Citizen Cain – 24 – Wonderful Contrast

Review of the city council election proceedings • City to transition from debt-based to pay-as-you-go road funding system • Alleged racism at Keene State • City to endorse local choice concerning plastic bag ban •

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  1. now now darlings.  we both know that region of the carpathian mountains in romania was paradise where i co-existed with Apatosaurus  for hundreds of milenia.   Peace worked for us and it should today and I want to teach you about peace poppet.

    Over now sockets and wrench darling, socket and wrench.

  2. triplejumpjac You’re not still seething with rage over your humiliating defeat, now are you snookums? A more mature man would have gotten over this by now.

  3. Now now TJJ, maybe you should find another “activy”. Bobble sockets and bowling wenches.

  4. DRACdouble My goodness, DD darling! I’m beginning to wonder if it might take you “milenia” for you to get even with me!

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