Manchester Activists Protest US Syria Strikes

Last weekend, Manchester liberty activists gathered downtown for a protest aimed at US military intervention in Syria. While libertarians support self-defense of the individual, they also support consensual methods of paying for group defense. If someone wants to go attack people in other lands, those supporters should be the ones who pay for it. People who want peace should not be forced, through taxation, to foot the bill for violent adventurism. Hopefully, secession will help disconnect the people of New Hampshire from the depredations of the evil federal government in the future.

The protest did attract some media attention as WMUR-TV reporter Siobhan Lopez filed this video report. Thanks to Kathy Peterson for the photo.

Protesting US Attacks on Syria

Protesting US Attacks on Syria

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  1. We are not at war with Syria. The USA took a stance saying chemical weapons used against their own people will be dealt with swift force. Who will stand up for the innocent civilians who are being gassed by their own leader? No where did it say we are going to war with Syria. This ridiculous hysteria that begins with activists are usually off the wall.

  2. Jacks, can you please provide evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. I’ll be here patiently waiting.

  3. Now David, don’t be troubling Jacks with such things as inconsequential as evidence. You know very well that Jacks never questions the good word of his dear friends in the State Department, or their loyal mouthpieces in the news media. Besides, Jacks has always made it perfectly clear that he fervently admires all sorts of reprehensible acts, provided his heroes are the only ones committing them. Isn’t that right, Jacks?

  4. David Jurist, playing these games of “proof” are ridiculous. There is no real oil over there for us to use, there are no real natural resources that we need over there as well. Outside of Russia, this is the first time USA dropped some bombs on military strong holes that were part of the gas attack on the innocent civilians. If you live in this country, you should vote. If you don’t you have no say and as far as bombing those who persecute and commit genocide, For those countries that do these atrocities, you will get a bomb up your ass courtesy of the USA.

  5. It’s troubling that you’re criticizing David for something that you do all the time, Jacks. By the way, the word you were looking for was “strongholds.” You know Jacks, I’m starting to think that these memory lapses and Jacksisms of yours might actually be a sign of dementia. You should consider seeking help from a neurologist before you start getting worse. I’m worried about you, you know.

  6. Vote the tyranny away? How is that working out for you? Americans have been trying to vote the tyranny away for some time now. So no proof of wrongdoing is needed to bomb a sovereign nation. Is that what you’re saying Jacks?

  7. Hey David Jurist, why don’t you stick to what you’re really good at, carting JP’s lame ass around pissing off cops.

  8. JP has many other drivers. New England Cop Chasers is constantly recruiting new members for fighting the police state.

  9. Jacks is responding to you in his own language of Jacksese, David. Allow me to translate. You see David, Jacks only believes in the collectivist concept of consent. He understands that without restrictions on individual consent, a person would have the choice to withdraw it without fear of retribution. This is a bad thing because then Jacks wouldn’t be able use his vote to spend those people’s money on all of the marvelous things he’s been tricked into believing a free market can’t provide. This is why Jacks is unable to see a shred of value in the idea that a single person should be free to say no to people like himself. He’s selfish that way.

  10. Didn’t the USA Feds use chemical weapons which caused the death of children in Waco ?

  11. David Jurist How do you know George Carlin didn’t vote? He was a comedian and said a lot of things. If you choose to not recognize the fact that chemical weapons were used on innocent people, That is your hangup. The report was all over the news all over the world. I know the USA will do the same thing should more chemical attacks happen. IF you choose to not vote, again, that is your hangup and you have no say.

  12. “Didn’t the USA Feds use chemical weapons which caused the death of children in Waco ?”
    Yes they did and we have evidence that they did.

  13. Jacks will of course demand proof of this, David. I have some here – right from the horse’s mouth in fact. Assuming he has the courage to continue posting replies to this thread, I’m wagering he’ll dismiss it outright. He’s funny that way.

  14. Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, no one voted to reduce the Al Shayrat Airfield into rubble That operation was sanctioned solely through executive action, and beyond the limits of constitutional authority I might add. Tell me Jacks, how is it that you still haven’t been able to connect the dots that this vote of yours, outside of it being used to steal people’s money, has little practical influence if it completely confines you to the role of that of a spectator?

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