Liberty Lobby Week 14 & 15 Videos: Jury Nullification & Voting

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry, along with me and others from the Keene area went to the state house this week and last to testify on more legislation. The hearings are slowing down for the year, so we don’t have as much to show, but here are the videos:

HB 133 would require judges to give jury nullification instructions on request of a defendant. This is its senate committee full public hearing:

SB 3 would make registering to vote more difficult for some people, like college students. Darryl W. Perry spoke against it in an exhaustive six-hour public hearing in the full state house chamber. Here’s just his testimony:

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  1. More videos. Are you aware you and Darryl do nothing but whine and complain without saying anything. Have you ever changed anything? No you haven’t. It would appear your statements fall on deaf ears according to your video.

  2. It’s funny that you keep pointing this out, Jacks, because lobbying has been exactly the sort of activism you’ve been advocating for all these years, now isn’t it? And even though Ian and Darryl have been making excellent use of this practice lately, you’re still not satisfied. I wonder why? I think that part of it is because you never watch these testimonials in the first place. Assuming that’s the case, honey bunch, don’t you think you should be giving them a look before you comment about them? That’s what an honest person would do, you know.

  3. I was there and addressed the Committee.. and did good but ..unfortunately for the FK audience it didnt get captured for posterity but trust me…all the other speeches…sucked compared to me…NO! they was good.. some people mighta thought i was a sell out…but, …. the precursor to my speech was my emails to them tellin them they should recuse themselfs from the vote

  4. Darryl did good…especially how he wound it up…IMHO… bc …i think committee members tune out so if ya are able to leave them with one good line , imho… to cut through the mix…

  5. no darryl…maybe all his stuff stuck with them… but the word salad part of laws…its like reps are drowning in “what the meaning of is is” idk… this law is bullshit… yea “some people are more equal than others”.. thatsa line that would stick w me

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