Free the Nipple Appeal at NH Supreme Court – Video

Attorney Dan Hynes, also an A+ rated state representative by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, appeared in the New Hampshire Supreme Court on Thursday morning and pointed out the absurdity of prohibiting female toplessness, absolutely eviscerating the city of Laconia’s clearly discriminatory ban. In contrast, the state’s attorney actually argued that it was an issue of morality as she simultaneously admitted that a woman could wear pasties over her nipples and then it would be legal, even if the pasties were printed photos of nipples!

Are there really people who believe that the sight of nipples on a woman is immoral, but because it’s legal to cover them with photos of nipples, then it’s now moral?

Further, what exactly is immoral about female nipples being shown in public?

Here’s the full hearing in front of the NH Supreme Court:

(Thanks to NHPR’s Annie Roepik for the audio.)

In case you missed it, here’s the original Free the Nipple trial from the original Gilford arrests (the case prior to this one, where the ladies won at the district court level). Hynes does an excellent job and the entire thing is pretty entertaining:

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  1. Of course freekeeners would argue for nipples. That is the only way they can see a woman that close up. Of course they will be hiding in the bushes like they do when they stalk people. This will also allow freekeeners to continue to objectify women because the freekeeners will get in the face of a woman but not a man.

  2. So Jacks, how do you pick up the fairer sex? I’ll bet they just swoon when you lie about how much money you make.

  3. did they show exibit A in the courtroom? Um i dont think nipples are the problem…i mean if there was a disembodied nipple whod care?

  4. Dan Hynes has done a fantastic job representing us from the very beginning. We are extremely grateful for all that he has done for us, regardless of the ruling of the Supreme Court.
    In answer to your question, there are tons of people, and sadly many of them women who feel the sight of a female nipple is immoral. You know, “what about the children?”, you know, those children who go around topless till they are all of a sudden told “cover up, you are now a sexual object” (at the age of 3 or 4), (those same children who are nourished through the female nipple). Yes, many, many people find the sight of the female nipple immoral, sadly.
    Thanks for your continued coverage on this.

  5. that lady seems very self conscious and ..proud

  6. Ian just loves nipples. Especially the underaged kind.

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  8. What about free the penis?
    Men should be allowed to take a leak next to a tree without getting arrested for
    public indecency.

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