NH 420 Rally Broadcasts Civil Disobedience

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The livestream will be from 3:00 to 4:20pm EST.

Activists gather at the statehouse in Concord, New Hampshire. They convene annually to protest cannabis prohibition. This year’s rally is the first to be hosted by the 420 Foundation‘s new Executive Director, Shire Dude. Hey, that’s me!

To promote the event, I personally invited Chief Nick Willard of the Manchester Police Department. I have yet to receive his RSVP.

This is a live event. If the video below is not live, you can access archived footage on my Bambuser account.

Funding for this broadcast is provided by viewers like you.

After the 420 rally, check the livestream again, at about 10:00pm. The Manchester Police Department has announced a checkpoint. If there is one, I intend to broadcast the response from Manchester activists.

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  1. Another poor excuse for a bunch of bums getting together to fry their brains.

  2. I hate their freedom too.
    lmao, not really.

  3. Why Jacks, yet another one of your bootless complaints? My goodness, how very ordinary of you! Perhaps you could propose an alternative strategy for these activists instead, hmm? We’re all so eager to hear from you. you know. I’ve even taken the time to place some wagers on what you’ll suggest – assuming you still possess the grit to reply to me of course.

  4. The State of NH never formed or published a list of controlled substances as their law (RSA 318-B) says they must. All of the State of NH’s “controlled drug” arrests have relied on a law that NH never implemented. Since for something to BE a controlled drug in NH prior to July of 2011, a list was required to periodically be published in a newspaper. It wasn’t published. The law is “void for vagueness”, and always has been, there is ample case law too.

    When asked to produce the history of the published controlled drug schedule per RSA 21:32 , a dancing lawyer letter from the cowardly Commissioner Of Health and Human Services attorney in 2011 attempted to sidestep the question by saying, “NH relies heavily on the Federal Controlled Drug Schedule. That would be the same controlled drug schedule that NH now violates when it “sells” medical marijuana, but laughably then uses to arrest and convict people.

    This scam by the State’s prohibitionist executive branch was attempted to be covered up, when a change to RSA 21:32 was clandestinely inserted in Governor Lynch budget bill in July of 2011. That clandestine change was put in the budget bill so there would be no public hearing / conversation about all the illegal drug arrests NH made prior to July of 2011.

    Ironic that thousands of drug arrests of harmless people are being overturned in Massachusetts, yet the State of NH which sells hundreds of millions of $ of alcohol continues to arrest people under a law which their bureaucratic bozos never actually implemented.

    Pity none of the politicians in the State have the brains or balls to follow up on this.

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