Concord Monitor and NH1 Pick Up Bitcoin Vending Machine Story

Area 23's Bitcoin Vending Machine

Area 23’s Bitcoin Vending Machine

Kudos to the Concord Monitor’s Granite Geek column and to NH1 for covering the story posted here about the new Concord Bitcoin Vending Machine!

David Brooks at the Monitor did a detailed writeup which included him visiting Area 23 to take photos and interview A23 owner Kirk McNeil. It’s a good piece, but whoever wrote the headline got it wrong. NH is not the leader in BVMs for the nation, but we do outperform all of the rest of New England combined.

NH1 did a quick piece just based off of Free Keene’s exclusive article, but they did interestingly include the excellent 90-sec “What is Bitcoin” video from WeUseCoins, which I didn’t have in my original story, so thanks for going the extra mile with that, NH1!

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  1. Now now David, you yourself know that bit-coin is very unreliable and unstable, don’t you darling?

  2. DRACdouble You mean like the Federal Reserve Note?

  3. DRACdouble I’m disappointed that you left out the part where all of this ultimately means nothing, DD darling. Jacks wouldn’t have omitted that. He’s a nihilist at heart, you know.
    Now lambikins, I’m guessing that you’ve never heard the phrase “the devil is in the details,” now have you? Don’t you think it’s time you started striving to be more observant to that end? It’s the only way you’re going to be able to keep up intellectually with the rest of us, you know.

  4. DRACdouble All currencies are “unstable”. Australia, Canada, and Europe have all seen fluctuations in their value relative to the US dollar and other commodities. To suggest it’s unstable is pure FUD. Over the long term bitcoins has done better than any other currency. It has increased in value, not lost value like other currencies including the US dollar. Only morons propagate this fear. The lot of you are a bunch of thieves and you feel bitcoin will undermine your political agenda that involves theft of peoples money for the purpose of wealth redistribution. Bitcoin isn’t entirely the answer to that problem- but you see the threat to your world view. Humorously you are right about this and you should be scared.

  5. You have to be licensed and bonded to place these machines in the public. Just like driving a car. You can’t drive a vehicle with a suspended license.

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