Bitcoin Hits All Time High: Over $1,200!!! + New Websites, Meetup, & Shire Bitcoin Forums Launched!

Bitcoin Hits All Time High  of $1200!

Bitcoin Hits All Time High of $1200!

Bitcoin fans around the world are celebrating as the price of bitcoin hit a new all time high as of around 10:13pm Eastern time tonight. The price has continued to travel up from there. At the time of this article’s writing, the BitcoinAverage price is over $1,200 US Dollars!

Bitcoin’s previous highest price was all the way back in 2013 on November 29th when according to, the price peaked at $1,183.59. It then slowly dropped over a year all the way down near $250 and has been going up since, with 2016 being a huge year for bitcoin’s growth. Will the price continue to rise overnight with the Chinese bitcoin traders getting heavily into their day? It’s exciting to watch, now that the previous high that was undefeated for over three years has been vanquished. Onward and upward, bitcoin!

All this while the already strong Bitcoin community in New Hampshire continues to expand. Two websites were recently launched to focus on the various aspects of that community: and Plus, in an effort to plan events without using Facebook and to reach out to new people, the Keene Bitcoin Network now has a group! Also, the Shire Society Forums have rebranded and expanded as the “Shire Forum” and now includes bitcoin-related subforums, which are open to anyone in the Shire, whether they are part of the Shire Society or not. Finally, things are looking promising on the political front with a bill making it out of the NH house commerce committee with an 11-9 “ought to pass” that would protect bitcoin businesses from regulation in New Hampshire!

Keene Bitcoin Network

The Keene Bitcoin Network “Floating Meetup” Visits Lindy’s Diner

On the ground, NH’s (and maybe the world’s) number one area for bitcoin-accepting businesses per capita, Keene, continues to lead the way. Keene’s bitcoiners and libertarian activists have been experimenting with non-Facebook methods of communication. Some have caught on (like Trello and Telegram), others haven’t (Slack). Our most recent experiment is with – it was used successfully around the country during the Ron Paul campaign and turns out, it still works!

Within a few weeks of posting our Keene Bitcoin Network events to, we had new people show up at our meetings. Wow! Meetup had succeeded where Facebook has failed. Sure, new people join the Facebook group, but they almost never show up in real life. The Meetup people do. From here out, our meetings will be organized on Meetup rather than Facebook’s crippled Events “feature”.

In related news – to provide New Hampshire bitcoiners a place to discuss their favorite cryptocurrencies OFF of Facebook (a popular platform that has arguably hurt activism by providing drama and distraction and limiting-by-design one’s ability to reach others effectively), the Shire Society Forum has been rebranded and expanded as the Shire Forum. It is no longer a requirement that you be a signer of the Shire Society declaration to create an account and access the Shire Bitcoin subforums. (Though if you want to access the Shire Society subforums, you’ll still need to be a signer of the Declaration.) Drop in and join the conversation!

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest from the Bitcoin scene in New Hampshire!

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  1. Bitcoin is still volatile. It will drop and it will raise and drop again.  By the way Ian, you’re friend Josh Coffin is being sought because he owes a lot of child support.  Since he is you’re friend, maybe you can talk to him and do the right think by supporting his children.

  2. Jumping Jacks And I’ll bet you’re just kicking yourself for not having the courage to get in on this when the dollar was much less inflated, eh Jacks?

  3. So just another way of gambling, when will we realize we don’t need money/currency/bitcoins etc., we simply need to work TOGETHER and SHARE, 3 hour work weeks for EVERYONE. Time to understand People do everything.

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  6. Well now, is that Chris Cantwell, America’s favorite Facsist Baby, in the pic. LOL. You clowns.

  7. Yeah little do this simple minds realize that someone is buying up only to dump them for profit. Pump and dump speculation scheme. I see morons, all around me.

  8. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell You do Jacks? Well that’s just jingles! And here I was all worried that that pilates instructor paycheck of yours wasn’t going to leave you with any capital reserves for a respectful investment portfolio! Now Jacks, I trust that these “investments” of yours aren’t actually just lottery tickets, right dearie?

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