NH’s Liberty Lobby – Week 1 – State House Testimony Videos

After years of testifying for liberty at the New Hampshire state house on his own dime, Free Keene blogger Darryl W Perry launched Liberty Lobby LLC last year to accept financial support from others for his mission. This year, Liberty Lobby has kicked off it’s state house testimony season, with Darryl appearing at multiple hearings and delivering a principled message of liberty to the state representatives, every issue, every time.

Here are videos of Darryl and other libertarians testifying before various committees on different bills in Week #1 of the Liberty Lobby series:

HB 249 – Repealing the prohibition on “Ballot Selfies”:

HB 279 – Repealing the prohibition on smoking in businesses:

HB 110 – Mandating the press wear nametags in the state house and legislative offices:

Here’s Darryl’s testimony on multiple other bills including CACR 1, a proposed constitutional amendment to change the legislative session to every two years, HB 218 that prohibits campaigning inside polling places, HB 253 that repeals the prohibition on wearing campaign material inside polling places, and HB 170 that requires towns to post meeting minutes upon their completion:

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  1. Good job Darryl and everyone else that was there.

  2. Awesome!

  3. hair cut !

  4. Good work Darryl. I watched all three videos that were posted yesterday. Ian made a great point about requiring press to IDing themselves.

  5. a few things; I woulda thought darryl woulda wanted to chime in on cacr4  that tell the ag to be 2 years…
     Its good to see valencourt there… hes entertaining and usually has good views etc so im sorta glad hes around  again  plus hes against the ballot selfy restriction law so thats good…  Also did yall see   the new rep Stahlcop hes from keene and won his seat unopposed …he wrote articles for the sentinel   that were pro-gay issues so  hes sorta interesting plus he may be…under 20 years old… well around that age anyway..  He is to the right of darryl on the legislative Administration Committee  when darryl was speaking on cacr1

  6. it seems like one of the opposers on crim justice is gone so thats good; he was  older and on the left as  you spoke 🙂

  7. Darryl continues with the same rants and raves. No one takes him seriously. I seriously doubt the ban on cigarettes will be repealed. The rest is just gibberish.

  8. That corpulent jowly guy appearing around minute 6:40 in the smoking video looks like maybe the state should be administering a mandated exercise program for him.  “For his one good”.

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