Libertarian Jilletta Jarvis Announces Campaign for NH Governor in 2018!

Libertarian Party of New Hampshire secretary Jilletta Jarvis officially announced her run for governor in 2018 at last weekend’s LPNH convention in Concord! Here’s her first campaign speech as delivered to the convention where she discusses ending prohibition of cannabis, lowering taxes, ending DUI checkpoints, ending civil asset forfeiture, and supporting state rights. She promises, “As governor of New Hampshire, I would never sign a bill that took away freedoms from New Hampshire citizens.”

Last year, the Libertarian Party of NH achieved major party status for the first time in two decades, meaning our ballot access is finally equal to the big two parties. That means LP candidates can easily qualify for the ballot just by paying the same fee the other two parties do, rather than having to slave away and throw thousands of dollars at collecting petition signatures. The LPNH is already recruiting candidates for statewide races in 2018, so be sure to get involved!

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  1. More pipe dreams and smoke. She will never be elected. Libertarian’s are so hypocritical.

    “The incompetence that Libertarian Party so frequently projects on the government is actually their own problem”.

  2. Shes a good speaker…

  3. Hi Jacks! Just to let you know, I’ve placed quite a large wager on which one of your three canned responses you’ll be using should you be able to summon the courage to reply to utu903’s rather excellent point. I really hope I’ve picked the right one! Wish me luck!

  4. Thank you davidinkeene. JumpingJacks – third parties CAN win. The duopoly of only Republicans and Democrats is a myth perpetuated by fear that if you vote third party you allow the least favorable candidate to win. However the truth is that if everyone voted for the candidate they like the most regardless of party, the people win instead of the politicians.

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