Artists And Activists Gather In Manchester’s Underground Club

Artsy Fartsy, a long-running tradition in Manchester, New Hampshire, is an event where a plethora of performances take place. Free staters and their friends gather to socialize, to showcase talents and to share history.

Many videos of Artsy Fartsy performances can be seen here.

Shire Dude has commenced production on the latest batch of recorded performances, starting with his infamous helicopter story.

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  1. It looks like you had this little gathering in Ian’s basement. Did you have enough women to play spin the bottle or didn’t it matter?

  2. No Jumping Jacks, they didn’t have enough women to play spin the bottle! How sad. They did however have many underaged girls on their computers to satisfy their cravings.

  3. Socket wrenches and knives, KC darling. Oh, and don’t forget about all that check fraud as well, right sweetums?

  4. oh great an article about weed buttsex and radical equalitarianism -_-

  5. It didn’t matter without you there to smooch me, Jacks darling.

  6. That’s my Big 3!!! Sorry I’m such a broken record.

  7. it was a good story; i thought they were going to get you for terrorism

  8. Illuminati confirmed? So now you guys are involving yourselves with the occult? Freemasonry perhaps? I’m not surprised.

  9. Criminal threatening and check fraud aren’t victimless crimes by anyone’s standard of measure, KC darling. I wonder why you’ve never put your high-sounding principles to the test by publicly rejecting other organizations who tolerate criminals carrying their membership?

  10. I wonder if the Freemasons accept Bitcoin? I also wonder what level you guys are in the Freemasonry? Twenty two, twenty three perhaps? Well seeing that some of you are into pedophilia, do you also worship the devilish Satanist goat God of the Freemasonry? It’s right up your alley!

  11. My goodness, KC darling, you’re quite the madcap lately, now aren’t you? And two posts in the same thread? And in the same day as well? How intrepid of you! But don’t you think you should be more cautious, my pet? Those lodge masters can be quite menacing towards squealers who go about revealing their precious secrets to the uninitiated. You wouldn’t want to end up thrown in a river like our dear friend William Morgan, now would you?

  12. I think FK is dying…seems like its creator doesnt care about it’s probably going to be gone lo

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