NH Supreme Court Rules Fully in Favor of Keene’s Robin Hooders!

Robin Hood


More than three years after the City of Keene filed suit against Keene’s “Robin Hooders” (the activists who’ve saved motorists from thousands of parking tickets by feeding expired meters), the case has finally come to a close – at least within the New Hampshire court system. In a short four-page order issued just before Christmas, the NH supreme court affirms the Cheshire superior court’s decision to deny the city’s request for an unconstitutional injunction they’ve been begging for since 2013:

taking into consideration the governmental interest that would be served, the trial court weighed the benefits of the requested relief against the effect that relief would have on the respondents’ constitutionally protected speech, and, based upon the factual record before it, exercised its equitable discretion to deny the proposed injunction.

We won! (Again!) Presuming the city gang does not decide to continue lavishing taxpayer dollars on their expensive private attorneys to take the case to federal court, it should end here. We’ve yet to see the total cost of the several court appearances the city has made, but then-city-manager John MacLean admitted in 2013 that the first round (of four) cost about $20,000. Their private attorneys billed them so much, that on this final round at the supreme court they were claiming to have taken the case “pro bono”. Another way to say that is that the city paid tens-of-thousands for the first three rounds in court and got the fourth free.

James Cleaveland, Attorney Jon Meyer, Ian Freeman

James Cleaveland, Attorney Jon Meyer, Ian Freeman

All the while free speech attorney Jon Meyer of Manchester truly did take the Robin Hooders’ case pro-bono, the entire time. His talent is legendary and he not only brilliantly defended the peaceful activists but proved without a doubt that the city’s parking enforcers were dishonest and ridiculous. There was never any evidence presented that the accused Robin Hooders had “threatened, intimidated, or harassed” the city employees. As if to prove how ridiculous their claims were, parking enforcer Jane desperately stated that anything Garret said, even talking to her about the weather, she considered to be “taunting”. It was laughable but also very serious – the city gang was lying to try to get the judge to order us to stay 50 feet away from the enforcers.

Eventually the city whittled their 50 foot request down to 30, then 10-15 feet, then down to anything they could get the court to give them. They also whittled down the number of respondents over time from six to two. At no point was an injunction issued, though Robin Hooding dropped off in frequency during these cases, as most of the respondents had moved away from the area due to life changes.

I’ve been asked to predict what the court would do, and I’ve never claimed to know. Frequently courts do not side with freedom, but I’m grateful when they do. In this case, at every step along the way, the courts of New Hampshire have sided with freedom of speech, over-and-over again denying the city’s request for injunction that was clearly intended to violate our rights. Hopefully the city gang will give up on their futile, expensive quest to stop the peaceful Robin Hooders from continuing to save innocent motorists from the King’s parking tariff. If they appeal to federal court, you’ll find out the details here at Free Keene.

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  1. DoubleDont Nobody was actually scared. This was pointed out in court. If they had been scared they could have I don’t know called the police. They didn’t. The counseling was done for little more than the purpose of the court cases. It was paid for by the city and not something that was requested by any of the supposed victims you speak of.

  2. DoubleDont A gun doesn’t make somebody hostile. Actions do. Words do. I’ve not seen any video of Cantwell initiating fighting words or taking actions that would be threatening bodily harm other than in self-defense. I’m not a Cantwell fan, but you should really stick to criticizing Cantwell for things he’s actually done. I’ll defend his right to use the word nigger for instance (which he actually used) without endorsing him. I don’t have to like or dislike Cantwell to keep things in perspective.

  3. ScottCole1 FTL_Ian I’m pretty sure the only way to fix the problem would be to charge the people who pushed it forward that worked for the city.

  4. You all have some real mental issues. You shiw no respect for anyone but yourself. You all vlaim the laws are unconstitutional but fail to either read or admit that in the nh constitution..secong part article 5, it gives the government the power to make laws. And it is the people to elect those people who serve and make those laws. Laws that have been accepted by majority of the people. Your court antics show you are just children having a temper tantrum. Real adults who want to make change would do it the right way. But not you. I really hope the judges start throwing you idiots in jail. It will not surprise me that this gets deleted.

  5. libretea DoubleDont Cantwell moved to NH as part of the Free State Project. He was part of Cop Block. He was a Free Stater till he got kicked out, and it had nothing to do with him being Republican. He got kicked out before his increasingly violent cop-killing rhetoric was noticed by the media. That would have been inconvenient for a group that has  sold the NH media on being “peaceful.” He’s also now an admitted white supremacist. 

    You brought him here. You don’t get to revise history.

  6. Keep up the good work libretea! Let me guess, you tried to chalk downtown but your weak limp little wrists couldn’t press the chalk down hard enough to draw a anarchy symbol, or a penis. Please do tell us more of your trials and tribulations of living the hard life of a libertarian under Ian’s rule? Maybe if Ian starts paying you to do these things, like he has done in the past for other libertarians, you might muster up the courage to follow through in you endeavors. Good luck!

  7. Full of Shit. Cantwell was (and probably still is) a member of Free Keene, as well as FSP and CopBlock – all corporate created entities to strip this state of democracy and turn it into a corporatocracy. Back to the point- his own show was on Ian’s radio ‘network’ and was a common participant of Ian Bernard’s own talk show. And there’s been meet up pics circuling around on this VERY BLOG SITE of cantwell attending.

  8. powertool libretea DoubleDont I didn’t say he didn’t move here because of the FSP. It’s irrelevant. What I’m saying is he isn’t as you are projecting him to be. You clearly don’t understand libertarianism. Libertarianism is not the same thing as a pacifist. Killing cops is arguably a defensive move given the actions of the state whenever a police officer puts on a uniform. That is not to say that actual libertarians think we should be killing cops. It’s just not entirely contradictory to libertarianism philosophy. 
    Regardless of why he moved here the act of moving does not make someone a libertarian if they do not hold the values of a libertarian. Just because I don’t believe Cantwell is a libertarian doesn’t mean I can’t associate with him. That is the great thing about freedom. You can associate with people you don’t agree with.

    I didn’t say he got kicked out because he was a republican. I said he was a republican in sheeps clothing. He may honestly think he is a libertarian, but I don’t think that is the case. Not everybody in our group would call themselves a libertarian. Some call themselves anarchists, some call themselves principled libertarians, some refuse a label altogether. What we generally agree on is that violence, theft, fraud, and coercion should not be used to achieve political or social objectives against peaceful people. I don’t think Cantwell and some supposed libertarians actually believe that. They may vote more libertarian than a typical republican, but that still doesn’t make them a libertarian. You can’t vote for a law regulating separate bathrooms for trans people and call yourself a libertarian for instance. A libertarian believes there should be no crime short of violence, theft, fraud, or coercion and using the wrong bathroom is hardly the use of violence against another, but such a law punishing those who use the wrong bathroom certainly is.

  9. Milwaukee I’m not particularly interested in plying meters with chain when there is little to be gained. What was gained from doing that has already been gained. Doing so at this point is little more than fun and games.
    I would chalk if there was some sort of event organized that involved chalking. 
    I don’t need to be paid to do these things. I’m one of the better off libertarians in the Keene area. I have personally contributed $100,000+ to liberty-minded causes over the past two years and helped raise near another $200,000 for just one particular project.
    In time you’ll figure out who I am and I’m sure you’ll be targeting me. I have no problem speaking my mind about politically unpopular subject matters. I put logic over emotion and that scares the shit out of people like you. You will twist the supporting of civil rights of children into supporting rape of children. Your a sick f*ck. The problem with targeting Ian is he just attracts more people like me and we’re not all poverty stricken. Some of us have the means, the mind, the motivation, and a dedication equally as strong as Ians to move things forward.

  10. First off we don’t have to agree with the laws. The government doesn’t follow its own laws and they certainly don’t follow the NH Constitution. ” it gives the government the power to make laws”, but not outside the scope of the Constitution. The repeatedly pass laws that violate fundamental protections at both the NH and US Constitution levels. Being able to create new laws is not a license to violate the Constitution. There is no reason just because a law exists you should respect it. We don’t blindly follow the state. It’s a religion for many like you who have this principle to obey all laws whether or not you agree with them. Based on that though you end up committing atrocities like murder and genocide, “I was just following orders”. Do you know who said that? Hitler’s henchmen who murdered millions of jews among other groups.

    Free Keen does not censor. If it did half the people who post comments here wouldn’t be able to. We believe in some of the fundamental freedoms and liberties in the Constitution. 

    We use many different tactics and methods to push freedom and liberty forward. Your accusation that all we do is throw temper tantrum’s is non-sense. Protests and activism is a long held American tradition utilized by those from most if not all political perspectives. But that isn’t all we do. Unlike the majority we actually get up and testify, fight unjust laws through the courts, run for political office, propose new laws, etc. If any of this is having a temper tantrum then we should eliminate government because that is what government is.

  11. DavidCrawford4 Why aren’t you picking up the slack, Crawford?

  12. libretea How sad that you failed in your attempt to harass a city worker.

  13. libretea I understand the inherent hypocrisy here just fine, thanks. Kicking out Cantwell was an ass-covering measure on the part of the FSP. Cantwell is exactly as I portray him – a white supremacist who likes to talk big about violence and cop killing, but gets all wimpy the minute a cop appears. 

    I didn’t use the word libertarian, so your  lecture on libertarianism was unnecessary, unless you get paid by the word.

  14. Interesting libretea that you don’t ply the meters, one definition of plying is working with a tool, especially one that requires steady, rhythmic movements. My how fitting and ironic you’re mistake, I mean comment was here, because your friend Ian that you defend so fervently is the tool that keeps repetitively and steadily getting himself in trouble with both the FSP and quill members, and with the state and local police and the FBI. Well that’s a good life choice to shoot for libretea! Keep up the good work, fighting the good fight!

  15. Drac Vermell powertool

  16. Intrigare Drac Vermell Oh, that’s mean. Dreck thinks he’s the narrator.

  17. libretea  I’m sure they’re deeply upset.

  18. Drac Vermell DavidCrawford4 Dreck – it’s good to see you taking Creepy Crawford under your paternal wing.

  19. powertool Hehe powertool you don’t get it.  Let’s let Drac try.

  20. Intrigare powertool This type of jest is obviously a bit outside of powertool’s more ordinary tastes, caro mio. Frankly, I suspect powertool is the type of guy who prefers big budget productions over the more esoteric sorts of films that Mike Judge is known for. Isn’t that right, powertool?

  21. Drac Vermell Intrigare I’m not at all surprised to learn that Beavis and Butthead are your chosen “esoteric” fare. They’re right up your intellectual alley.

  22. powertool Drac Vermell Intrigare Gracious me, powertool! You’re not ashamed because I recognized Intrigare’s movie reference when you couldn’t, now are you? Now don’t feel bad, powertool. You’re definitely much smarter than the rest of your dear little friends! And I’m sure you’ll be able to prove this to Intrigare once you finally get even with him.

  23. Back peddling much Drac? You and the people you back are a sad bunch, don’t you think? You guys are the real salt of the earth, right Drac?

  24. Milwaukee I just love your bold use of idioms, Milwaukee darling. But you know, poppet, I’ve seen a lot of stones being cast by some pretty self-righteous characters here over the years. Even some who’ve made threats to their neighbors with socket wrenches and knives. You wouldn’t consider these sorts to be more salt of the earth than the rest, now would you sweetums?

  25. powertool Drac Vermell DavidCrawford4 What? No lurid homoerotic undertones for me this time, powertool? How wonderful! Burning those Hillary 2016 signs must really be really helping you to rebuild your lost pride. I wonder how long it’ll last?

  26. powertool 
    The entertainment sure acts upset. They’re constantly going after the big fish and making threats.

  27. Milwaukee 
    You are a dumb f****. 
    Words often have more than one meaning:

    ply verb (WORK) ? › [ T ] to sell or to work regularly at something, especially at a job that involves selling things.

  28. powertool I didn’t fail at shit. I have better things to do than chase down meter maids. I find it humorous that you can both criticize them for doing that and then criticize me for not doing that.

  29. powertool You didn’t need to use the word. It was implied.

  30. libretea But…but…this is ACTIVISM according to your leader!

  31. libretea Milwaukee Milwaukee darling. when you decide to look up dumb in your free time, take note that libretea is specifically referring to your lack of intelligence and good judgment, and not any of the other uses of that word. As always, you’re free to thank me for my help at your leisure, poppet.

  32. Thank you guys. Goverment is about raising money. Fines are a tax.

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