From Skinhead to CopBlock: Ideas Have Consequences

Last week I had the opportunity to share a bit of my journey with folks at Anarchapulco. I subsumed my stories — from a racist phase, to a nationalist phase, to one more aligned with complete liberty — within the integral nature that ideas have in shaping our perception of the world and thus, our actions. And I underscored the role that language plays in communication, and the fact that individuals can change.

The following day — the fourth day of Anarchapulco — was Cryptopulco. An entire day devoted to this emerging, empowering peer-to-peer technology. Among the speakers was my partner and former ‘shire inhabitant Amanda B. Johnson who spoke about Dash, digital cash. Specifically, about Dash Evolution, which is poised to be a game-changer in the cryptocurrency, and fiat currency, world.

Amanda’s delivery was — as is her m.o. — entertaining and insightful. Without question, it ramped-up the interest and excitement fellow attendees had for Dash. Enjoy. And if you’re new to Dash, or to cryptocurrency, check out the DASH: School series. At around 50-minutes in total, you’ll likely conclude that it’s a solid investment of your time.

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  1. Without question, more activist propaganda.

  2. Jumping Jacks And it exasperates you to no end that you posses neither the ambition nor the verbal skills to refute any part of it, doesn’t it Jacks?

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