Celebrating Ten Years as NH’s Liberty Activism Destination!

Celebrating 10 YearsWow, what a decade! For a full ten years we’ve covered liberty-oriented news, opinion, and activism here at New Hampshire’s Liberty Activism Destination – Free Keene. We’re celebrating nearly 5,000 posts and over 62,000 comments since December 27th of 2006.

From civil disobedience to political action, from breaking local news coverage to the migration of libertarians here, Free Keene has covered a huge range of activism. In fact, our coverage is so ubiquitous and consistent, in fact that we are frequently accused of creating the activism that we merely reported on.

Without a doubt, Free Keene is the site of record for much of the most noteworthy activism over the last ten years from across the Shire. Other libertarian blogs from across the state have tried to compete, and failed, sadly. I really take no pleasure in this. My initial vision for this site did not include statewide coverage. I’d hoped other blogs would crop up and report on their area’s activism, but we ended up expanding to do that after the ball was dropped everywhere else. (See Free Manch, Free Grafton, etc.)

Some bloggers, like the movers here, have come and gone. The haters have also come and gone over the last decade. Despite our bloggers being targeted for arrests, lawsuits, and physical attacks, Free Keene has not been stopped. To the contrary, while the haters scream out from their comments and blogs about how irrelevant we are, they refute their own assertion by their very attention to us.

The critics might say, “Well, it’s been a decade – why aren’t you free yet?”

Free Keene Square LogoThese critics are people who don’t understand that liberty is a lifetime project. Change is slow and can be frustrating at times. While our ideas are right, our numbers are still small. We have a long road ahead of us, but thankfully that road is easier here in New Hampshire, already the freest state and only getting more free as thousands of libertarian migrants arrive here as part of the Free State Project and Shire Society.

Ten years is only the earliest stage of this long-term path towards a paradigm shift, a renaissance in thought. We’re seriously proposing that people end their belief in “the state”. That decrepit old idea is not going away without a fight. Too bad for the statists we at Free Keene dedicated to Peaceful Evolution. The state people have shown over the years that they aren’t prepared to handle peaceful tactics. Their BEARCATS and other violent tools aren’t designed to stop ideas and love.

The fact is, we still need thousands more libertarians, voluntarists, and liberty-loving anarchists to move to New Hampshire, ASAP. As we launch into our second decade of reporting Free Keene will continue be the call into the wilderness. Ours is the signal broadcasting to all who love freedom, letting them know that something special is happening here in New Hampshire. We have the largest concentration of liberty-loving people and activists here already and it’s only growing. Check out this hour-long documentary called “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire” and see why you should move here and join the fun!

Meanwhile, stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest from the front lines of the Peaceful Evolution and migration for liberty here in the Shire. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email updates using the signup box below and share your favorite FK stories on social media. Thank you for reading!

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  1. libretea DavidCrawford4 if you ask me  questions i might be able to clear something up if u want something cleared up 🙂

  2. libretea DavidCrawford4 Intrigare true    but was it necessary to be disliked …. and  was the dislike worth  it ….  what was yielded …..could it have  been yielded without  the dislike …like ;what was achieved  by the cantwell video above?   imo more bad than good and its not just cantwell,at all

  3. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Intrigare Now, now, Jacks. You know perfectly well that I’m only here to keep you honest. If you’re so uncomfortable with this arrangement, then perhaps you should consider turning over a new leaf?

  4. DoubleDont Aw DD, I hope its not frustrating for you to have your arguments shot down by Drac repeatedly.  We’re still having a good time here, right?  Maybe there is something I could do to help.  I know!  Hey Drac, Cantwell told those people in the vid that he would not post the video to youtube.  See, he lied!  😀

  5. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Intrigare Keep Jacks honest?  Haha!  Good luck with that one my friend.

  6. though  cameras were  banned from some spots bc of ian ….like the  court halls

  7. Intrigare DoubleDont While I’m sure that our dear friend DD here really appreciates your help, caro mio, the fact is Cantwell didn’t lie at all. Now while it is true he had assured those hooligans that he had no intention of posting his video on Youtube, you should also take note that this promise was only under the condition that no one got hurt. The hurt pride experienced by Cantwell’s audacious attackers certainly qualifies as someone being hurt, now doesn’t it?
    That said Intrigare, don’t you think we’d be better served trying to view this incident from the conspiratorial perspective of our dear friend DD? For instance, isn’t it entirely possible that the Koch brothers are using Cantwell’s videos to send hidden messages to their loyal agents in Keene?
    Oh, and DD darling? I don’t want you to feel in any way left out here, so please feel free to butt in whenever you please. I’d really like to see more of your opinions on these matters.

  8. Drac Vermell Intrigare DoubleDont lol

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