2017 Legislative Session Recap

Before the 2017 Legislative Session began, Liberty Lobby LLC CEO Darryl W Perry began identifying bills of interest. This was initially done based solely on the titles of the Legislative Service Requests (LSRs), which are made public shortly after being filed. The text of the LSRs are then made available once the wording is finalized and has a signature from the sponsor. Not every LSR gets a bill number; a Representative or Senator can ask to withdraw the LSR. This often happens if there are multiple LSRs on the same topic with the same objective, or if the sponsor learns there is little chance of passage.

Of the LSRs marked as “of interest” by Liberty Lobby LLC, 39 were withdrawn before the text became available. Another 3 were withdrawn after the bill text became available, but before being assigned to a committee. Once committee hearing began in January, bills could not be withdrawn. However, the sponsor of SB82 (relative to labeling for maple syrup) requested the bill be deemed “Inexpedient to Legislate,” and the public hearing lasted less than one minute.

Click here to read the full recap of the 2017 Legislative Session.

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  1. The LLL has done nothing. They have no political power. Darryl elected himself CEO and is not an elected official. There is no power with this group. But it is nice to see Darryl and the freekeeners have a hobby to keep them busy.

  2. So Jacks, I see that you seem to have forgotten about a few things that have happened in New Hampshire over the last few years. Allow me to remind you of some of them. For instance, remember when New Hampshire:

    1. Made Narcan available without a prescription to anyone who wants it?

    2. Reinstated constitutional carry, reaffirming the right of its citizens to carry firearms on their persons in public – out in the open or otherwise – with absolutely no government permission required?

    3. Decriminalized marijuana use, allowing anyone, even those without medical complaints, to possess it on their persons without fear of being kidnapped?

    4. Exempted cryptocurrency traders from registering as moneytransmitters?

    You know, Jacks, despite you and your dear friends’ protests, your rivals have had quite an impact on the citizens of New Hampshire’s freedoms and personal happiness. I know that you leftist types want all of that praise for yourselves, but I’m afraid that buying admiration can only bring you so far in this world. Maybe you should start accepting things the way they are and embrace it. You’ll feel much better about the future, buttercup. I promise.

  3. i dont know if motorcycle handlbar height restrictions is on there but they eliminated that too

  4. Excellent job Darryl!

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