NHCLU Files Motion Challenging Border Patrol Checkpoints!

Border Patrol in Derby Line, VT

Border Patrol Agents Hassle Us Over Recording Video of their Checkpoint

Good news! The privacy-invading internal border patrol checkpoints that appeared in New Hampshire’s North Country this summer have been challenged in court by the NH Civil Liberties Union!

From their press release:

As stated in the ACLU-NH’s motion, during these border patrol checkpoints, the Woodstock Police Department (“WPD”) and the New Hampshire State Police separately worked in concert with United States Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) to circumvent the independent protections provided by the New Hampshire Constitution against dog-sniff searches in the absence of a warrant or reasonable suspicion. Specifically, federal CBP agents used dog-sniff searches in situations where New Hampshire law enforcement would have been barred from conducting similar searches. Resulting evidence from these federal searches was then turned over to state law enforcement for drug prosecutions.


These unlawful searches had a considerable impact. During these checkpoints, hundreds—if not thousands—of individuals lawfully travelling in New Hampshire through the White Mountains during the summer and fall tourist seasons were illegally searched by law enforcement without any suspicion that they had committed a crime. This runs contrary to the New Hampshire Constitution’s protections against arbitrary stops and searches.

The NHCLU continues to be one of the best advocates and protectors of liberty in New Hampshire. Kudos to the good folks over there working on this case. Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest.

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  1. Were they using any distinction (not that it really matters) between in state vs out of state plates? Just curious.

  2. These checkpoints have been utilized for many many years. They will not go away. Get used to it.

  3. Now Jacks, our dear friend Ian here isn’t reporting about those silly old sobriety checkpoints the local constabulary likes to burden us with from time to time. He’s referring to those much newer, much more nefarious Border Patrol checkpoints that have been seen popping up around NH this summer. Had you taken a few moments to read the entire headline you might have realized this. But I guess that would be expecting a little bit too much from you, now wouldn’t it sweetums?

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