Third Sitting New Hampshire State Rep Flips to Libertarian Party!

Libertarian State Representative Brandon Phinney

Just-Flipped-to-Libertarian State Representative Brandon Phinney

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire held another press conference today announcing the awesome news that now a THIRD sitting state representative has flipped parties to the LPNH!  The LPNH has already made two previous historic announcements earlier this year with state representatives Caleb Dyer of Pelham and Joseph Stallcop of Keene changing from republican and democrat respectively to the Libertarian Party of NH and then forming a Libertarian caucus in the state house for the first time in twenty years.

Representative Brandon Phinney, who was elected in 2016 as a republican, said during his official announcement at today’s press conference, that the republican party leadership has been chastising their legislators for not following the leadership’s demands.  Phinney said in his speech that he was stifled by party leadership and that he and the other liberty minded reps were labeled “terrorists”!  He said, “What I found was that both parties were seeking to manipulate the potential legislation and the legislative process for political gain…I was not elected to do the bidding of a political party at the expense of my principles.” He finished his speech by saying, “Integrity and a clear conscience is desperately needed in the New Hampshire house and together with representatives Dyer and Stallcop, I believe that our cause will ignite a shift in political affiliation in this state”.

Phinney was joined in speaking by the chairman of the national Libertarian Party, Nicholas Sarwark, who came up from their offices in DC to help commemorate the occasion.  In his speech, Sarwark delivered an invitation to legislators, politicians, and others saying, “if you’re tired of living a lie, if you’re tired of standing up for things you don’t believe in, come out of the closet. Become a libertarian. Come home. ”  It was Sarwark’s first time visiting the Live Free or Die state.  Here’s the full press conference from this morning in Concord:

So, now the LPNH has three sitting state representatives in the NH state house, and this has all transpired within six months!  That’s three more Libertarian state reps than the rest of the 49 states have, combined!  If it seems like all this success came out of nowhere, you’re right.  Until September of last year, the LPNH was basically a dead organization until a couple of guys who moved to NH as part of the ongoing NH Freedom Migration, Darryl W Perry and Rodger Paxton got elected to chair and vice chair of the party and proceeded to breath new life into the organization.

Can the party maintain this amazing pace?  How many more reps will flip before the next election in 2018?  Thanks to the diligent research of hate group “Granite State Progress” we know there are approximately fifteen current sitting state reps who are Free State Project participants or friends, so there are many other potential Libertarian Party of NH converts still out there in the state house.

The national Libertarian Party has NEVER had the level of success in its over four decades in existence as the NH Freedom Migration has has in about a decade.  We continue to prove that concentrating activism in one geographic area is a successful strategy, and today’s announcement is yet another feather in our cap.  Liberty is winning here, and we can have bigger and more impactful successes if you come join us.  Here are 101 reasons why you should start planning your move to New Hampshire ASAP.

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  1. Its amazing how I have to go to Free Keene news to get this report. None of the MSM is carrying it.

  2. My goodness, it’s really looking like this liberty business is becoming less and less of a hobby with each passing year, now doesn’t it Jacks? I mean just look at our track record thus far: first Narcan was legalized for off-prescription use; then Constitutional carry was made law; then your hated Bitcoins were deregulated. And now this? I can just imagine how much this exciting announcement must be tearing you up inside. But I hope you won’t dwell upon the negatives for too long, Jacks. You know how much I worry about your mental health.

  3. If you give a press conference and the press doesn’t attend, is it still a press conference?

  4. I didn’t see this on the news just like I didn’t see any of the other reps switching to the libertarian party. But I can see why he would switch over to the libertarian party, He did nothing as a republican and now has decided to end his career as a libertarian.

  5. Trolls gotta hate.

  6. I guarantee all three will be voted out by their angry constituents for switching parties for their own fame/personal gain.

  7. Oh Jacks, you’re such a Negative Nancy! Politicians who do nothing are the best kind! They do way less damage than the other sorts, you know!

  8. A_P darling, how can you be so certain that their constituents will give a whit about any of this? Not everyone votes exclusively with their party affiliations, you know. If they did, the Clintons would be in the White House right this minute making good on all of those political favors they sold to their wealthy patrons.

  9. “If you give a press conference and the press doesn’t attend, is it still a press conference?”

    The press did attend silly. Both Free Talk Live covered this nationally (world really) and Free Keene. Just because you don’t like actual news doesn’t mean it isn’t being covered. How do you think it ended up on Free Keene? Free Keene is one of the best outlets for news in New Hampshire. There is actual QUALITY reporting going on and it’s not a media outlet controlled by corrupt democratic and republicans.

  10. Thanks LibreT. Your perception of “actual quality reporting” is different from mine. Mine involves fewer superlatives and exclamation points.

  11. Funny,, LewRand. I would have thought that honesty would be the most desirable requirement of them all. I wonder why you omitted that?

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