyle Tasker should control himself.

  33. Able Freeman Because he’s a shitty lawyer?

  34. powertool DavidCrawford4 i dont talk to  fake people with fake naes who say fake things “powertool” aka MATT SCHMIDT

  35. powertool DavidCrawford4 MY REAL NAME IS DAVID CRAWFORD.   i have never  ever  “Harrassed underage girls”   …..You have a phoney name saying phoney things on the internet… I do know that Matt schmidt of River Street in keene  has harrased a  disabled kid with a knife…THAT is a matter of public record  as are the restraining orders around it…

  36. DavidCrawford4  You really are as dumb as you write.

  37. powertool DavidCrawford4 no so dub as to take to a fake  naed internet liar anyore…bye moron

  38. DavidCrawford4  I thought Free Staters were all brave, gun toting guys? Do your buddies know that you often threaten people (all over the internet) with restraining orders?

  39. DavidCrawford4 Perhaps you should get one of your liberty brothers to explain how the NH legislature works. One legislator out of 400 doesn’t make laws happen all by themselves. 

    Your fellow Free Stater Amanda Bouldin didn’t vote to legalize pot.

  40. DavidCrawford4  Barely literate guy, despised by his fellow Free Staters, calling someone else a moron? Irony really is dead.

  41. powertool listen to the audio ,idiot, did she say kyle sold pot to her?,moron,…now there,  done with a internet fake saying fake things on the internet

  42. Drac Vermell DavidJurist Milwaukee jennifer schmidt has a flower shop in keene called embellish on roxbury st….if people would chose  not to patronize someone whos husband  matt  o…. the way they behave online or  the  disabled harassment they do

  43. DavidCrawford4 So dumb you missed how you were being made fun of.

  44. DavidCrawford4 Why was Seth talking to her shed?

  45. DavidCrawford4 So she rejected you? Tell us all about it.

  46. Drac Vermell DavidJurist Milwaukee oh and Matt Schmidt is , “powertool” “jumpingjacks” and “Milwaukee” … and  Matt Schmidt is   on here constantly … his whole life is  harassing people… online and in cowardly drive bys …lol…  i mean it takes a special kind of psycho who have multiple online names and  “likes” his own multiple comments under those differant names…   he obviously has sever mentle problems… and Yes his wife(the one who threatened a disabled child with a knife and stalked  the poor child)… they both  have had  restraining orders …

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