Hypocritical Free State Project Invites John McAfee to Headline Porcfest 2017

John McAfee, Porcfest Headliner & Ephebophile

John McAfee, Porcfest Headliner & Ephebophile

A few weeks after winning their first-ever “Liberty in Action” achievement award for “Spreading the Message”, as popularly voted on by Free State Project members, the FSP’s unelected board of directors banned me and my talk radio show, from attending FSP events like Porcfest. (An event I helped sponsor and promote for many years.)

As a result, while I did tender my resignation from the FSP, I still encouraged people to attend Porcfest both on my radio show and via a blog post at Free Keene.

Now, one year later, the FSP has announced that John McAfee will be headlining Porcfest 2017. John’s a great guy and I had the pleasure of interviewing him last year at the D10E conference in San Francisco. He would have been a great pick for the OLD Porcfest. You know, the once-great Summer libertarian camping festival with open cannabis use, unlicensed food sales, and Buzz’ Big Gay Dance Parties?

Last year that festival became “family friendly”, after years of prudish libertarians complaining about drug use and occasional female toplessness. To kick off the changes, I was banned from the FSP events because of my libertarian views on age of consent, according to their press release. It’s commonly known that my most recent girlfriend was a later-teenager and this supposedly infuriated key volunteers within the FSP, leading to my ouster.

Did you know that John McAfee was in his late 50s when he had a 16 year old girlfriend? According to the same WIRED article, at age 66, one of his multiple live-in girlfriends was 17! Surely plenty of men secretly wish they could do the same, while outwardly condemning John for his attraction to young women.

Shire Society Bumper Sticker

Have you signed the Shire Society Declaration yet?

To be clear, I don’t want John to get banned from Porcfest, nor do I have any interest in being part of the FSP. I just want to point out the glaring, laughable hypocrisy. People who love liberty should probably still attend Porcfest, but it’s getting harder to recommend that, given that the event length this year has been chopped in half but the price hasn’t lowered one bit.

Plus, Porcfest now has a more-principled competitor, SomaliaFest, which is set to happen June 16th-20th, at Rogers Campground. That’s right before Porcfest, which is slated for June 21st-25th at the same campground. Unlike today’s Porcfest, but more like Porcfest from the old days, SomaliaFest has no entrance fee. Attendees can just camp, vend, hang out with cool liberty folk, and self-organize whatever they want. SomaliaFest sounds like a good time, and much more market-driven than the now-centrally-controlled Porcfest.

Schisms are healthy and a natural part of a growing movement. We have the world’s largest concentration of liberty-loving people here in New Hampshire. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements and splits. This isn’t the first, and won’t be the last.

Thank goodness we have two active movements competing to attract libertarians, voluntarists, and liberty-loving anarchists to New Hampshire. There’s the FSP with their contradictory and confused board, swayed by the political winds and contributors… and there’s the Shire Society, which has no board – only a declaration set in stone and signed in real life (at Porcfest!) back in 2010. Since then, countless people have signed the Shire Society declaration online and in real life, many of whom have since moved to New Hampshire.

Maybe someone who can attend Porcfest should present John McAfee with a printed copy of the Shire Society declaration and see if he’ll sign on. Unlike many of the haters in the FSP, I don’t judge him for his preferences, so long as everyone’s consenting. Here’s a hilarious video where John snorts bath salts while in a near-orgy with multiple women. Maybe he should be at SomaliaFest instead?

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  1. Why do you compare and whine about this guy? What you have done in the past about advocating adults to have sexual relationships with minors was not your finest moment. By the way, that was not a libertarian statement. That was your own personal statements. I have never met a libertarian who entertained those statements you made.

    The sad thing is this idiot is going to be around children. It sounds like the FSP and other organizations within the activist communities have a lot of sexual deviants. By the way, you did it to yourself.

  2. The fallacy you’ve decide to make use of today is called an argumentum ad ignorantiam. It has the distinction of being your personal favorite, now doesn’t it Jacks?

  3. Wow, talking about the pot calling the kettle black. You’ll have your day, Ian.

  4. But you let that douchebag come onto your show in anachapulco…it was probably you approaching him too…. that is a queer curiosity…was you kissing elpresidente’s ass to get into his good graces…..hesa a douche too just like you ian…..lol

  5. idky you had that dickhead on your show…

  6. thanks 🙂

  7. I believe the age of consent for near-ages in NH is 13 and 16 in general, like most states. In NH it was 12 a few decades ago and we did just fine with parents exercising a little common sense.

    In Latin countries where Libertarianism originated it tends to be lower, in Spain its 12 I believe and was 9 until a few years ago when the Socialists made an issue of it.

    Basically the right is getting sandbagged by these crazy leftist communist-era rising consent laws. Next thing you know, some 12 year old is being arrested for pornography for taking a photo of herself.

    I’m surprised the FSP fell for it, but that’s what you get from a me-too ‘liberty’ not libertarian group. Are they full-blown ignoramuses now?

  8. He’s a douche and you’re a douche for dating teenagers. Both of you

  9. Ian, your in the pig mine, you’re nearly a laugh, you nearly a laugh, but you’re really a cry…

  10. Now KC darling, don’t you think it would have been better to have at least waited for this conversation to get more heated before you decided to start resorting to threats? It’s unsound strategically for you to be making use of the nuclear option so early in this contest, you know.

  11. You know KC darling, if you’re going to be reciting lyrics here from popular songs, the least you could do is look them up first.to make sure you don’t type them in incorrectly.

  12. posting a picture of this presidential candidate shirtless and with a bunch of paid girls around him…does the libertarian party and FK no favors.. AT ALL why not post a pic of that fat guy dancing in his underwear at the convention, to really make your point

  13. (if you really want to swiftboat the libertarian party)

  14. ” prudish libertarians complaining about drug use and occasional female toplessness”… Ian, there was serious talk about a handjob tent on Agora Alley. Porcfest turned into a degenerate shitshow. I can only imagine the trainwreck of drifters that show up to SomaliaFest.

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