Cop Block Founder Ademo Freeman Arrested in Ohio for Drug Trafficking/Possession – VIDEO

Cop Block founder and Free Keene blogger Ademo Freeman has been arrested while driving in Lebanon, Ohio by Ohio State Police. Despite Ademo not consenting to a search, trooper Jeffrey Martin claimed that because he allegedly smelled the odor of cannabis, that he had probable cause to search.

Ademo was placed into a cruiser, then the trooper(s) broke open a lock on a suitcase. They asked him how much marijuana he had, so presumably that’s what they found inside – at this point we can’t know for sure. Ademo was placed under arrest and taken to the Warren County Jail, all while asking trooper Martin his thoughts about victimless crimes. All of this is heard on a 40+ minute video recorded and live streamed on Ademo’s cell phone to his facebook page.

I’ve taken the time to edit the video down to less than 15 minutes as well as boost the audio levels. I included portions that I couldn’t make out what was being said, in case you can. Here’s the edited video, which does not have long periods of silence and noise of cars passing:

According to Ademo’s jail record, he’s expected to be arraigned at Warren Municipal Court in front of judge Robert S. Fischer on Tuesday, February 14th. He’s facing three charges including “trafficking in drugs“, a third degree felony, and two counts of “possession of drugs“, one a third degree and the other a fifth degree felony. Ohio actually has their criminal court case records online and you can see Ademo’s case record here. (The jail record says the other count of possession is class three, but the court record says class five.) He’s also been charged with a burnt-out tail light.

Ohio state statutes say that third degree possession or trafficking of marijuana is between 1,000 and 20,000 grams. Fifth degree possession is between 200 and 1,000 grams. Both are felony level charges, and he could be facing as many as eleven years in prison. There is a fundraiser to assist with legal fees that you can help with here.

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Should you wish to call the jail to let them know you are paying attention, you can call 513-695-1287 and choose extension 8 to reach a corrections officer. Remember Ademo’s legal name is Adam Mueller. If you’d like to contact the Warren court prosecutor to request they drop the charges, you can reach them at 603-695-1000, Mon-Fri 8:30a-4:30p Eastern. According to the Warren Municipal Court website, the prosecutor is named Cynthia Ellison. Though, there’s another website that says the county prosecutor is named David P Fornshell at 513-695-1325. It’s too late on Friday at the time of this writing to determine which is going to be handling the case.

Stay tuned here Free Keene, for the latest.

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  1. Now now Jacks, we both know that Ademo, a has been, has bilked thousands of dollars off the backs of Copblock supporters, in a attempt to seem as relevant as Ian Freeman. How is that working out darling? Bobble heads and socket cocks.

  2. i dont think selling pot is a stupid game… the law against it is a stupid game.. real stupid… and  how long it is taking the state to  pull those laws is  pretty stupid too.. the stupid prize is how much  tax payer have to pay for  the drug war fiasco

  3. DavidJurist What’s sad is those types of websites are for those in need. Not drug traffickers. I’m sure there will be a lot of people reporting the page . It’s nothing but propaganda.

  4. Exigent circumstances can be argued, as must everything in court, but me posting something that could be used as argument shouldn’t just be dismissed lol. I’m trying to HELP the guy!

  5. Jaymz Dever The constitution says it matters: Article IV Section I

  6. Vany82

    If a person who hasn’t harmed anyone or another persons property etc.  is prosecuted, the prosecutor in reality becomes a persecutor and the defendant becomes the victim.   Who exactly did Ademo harm again?

  7. Mr Obama has commuted so many sentences? No, he has commuted his ass out of the white house thank god. I think it’s time to go back to high school David.

  8. Jumping Jacks When you say “those in need”, what about victims of tyranny like Ademo?

  9. Haha. What a tool.

  10. Koncerned Citizen no….maybe you should  google it …try that before you type what you dont know…you are on the computer right,:did you ever hear of this thing called “google”  …it works good …if you dont pay attention to the daily news…  maybe you should school yourself before you open your mouth…then other people dont have to google for you

  11. Koncerned Citizen try paying attention to the news

  12. Thanks for the info David.

  13. Allegedly?
    He did smell cannabis, he found the cannabis he smelled….
    Cop detected an offence and arrested a criminal.
    That’s as it should be

  14. Jeremy Fotobeara in the case it’s pretty easy to prove, he found the marijuana he smelled…..

  15. The cannabis itself is pretty good proof.
    They could bring it to court and say, can you smell that?
    I bet the jurors would be able to smell it

  16. Still doesn’t prove that they could actually smell it at the time. There’s ways to package weed so there will be no smell.

  17. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist

    How are the Police corrupt Jumping Jacks? Oh that’s an easy one.
    Police make a living by accepting money gotten via forcible means rather than consensual exchange.

    A thing or action made legal which still relies on the initiation of force to orchestrate doesn’t magically cleanse the operational means does it ?   Police by their nature are witless mercenaries and of course there’s the stupid haircuts, but I digress.

  18. Jeremy Fotobeara without video evidence, how do you prove you saw something?
    It’s probable cause.

  19. or he could use discretion

  20. The first commenter here is a brainless dolt. lol Doesn’t even understand the definition of the word “precedent”, nor the definition of “probably cause.” Dumbdumbdumbdumb

  21. If you can’t do the time..don’t do the crime.

  22. Ademo is a true hero of freedom. I’m so sick of the highway robbers. Modern day state sanctioned privateers and highway pirates. I’ve had my share of bullshit stops and searches. Have had many extreme and personal experiences with crooked cops and public officials. So pathetic how they pretend to uphold the law and break it all day long. Thanks Ademo. You guys have helped me to have the courage to stand up to my local government over a land dispute with a crooked company who’s in bed with the governor which bid fixed $1.7B in federal highway contracts. I was calm and collected until the head planner got his panties in a twist walked down two floors and brought back the chief of police. Once he told me I would be arrested for trespassing if I didn’t leave I asserted my rights in a animated fashion. The chief knew he was wrong and instead of responding to my demands and lying to me and telling me I didn’t have a right to be in the planning office he went and got the assistant city manager. I stayed for another hour and a half and got the service I wanted. Ademo stay strong. These worthless excuses for humans with the poor remarks are the kind of people that yell and beat their children for acting just like their parents do. Police brutality is now main stream. There are so many cameras and so many outlets now for abuse of power. And you guys were the start of it. Even BLM is a derivative of your work. Things are changing. You were the start of it.

  23. Yeah… You should know by now “I have nothing to say.” Providing false information is a crime. I still fuck it up. But them’s the rules.

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