Liberty Lobby – Week 8 – Videos

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I went to the state house this week to testify on more legislation. It was a short week, however, and I only have two full hearing videos to share:

HB 161 would close the loophole allowing untaxed beer sales at farmers’ markets. This is the same bill that was heard in week 2’s videos, but in front of a different committee. Darryl and I testified against it. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 103 would require government schools to send parents notice of any sexually objectionable course material. Here’s the full hearing video:

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  1. I like the idea the one lady brought up of abolishing the government school system. I generally would be against this bill, but I would also suggest a bill giving young people control over there own lives rather than giving control to parents. Parents should be role models, not slave masters.

  2. More freekeene propaganda

  3. Children do not have the tools necessary to make responsible decisions. Teenagers are too quick to make appropriate decisions. They live for the now and still do not plan for the future.

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